Full Moon Ceremony

We are JUST about to step into the 3 day window of our Full Moon Peak time from tomorrow.... it almost feels like today/now is... the calm, the peace, before the surge of energy that comes from our dear Goddess Moon right?
I am sensing that this full Moon is all about:
We all feel it - something is coming.
Who really knows - except - A LOT of us are trusting our intuition, receiving upgrades, allowing ourselves to be upgraded, asking for them, we are ALL feeling the shifts of Ascension more than we ever thought...
We all feel something is coming, but we all aren't sure what..
We just know we need to be prepared....
Lightworker's are rising...
Healer's are preparing...
There is going to be a big influx in - many areas all at once.
The Earth is going to shift - and FAST.
PRIORITIES - what are you needing to get organised in?
Now... isn't the time to be procrastinating about!
Our Full Moon Ceremony held live online, gives you insight, deep meditation, healing and guidance about your individual next steps.
I pull cards for those that attend the ceremony and the last few ceremonies, the Star Beings have been turning up for deep healing, guidance and things that we haven't ever seen before!
These are deeply intuitively guided and even if you can't make the exact time, you can watch the replay in your timezone in your own time.
These Ceremonies are catalysts for deep change and propel you into your Life Purpose.
Last ceremony, was a setting the key tone and calling in your resources for the next 6 months! I am deeply curious what intuitively streams through on Sunday/Monday for us!
Click here for all the details of our Live Online Full Moon Ceremony, or send me a message with any questions: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/full-moon-ceremony 
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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