Let's Talk Taboo Stuff πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

shadow work taboo stuff what to do about demons entities and darkness what to do about sex trafficking sex scandals and pedophilia what to do about the 'bad' extraterrestrials worried about what the government is doing Oct 10, 2018

Let's Talk Taboo Stuff πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Ooooh, A LOT of people got triggered when I shared a post on social media, about the spiritual ego trap, judging darkness, judging right or wrong and more...

I have A LOT to say to this!!! So much so I did this livestream on this topic!

I wondered why - but then realised later too - I am pretty sure that guy, - Mooji - was caught up in sex scandals from memory (I didn't pay much attention to it tbh!) - just more darkness being shunned and shamed by humans.... and that's okay.. .

Yep - can you tell I have A LOT to say about this topic? Can you feel my FIRE???

Even the government shit going on..

Even the child sex trafficking stuff going on..

Even the church Pedophilia stuff going on...

Even how we 'deal' with this stuff as lightworkers

Even how we 'block' it out...

Even how we - well wtf do we actually do with this stuff??

AND the dark forces, the cabal, the entities, demons, the extraterrestrials - the not good ones - how and what on earth do we do with all of these, especially the sneaky ones that are 'in good humans' but are still sly?? Yep - how do we even pick these and what do we do with them??

I am super passionate about getting to the heart and the truth of the matter especially in taboo topics like this stuff...

I am super passionate about breaking the myths of modern day spirituality and the bullshit that has led humanity to this point...

Yep, passionate, fire up.. this was one super powerful live stream that will help you understand what to even do about this stuff.

If you resonated with this and are worried about what the governments are doing, this one will also help you: The Truth About Why You are So Scared About What The Government Is Doing ❀️


Warmly, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

What happened after this livestream on facebook? πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»


Just like the Light..it all exists - you can't escape it, hide it, push it down... well, you can try.. and you seethe inside and wonder why your Heart calls to the pulls of the depths when... you were supposed to be all positive...

I am feeling, quite humbled... with the tribe that I have called in, attracted and are walking by my side... This first wave of ascension (yes, you might say it isn't and if you do, you aren't in my tribe, experiencing the depths of what is going on are you?)

This first wave... are you... coming to be a part of the founders of Life Purpose Activators?

I'm getting side tracked...

I am deeply humbled... for when my tribe, has each others back... who share with deeply open, vulnerable hearts.... and have the tribe of those that get them whole heartedly - who see straight to the truth without second guessing themselves.. and hold you in the darkest moments - thats.... not even a word to describe the power that holds... that you feel... when not only one person - but a TRIBE does this for you...

On not understanding and the vulnerably posting - knowing this tribe has Her back... She asked, about the darkness, for help understanding it... and it was supportably received...

For my live stream this week on The Taboo Stuff and About My Tattoos... a powerful response:

"When you said about being asked why you’ve had a snake tattooed when you’re a lightworker, this Anis Springate quote came to me:

“The ability to hold Light is directly proportional to the courage to see darkness. Choosing to see just one creates distortions and illusions. It amazes me that something so simple and common sense can be so difficult to even discuss with ‘spiritual’ people who insist on remaining ‘positive’. Actually, this avoidance is based on unacknowledged fear that their inner light might be somewhat ‘dispersed’ by seeing darkness and therefore not giving the light much credit at all. I think there’s also fear that they might somehow become ‘tainted’ or the darkness might ‘manifest’ in some form in their lives. But the opposite is true; it is the fear, especially unacknowledged, that has much more chance to manifest than darkness exposed to daylight and investigation. Just like we must be fearless about our own inner shadow, we must also be fearless about seeing this huge shadow of humanity. Or we will have the power to transform precisely nothing, within or without”

~Anis Springate~"

Thank you Shannon for your powerful connection, wisdom and sharing... for having our backs...

There is a whole thread of powerful comments in there - understanding the dark, the taboo and more...

Want to regain your power and not live in fear anymore??

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘