Day #9: MEN, YOU HAVE A WOMB TOO! It's called your Sacral Chakra

31 days of clearing energy Aug 09, 2018

Day #9: MEN, YOU HAVE A WOMB TOO! It's called your Sacral Chakra

It is where you feel nourished, loved, cared for, fulfilled, nurtured, divinely comforted. 

If you feel anything but any of the above, it is your Sacral you need to tend to. Your Sacral Chakra is associated with the colour Orange and is located just below your belly button. 

It is here - at your belly button - where you were first nourished by your Mother, in Her Womb, and you received EVERYTHING you needed in this space. 

When you were born, this was cut away and your port of nourishment changed. 

Your own birth story, plays a significant role in how you are in the world today and this feeling loved, nourished, cared for and more, is a deeply connected to your own Womb, your Sacral. 

If we haven't been caring for ourselves with tender, love & care or even know how to do that, or haven't felt loved for a long, long time... you have probably tried to fill this space with anything that comes along - relationships, food, alcohol, drugs and more. (I've been there done that too!).

And due to filling this space with anything that feels good in the moment, it can lead to a very energetically dirty Sacral Chakra. 

Nothing - nothing can fill this space, but the deep love OF YOUR OWN SOUL. 

If you haven't ever cleaned your Womb space, honoured it, acknowledged that you even have one or brought awareness to your Sacral, to your stomach, then now may be just the time. 

If you are feeling: 

~ empty
~ lonely
~ confused
~ needing something, but not sure what that is
~ feeling unsettled
~ have just gone through a major change
~ 'feel dirty' 
~ wanting to manifest your dream desires

Then the OCEAN WOMB CLEANSING is how we can shift out the remnants and create a delicately powerful holding space for seeds to germinate, space to be, and desires to manifest (we grow things in our womb, whether physically of a baby, or energetically of your Life Purpose desires and creations) - seeds are deeply planted here, and you usually tend to the soil, turn it, 'clean it' and nurture it until they are strong plants. 

Your Sacred Womb is no different, physically and energetically. 


Physically stand, or imagine yourself standing at or in the Ocean Shoreline on peak high tide. Imagining, the Ocean waves, gently coming around you and surrounding your Sacral Chakra, your stomach, your womb. Connect with this Divine Power of the Ocean Water, feel Her holding you, moving around and with you, Being you... 

Imagine Her Ocean Water, deeply entering into your Sacral Chakra and into your physical womb and/or stomach. Allow this Ocean Water to be here, you notice, if there is a colour of light, that Her Ocean Water lights up inside you. 

You feel Her gentle power, cleansing your Womb space, this divinely powerful portal, that is the Sacred Key to the connection of every eternal Soul on this planet - we all have this space and we all are a repercussion of the mirror around us - all deeply connected by this womb thread, by this portal of energy, your Sacred Womb, your Sacred Sacral. 

You deeply feel the water surrounding you... and you notice, that there has been a change... the tide, is on the way out... 

You inhale deeply and you exhale and you notice that Her Ocean Water, starts receding out of your Womb, and you notice it taking anything that is not yours, any energy that isn't yours, any past relationship attachments or remnants from your past threads that may be lingering in there. 

You notice that as Her Ocean Waters continue to receed as the tide moves away from you, taking back to Her Power for transformation, anything that is not of you. 

You notice, that as Her Ocean Water moves away, you sense this incredible feeling in your Womb space, in your Sacral, in your Stomach and suddenly  you notice, you feel full, but this is a different full, this is a..... Soul Full, that you have longed for, that you knew was possible, that you have been craving - ever since you began to be on this Earth again. 

You feel it... 

You deeply feel it... 

As you watch Her Ocean Waters continue to go out, you feel your power increase, you feel this space of utter nourishment, as you have been left with - only you... and your Divine Fullness. 

And you notice how your energy has changed, to calm, centred, full, nourished and you feel from the inside out, deeply, deeply, held from the Divine.

Just... complete. 


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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