FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 10th July 2018

FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 10th July 2018 ✨🔮✨

Pick which number first comes to mind, that jumps out at you, that you hear in your mind, that you see in your minds eye, that you just know, and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.

Reading results will be posted at 2:30pm AEST today, little bit earlier today than usual, so let me know what you choose today to see what powerful messages stream through for you.

This is the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan, I super love this deck and it strongly called to be here for you today. Comment below and let me know what number calls you from this powerful deck.

Trust Your Intuition doors are OPEN! These powerful tools to your own life, business and more with deeply grounded and powerful intuition, with clarity, solidarity and of course, deep support from myself and the Trust Your Intuition Tribe is awaiting you!

BUT - it IS a SOUL aligned thing! You will feel the pull in your SOUL for this!

If you want to understand how to deeply support yourself and understand energy, intuition - when everyone around you doesn't then this is deeply for you.

All the details are here beautiful one: this is literally EVERYTHING you need to understand your Intuition, energy and everyone and thing around you too, plus:

✨Increase and Learn Psychic Development
✨Clair Organs - Healing, repair, strengthening and how to tell what is your strongest and more
✨Connecting, meeting, repairing and more to Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Spirit Guides, Crystal Kingdoms,
✨Understanding energy so you stay clear, centred and energised
✨Shadow Work
✨Trauma Healing (in a gentle, deeply supportive and very effective way)
✨Planetary Healing (Mother Earth, Father Sun)
✨Family & Generational Healing
Relationship Healing
✨Past Life Healing
✨How to get rid of dark negative energy, demons, entities and more
✨Psychic Attack & Psychic Abuse how to stop it and more
Cutting cords ethically and permanently (not your usual way!)
✨Healing Sabotage
✨Sage, essential oils, crystal grids, water healing and more
✨How to align with your Life Purpose
✨So much more!

Click here for all the details, doors will be closing soon:

Looking forward to seeing what powerful messages stream through for you today ✨🔮✨

Create a powerful day ✨

Lots of Love,
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


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