#energyupdate #eclipseintensities Feeling okay one day (on top of the world!!! LFG! 🔥)

new moon solar eclipse Mar 27, 2024

#energyupdate #eclipseintensities Feeling okay one day (on top of the world!!! LFG! 🔥) and then next day you're flattened for six, can't even stand up and wonder if something is actually wrong that you need to go get checked out?!

or in the space of - an hour?!

These waves - the bandwidth is CHANGING.

Reality is CHANGING.

Earth is CHANGING.

Our Universe is CHANGING.

The Twin Solar System is about to collide with us.

People are saying the eclipse isn't real - because it is Nibiru - not the eclipse!

When people are not told the truth, many are trying to figure it out because they KNOW something is off, but can't quite place their finger on it....!

But you sure as fuck can feel it!

Back to the bandwidths... remember, when the 'up and down' waves that we would feel, would be felt with a few months or weeks of space in time? now it's moments and you're wondering if you need to get checked out!

No, you don't... just take extra care of yourself and these waves - I describe it like:

Bandwidth waves - the bandwidth is updating and coming into a higher frequency.. you know like tuning a radio station, the waves 'bouncing' up and down and getting up and down faster and faster until it LANDS an adjusts to the new frequency and then... ah... here we are at a new frequency of energy/light... so know, this is what is happening as you ride these 'fast waves'.

A while ago I did an energy update livestream, where I spoke about 'we have changed course' of reality where our Universe is/was travelling through space and turned a 45 degree turn - now we are right in the 'space' of where we turned into.

We travel these types of places all the time in the Full Moon Ceremonies, so I know them VERY well.

As I just said to my Inner Circle - grab onto the higher frequency and pull yourself up to it, so you don't get floored back down. My 3D to 5D Meditation can help through this transition, comment 5D below and I will send it to you.

This can look like, taking extra care of yourself, putting your crystalline energetic grids of protection up, calling in your Dragon to help do same, riding the waves, knowing nothing is wrong, except that reality is changing and no one knows what that looks like on the other side, that we are all in this together.

It can look like physical relationships changing, healing, dropping out, new relationships coming in - just as fast as these waves are flicking up and down, so to is your physical reality shifting - remember - the literal frequency like a radio station is flicking and flittering before your eyes.

Remember, reality is changing, and you're highly psychic, so no, you're not seeing things - humans have been trained to not see reality for what it is and the 'awakening' is that - the truth can not be held down and so it is becoming clear... what realm are you seeing?


You can choose - did you know that?

You're being given an opportunity to choose the higher bandwidth, what are you.... choosing with that? Not everyone is 'coming' but that doesn't mean anything - it just means they will 'go back to unconscious 3D' as a way to try and explain it in short words.

All the shift in bandwidth means, is that people are being given a chance to ride the upscale to a higher frequency, but not everyone is ready for that. The pain is real and the pain is a comfortable knowingness. The unknown freedom, whilst many long for it, is uncomfortable and confronting to face oneself. That.. is what eclipses do - give us a chance to see who is clearly standing in front of us... in the mirror 🪞

I will be holding the New Moon Ceremony - whether it is an eclipse or the Twin Solar System bumping into us and saying 'hi' we'll be there with bells on, travelling the energies and choosing... where we really want to be, even if that is being right where you are.


We go live on:
~ Brisbane AEST 8th April 6pm
~ London BST 8th April 9am
~ Los Angeles PDT 8th April 1am
~ New York EDT 8th April 4am

Click here to join us, we will be holding it in the Full Moon Ceremony: https://www.realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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