I used to feel so rejected

Jul 21, 2022
I used to feel so rejected - BUT I WAS REJECTING MY INTUITIVE GIFT.
The only ‘rejection’ was a rejection of my own self.
Time and time again, I would try and ‘fit into groups’. I used to make friends and then fast ‘lose’ them. I wondered why, would get angry, upset, feel deeply rejected, hurt and lost about the whole thing - for YEARS.
I realised - MY GIFT.
I shine the light on your TRUTH.
And when you’re not living it - my very presence makes you VERY uncomfortable - if you are not facing a truth that you’ve been ignoring - it will come up in your life and you will have to face it.
If you don’t action what it brings up in you - you become very hurtful towards me, very controlling and ‘try and dim my light’. You may put me down, belittle me and talk negatively behind my back. Or continue to ask for meditation after meditation to ‘fix’ the situation when there is no meditation or healing that will ‘fix’ a situation that has reached it’s expiry date.
For many MANY years, I wondered what was wrong with me or that I was doing wrong. At the same time I just accepted it. I would just move on with my life.
Until… something started happening after a few years of this.
I noticed a pattern.
Those people that ‘turned against me’ or ‘would be weird to me all of a sudden and then leave’ or ‘that begun spiritual work/practises/ways of living when they would give me shit for it and tell me to stop or stop talking to me because I was - but then they would go and do it’ ‍♀️ Laughable really.. well, I can laugh at it now I understand it, but the initiation to realising what was going on in my life was something else.
I noticed a pattern with these people….
I noticed definitely an 18mth time frame (that 18mths I always talk about and speak deeply about in my book) - that - they would leave the what they now realise is domestic violence relationship. They would realise that they can’t fall pregnant because actually the relationship is not truly aligned and they’ve been forcing something that is not. If they don’t leave or take action after 18 months - it is 3 years that it takes someone to shift.
Or... they realise they are a witch too and would step into this line of work, or even just in their personal life.. .become a yoga teacher or healer even… but they would usually give me shit for it in some way shape or form.
And later turn around and thank me, if even in their silent prayers. (Yes, I see you, I am psychic you know )
Note - these people - I hadn’t even been working with! This is just who would read my content, or watch my free videos or say hello in the street or hang out at a mums group.
I realised…
It wasn’t me.
But it was me.
To activate CHANGE in your life that you are ignoring.
To allow you to REALISE YOUR TRUTH. (I am Lapis Lazuli after all and if you know what I am talking about here, you know).
Your TRUTH cannot stay buried anymore when you are around me in any which way and it will become mighty uncomfortable to do anything but change… or leave because you are simply not ready.
I wasn’t being rejected…
I was living my Gift and didn’t know it.
It took me a while to realise and understand who I am.
Now that I own the fact that I enact change in your life - I am the Transition Queen - because that is what a Life Purpose Queen does - she transitions you out of your old, stale, boring, stagnant life into your god damn Life Purpose.
Because what on Earth is life meant to be lived for other than that?
If you’re ready - truly ready - to create the life you say you want to, send me a message. Places for my 1:1 Soul Recognition Alignment Portal closes next week.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑