It's okay to take time out for yourself 💞

self care self love Sep 12, 2022

It’s okay to take time out for yourself. 

It’s okay to take time to heal. 

It’s okay to shut the world out and tend to yourself. 

It’s called self love. It’s called boundaries. 

It’s called how you create a life that is important to you, rather than being sooo pulled into everyone’s stuff that you forget who you are. 

Which is easy to do if you are reaching a peak trauma stage that you are not sure how to deal with. Meaning, something from your past is surfacing that is so big you don’t know how to feel it, deal with it and most of the time? We don’t even realise this is what is actually happening. 

Most of the time it will feel like: 

  • Panic attacks and anxiety 
  • Feeling lost and this deep underlying unsettled feeling - you’re not at ease most of the time and hate going to bed because you have to face yourself to sleep, but you’re good at screen staring until you can’t keep your lids open anymore 
  • Addictions will be strong. Whether that is an excessive coffee or drinking or food scenario or some other behaviour that is annoying you but you can’t stop it either but you’re so conscious of it 

It’s okay to take time out  of social circles, withdraw and go into solitude to work on yourself, heal your heart, clean up and sort out your life, say no to anyone and anything that pulls you away from this and deeply take as much time as it takes UNTIL you find yourself again. 

Because you will. One day, you will wake up realising you’re through the hardest part of it, you will have walked through fire, through hell and some and then one day it will just feel different and you will KNOW you have shifted. 

It’s okay to do whatever it takes to take care of yourself, no matter anyone’s judgement. Only you know what is right for you and that… is all you need to listen to. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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