FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 24th July 2018 ✨🔮✨

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 24th July 2018 âœ¨ðŸ”®âœ¨

Pick which number first jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you first hear in your mind, that your eyes are drawn to, maybe you just know the number or you sense it. Trust which card calls you and comment your number below to let me know which number is yours today.
Reading results will be posted at 4pm AEST.

I feel pretty excited to be releasing this to you today!!!

With all the Third Eye battering and energy flying around the place recently for alot of people, with deep, deep healing of core wounds as we lead up to our Full Moon Eclipse this weekend I have been intuitively called to release this Get Clear - the Sacred Keys in Receiving Clear Intuition, which is the deep healing and repair of your Spiritual Organs - yes, including your Third Eye! ðŸ‘

Get Clear IS how you start to hear your Angels, your Guides, your Intuition and so much more - this is 'how they do it' and receive clear accurate messages, now you can too.❤️

Yes, this is $49 on my website, yet, I have been intuitively called to have this open for a short time for only $19 with so much going on with the planet, time to heal these powerful intuitive organs and CONNECT to your SOURCE, rather than focusing on what other people are doing, is crucial more than ever right now.

Our Third Eye, is not just an Eye, there is ALOT more depth to your Third Eye Organ, that over many, many lifetimes, shuts down little bit by little bit, as we get hurt, confused, tortured and killed for our gift in our past lives, let alone the 'battering' we give it this lifetime alone.

Our Third Eye, isn't just our Intuition - we receive our intuition in MANY ways, and here in Get Clear, this is your Sacred Keys, in repairing, giving tender love and care, amplifying and acknowledging the depth of your powerful Spiritual Organs that ARE your gateway to receiving your Intuition.

✨Claircognisense - is where you receive your Divine Thoughts... â¤ï¸âš¡ï¸â¤ï¸ this powerful organ, is your key in opening to ANY form of spiritual energy, let alone releasing depression as you allow the light IN, yet, there are also the intricate details of how it connects to your brain, where it opens in your head, how it connects to your nervous system and the rest of your body...

✨Clairvoyance - is how you SEE â¤ï¸ðŸ‘â¤ï¸ - what are you REALLY seeing in the world? This isn't just about seeing ghosts, we see so much more, yet over lifetimes of continually, closing our Third Eye, it is normal to be wary to open your Third Eye again, yet - you want to see the Truth don't you? Have you repaired all the intricate details of your Third Eye - the entire organ that it makes up lately?

✨Clairaudience - this is where you HEAR, â¤ï¸ðŸŽ§â¤ï¸ yes those powerful Ears you have, deeply correlate to whether you are hearing other people's point of view, or whether you are so closed in your Third Eye, that you won't even listen to what someone else has to say, because you only see your point of view, let alone hear what is really going on. What are you really listening to? Or can you even hear at all?

✨Clairsentience - this is where you FEEL â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A lot of people think this is your gut - you know, that gut feeling? But it is actually your HEART. And if you have ever had any heartbreak in your past, that you haven't completely in the depths FELT with deep compassion and healing, your dear heart, won't be feeling at it's full capacity.

Get Clear, is your roadmap and HEALER - for your deeply powerful Spiritual Organs that enable your divine intuition to flood through you CLEARLY and ACCURATELY.

Time for healing those powerful Spiritual Organs from lifetimes of closing off, shutting down and forgetting who you really are is now beautiful one.

This price will increase back up to $49 next week, so click here to heal your Spiritual Organs for $19 whilst you can:

I deeply look forward to channeling these messages from the Oracle of the Mermaids today

Dropping us deep into our subconscious we go, deep into that powerful ocean, that symbolically holds all that we are, just like where we came from, deep within our Mother's womb.

Powerful messages already starting to stream through for you!

See you at 4pm! (AEST)

Warmly, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘


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