And I didn’t mean to.

And on the Dark Moon - I cannot hide anymore, for the dark is where I shine the brightest.


It is STRONG and has been strong this past few days especially….

They are calling to me and how I help them - is through you - because you’ve been feeling it too haven’t you honey??? I know you have, because I am seeing it and this past 3 days, let alone this past 7-10 days - it is getting to a point where… well, I NEED TO COME OUT NOW….

Going to the depths of what not many people ever travel to in this life time or have ever done or will ever do - the space and the capacity that I even see myself, totally….. awes me. Humbles me. More than what I can put into words.

You might think that you are tired…. but babe - THEY are tired!!!!


And they are CALLING YOU TO THIS NOW!!! 


But I haven’t been doing it on purpose.

But maybe… I have in a way…

And it is even a bit hard to describe…

But let me try…

On the Lions Gate, 8/8/18, I went back in time in a way I had never done before. And I found out information that I had never consciously realised until that moment I reclaimed it, I realised it again, I…. became conscious of it again.

And I got the very clear message about what I am meant to start doing again….


I didn’t…

I put it off…

That was nearly 6 weeks ago…

You know - that - hey, you get intuition, you need to act on it?

I have been holding back.

Because I know the depth of what this means, but I also, have realised today, that I haven’t realised exactly what I am here to do.

I keep getting shown, more and more of what I am to do, to serve on this Earth. And the expansive nature of this astounds me. 

10 months ago, I made a vow…. or should I say - reclaimed a vow, that I made to myself - and the Earth and all Her inhabitants, that I had made 3 years prior to that.

I came at a cross roads.

BIG cross roads.

And the depths of what I chose to do, I am not even willing to speak openly about that in this post right now.

What I was shown on the Lion’s Gate almost 6 weeks ago, at the time I was elated.

And I didn’t even know until this past 7-10 days - that I had been putting it off putting that into action!

Putting it off - sharing it with you!

What it is that I have to be of Service to you in now....


Because I am so damn passionate about teaching people to heal themselves, if you’ve been following me, you see it - I teach you how to do it, because I am damn passionate about teaching you how to catch your own fish and feed yourself for life.

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

I am BIG on this.

I don't want you to rely on me, I want you to heal yourself. Because I know you CAN! 

And it is a huge part of why I know I have been resistant to step into the space of what I was shown on the Lion’s Gate portal, of what I went back in time, relived, saw and reclaimed. #huge is an understatement.

And for some, it won’t seem like much and you’ll even think why am I making such a big fuss about it.

And for some, it will be like a no brainer and like, why haven’t you been doing this before/all along Hannah?!

Well, I know that: “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Is a huge part of that.

I am DEEPLY passionate about self-healing - I want you to be able to have the tools and resources at your ready ANYTIME something comes up for yourself, so you know how to heal/deal with it asap on the spot.


The thing that I have been shown??

That has AMPLIFIED itself to me in my face this past 3 days especially and had gradually been increasing this past 7-10 days????

Is that I am to start Distance Healings on people.


Yes, me to hold sessions, where I literally do the work for you. I heal you.

And this, is something I am highly skilled at - you see how much I teach you and what I share with you on how to do it yourself - imagine me doing a healing on you for you? Yes. If I do say so myself!

I know what I do. And, this past 4-5 months, more and more has been shown to me more than ever before of my Life Purpose and the Lion’s Gate back in time journey awakened me to the hugest part of this, that I did not think I was going to ever do again! In ANY lifetime!

Yet, I see how DEEPLY needed this is RIGHT NOW.

And I’ve been putting it off this past few weeks and EVERYTHING has been in my face that I CANNOT HIDE THIS ANYMORE.




There is droves of people that I am seeing and are coming to me right now that the darkness is taking them away, deeply away…

~ being labeled as too much

~ being told they will never amount to anything 

~ feeling stuck, bogged down, drained as fuck

~ engaging in behaviours that is NOT what they do anymore and feel deeply ashamed of when they ‘wake’ up and wonder where that came from as that isn’t something they do anymore and gave it up ages ago

~ being told they carry too much darkness and have been cursed and no body can fix them, that they will never find happiness (seriously what kind of psychic says this shit to people!?!? Yep, I am furious and my passion to serve has skyrocketed because NO BODY can tell the god damn future for goodness sake, let alone other shit!! #dontgetmestarted)

~ feeling abandoned by everyone around you

~ feeling like you have to ‘do it all alone all the time and nothing will change’

~ doing so much work/inner work and not feeling like you are not getting anywhere


What am I being called to do?


Distance Healings involve me:

~ clearing negative energy that you cannot shift alone

~ clearing and understanding the purpose of why you have been ‘cursed’

~ clearing your demons and entities that seem to come back time and time again

~ clearing and understanding why you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and wonder why you turn back to drugs, alcohol/unhealthy relationships time and time again, even when you swore you never would again

~ using gifts and tools that I haven’t even taught you yet through my teachings that have reignited in this past 2 months and are potent that are deeply being called to use right now that I am totally humbled by

~ using StarGenerational Crystalline structures that my guides have shown me I have used for eons and it is time to use these on people again and now

~ psychic diagnostic tools, psychic surgery & restructuring your energetic body to match your highest potential that is being clouded by the pains and current human self limitations, that you can’t seem to shift yourself, no matter how much work you do on yourself

~ integration and activation of your Life Purpose pathway for this life time

~ complete after care support from your healing



I have a VERY different point of view on things like:

~ darkness

~ curses

~ hexes

~ entities

~ demons

~ things that people told you can’t and could never be fixed

~ people telling you, you are psycho and need help badly (seriously?!) (yep, #igotyou)

~ broken hearts and suicide - including Soul Suicide


Which is WHY I am being called of service this way.

There is and I will ALWAYS keep releasing all my healing tools to you as you have seen me do, because you CAN do this yourself, I will and do show you how. And will continue this always.

However, THIS is what I was told to do on the 8/8/18 and I had resistance to it - okay, maybe I had BIG resistance to it.




I am VERY passionate about the TRUTH being released in the world - enough of this inauthentic bullshit going around in spiritual and human circles on the planet - don’t go posting about all love and light and choose happiness and joy when you are SEETHING underneath with jealously, resentment, abandonment and anger as it screams through your posts for anyone who is SLIGHTLY in tune and if you are connected to my tribe - we SEE YOU! (and hold you in deep love of course! 💜)

If you are IN my tribe, meaning, my Trust Your Intuition Course, or my Life Purpose Mentorship (yes, these are my paid offerings) - this is where you see the depths of me and the transparency I share about the depths of my own personal healings, energetic threads and so much more - because this is the real shit that goes on and HOW we understand the depths of energies so we don’t get entangled in them.



Get in your damn Heart already and see the truth that



Yep, even the murderers on the planet - YES this is how much darkness I can hold aka TRANSFORM - challenge me on this one if you may, but I got your back and you will be damn grateful I have and had this entire time when you see the outcome of this planet after I am done with my time here on Earth.

YES - I do in person healings are being offered now as well from this. Please contact me for details about me coming to you where you are in the world, this is what I am being called to step up and do as well. 1-3 day in person healing session packages are available to deeply shift you like never before.

If people have told you, you are unfixable and you feel like nothing on this Earth will shift you - honey, you haven’t experienced my gift yet have you?

So how do these Distance Healings even work? Please click here for all the details of that: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/distance-healing-with-hannah

I know this is a strong post.

Yet, I didn’t even realise I had been having resistance to releasing this. I knew I had to do it. I had been holding back without even realising it. I know there is more too… this is just the start…

With what has unfolded in the past 3 days in my personal life that had been gradually increasing over this past 7-10 days and I see now, the entire bigger picture of it (#ofcourse as we move into Third Eye, Clairvoyance, free intuition training in my Reality Awareness Support Group this week, yes, you can join this here for free: https://www.facebook.com/groups/realityawareness1111/ )

Point is, of course, as we step into Third Eye week in the free training - do I see the big picture….now! Gift of the Third Eye!

I am deeply, deeply passionate about what I do.

I am deeply, deeply passionate about people understanding their own heart and emotions and how to heal, let alone hold space for other people, not blame, project and disown the very thing they are trying to seek out of the person they are projecting on!

When I came to crossroads almost 4 years ago and made one of the hardest decisions I have EVER had to make in my entire life - I chose my Life Purpose in that moment.

Nearly 10 months ago, I was DEEPLY reminded of my vow of this crossroads moment that I had somewhat forgotten about…

And it is here, I continue to deeply step into more and more alignment of what I am here to do.

I can see, these next 6 months, are going to bring even more of me out….

There has been sooo much going on this past few weeks, that I haven’t shared with you - yet…

And I am deeply, deeply humbled for when I do…

There is nothing, that when you deeply step into alignment of your Life Purpose - that cannot and will not be stopped coming out of you - you cannot NOT do it!



This does not mean you will have days and weeks even where:

~ you won’t feel like it

~ EVERYTHING becomes a distraction and will try and pull you off your path

~ you forget that saying no is okay!

~ you need to tighten your boundaries

~ your skills increase to the next level with the distractions that come in thick and fast when you are about to RISE like never before

~ you forget your power and quickly come back to this and choose your Life Purpose over and over again every single time


No one said it was going to be easy….

But worth it?

Oh honey, that is what they call #priceless

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

Click here for all the details about the Distance Healing I have finally released to you (not without a fair few nudges and shifting DEEP past life vows within myself!) https://www.realityawareness.com/p/distance-healing-with-hannah


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