Want to know my secrets for staying on top of my game?

Jul 30, 2018
Want to know my secrets for staying on top of my game?
Now, let me define staying on top of my game, which, will probably - no, obviously be different to the norm, because I am not the norm 😉
Staying on top of my game, doesn’t mean that I am perfect, I have it all together all the time, never cry or have my life completely in order. Quite the opposite most of the time.
But what staying on top of my game means to me? What my secrets are?
Are connecting to the natural rhythms and cycles of my life, my body, the moon and how I work best? Is immersion. Meaning, I will sit there until something is DONE. I do it all at once. And I get agitated when I get interrupted when I am in full flow.
This immersion means that I will over a period of either days, weeks, months or years, go in cycles of doing things, not doing things, changing it, and more. For example, I:
~ will go through phases of waking at 5am for a strict routine and early to bed for months on end, then I will change that intuitively and sleep in and stay up late and work during the night
~ will be strict on foods and cleanses and raw and fasting and then ‘let go’ and eat what I want, when I want
~ will cry when my heart feels sad, will let my anger out (in safe ways), when I feel angry, sleep when I am tired and deeply honour how I am feeling. This means - and HUGE part of this is - there is nothing wrong with me, I am just simply feeling all of me.
I used to beat myself up - why am I feeling angry, why am I this way, why do they have their shit together and I am a bawling mess on the floor and so much more.
And do you know what I found?
That the way I support myself - is feeling all that I do - without judgement that there is something wrong with me.
There is summer, there is autumn, there is winter, there is spring - the constantly change, even the dates right? How many times have you heard yourself or others harping on that the seasons are changing to what they should be for our gregorian calendar that was officially started in 1582 (?! yep, time for change already 😉).
It wasn’t until I stopped - telling myself there is something wrong with myself for FEELING all that I was in any given moment in time, the good the bad, the wrong the right, the all of it - the FULL SPECTRUM, that I began to feel better… even amongst my tears…
Because when I am sad, angry or more - I feel better, when I just acknowledge that is how I am feeling, rather than trying to change the way I am feeling.
This is sooo contradictory to the common spiritual mainstream of ‘you need to keep a high vibration by choosing something else’ - whereas for me?
My vibration stays high BY FEELING ALL THAT IS.
When you release the labels - they are nothing but energy.
That’s all.
Just - sit with that concept for a moment.
This is why I am always sharing about can you just be with your emotion, your feeling, whilst expanding your Heart to hold you.
Your Heart is Love.
Your Heart is Freedom.
Your Heart.
Your Heart holds ALL THAT IS AND BEYOND.
Your Heart, has no labels about energy.
It is your mind that does that.
We are made up of energy and energy is moving all the time.
When you judge what you are feeling, you put another layer on the feeling that is like a brick that weighs it down in your aura/energy.
When you can just let it pass through you, without needing to judge it, ie = just feel it for what it is, without taking action on it, it keeps moving.
Yes, it is a skill that I am speaking of here. But anyone can learn any skills when they want to learn something and are interested in it.
Think about it - anything that brings you alive, lights up your fire and your passion - you follow that and will take any course, or follow any teacher or more - because you want to. And you usually learn something quite quickly when it feels good to you and you are interested in it.
How I stay on top of my game, is I let myself follow what feels right to me - feel all that is.
This means that I honour how I feel and just allow it. No, I am not perfect at this, I told you I am human, but I am getting better and better, this muscle is quite strong now. Yet, the key thing and I can’t stress this key thing here enough:
My power comes from honouring my cycles and the cycles of the Earth, Moon, the Seasons and the stars… Yes, I am a Shaman at Heart, amongst other things… My power comes from FEELING ALL THAT IS. Not stopping that feeling. Or that stops me.
We are on this Earth for a reason.
To try and be anything else than human, is disconnecting from who you are.
Yes, the cliche - you are a spiritual being having a human experience - so when you try and be all spiritual and lose your humanness, you’ve disconnected from your essence of what you are here on Earth to do - EXPERIENCE ALL THAT IS.
To experience being human.
The more I honour my rhythms and cycles that are right for me, the more I stay connected to my intuition.
My intuition is heightened from staying connected to these natural rhythms and flows.
I woke for the eclipse but chose to stay in bed for it. On the biggest eclipse of our lifetime, I was intuitively guided to not hold the Full Moon Ceremony. So interesting right? Of course my logical mind was like, um, Hannah you should be holding this, because of this once in a lifetime event.
Yet, I was deeply aware of the should in that sentence, and chose to trust my intuition instead.
When it began to get colder and I was eating raw food, and it didn’t feel right, as I wanted nourishing warm cooked food, I did that. Yet, a part of me told me I should be eating raw food because that is what you told the world what you were doing. I chose to trust my intuition instead.
I stay on top of my game, by letting myself feel my emotions with all my Heart expanded in the space.
I stay on top of my game by trusting my intuition when it changes ‘what it told me to do back then’.
I cry.
I smile.
I lay about in bed. I have bed days. I have netflix binges on series that I love.
I sleep.
I stay up late and work until 2am/3am at times.
I have strict regimes for a time and then I let them go. And then I pick them back up again after a time - when I get the intuitive nudge to do so.
I eat raw and then I eat whatever I want at times.
And all of these examples?
Are intuitive.
Yes, it is awesome to learn new things and stick to routines - I highly recommend this.
But then when you ‘let them go’ for a time - don’t beat yourself up for it! Goodness! I used to do this and then wondered why I was so upset and why people in my reality also were mean to me - because of the way I spoke to myself, the Universe was only reflecting this back to me with my experiences around me.
Have you noticed… your own self talk?
When you ‘let them go’ after you’ve been doing it strictly - notice this and realise
The inflow and the outflow baby.
This is huge.
The inflow, is a time when you go deep within, you rewire, you rework and you ‘do the inner work’ solidly.
The outflow - is where you help the Universe ie co-creation - bring your desires into fruition. There is only so much inner work you can do before you need to take physical guided intuitive action.
This doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing any internal work, for me internal work is who I am, it isn’t something I just sit on my yoga mat for, it is a way of being.
When you find yourself saying that you don’t have enough time - for what? Enough time for what?
All this means is that you are not prioritising your time efficiently. Do the hardest task first, the most important task first. Then you will find your energy comes ALIVE, because you are listening to your heart and soul of what is the most important thing FOR YOU to do for your life.
That can vary for everyone, because everyone’s heart and soul is different, but when you deeply, deeply tune into this, you are becoming deeply aware of not only your heart and soul - but your Life’s Purpose.
There is a time and place for everything and everything has a season, a reason or a rhyme.
The key to staying on top of your game, is trusting your intuition during these seasons, reasons and rhymes, for what is right for you and you only.
Everything that you see ‘out there’ that anyone is teaching, that anyone is writing a book about, that anyone is sharing through whatever means, are just ideas put into action. Some will resonate and some won’t. The key, is realising why you are reading it/following it and more and then trusting your intuition on what to do with it, what is right for you and you only and for how long.
Staying on top of my game, means trusting my intuition even when the should’s creep in.
Staying on top of my game means STAYING AUTHENTIC TO WHAT I FEEL.
Doesn’t mean I act on all of them.
But I feel all of them - without judging them, without trying to change them. I feel them for what they are.
That is why people wonder how I am so grounded most of the time, why my energy is so strong, why my intuition is extremely accurate, why I have this incredible connection that people feel is magical or ‘how did she do that’, or look in with curiosity ‘how does she damn well know that about me!?’ - because I don’t bury my feelings (well, getting better at it, I am human too, not perfect). I don’t judge them or my process with them. It just is. I honour it. All.
When you stop yourself from feeling ALL that you are in any moment, these are the psychic bricks I spoke of before… buried emotions are psychic bricks and you wonder why you can’t hear your intuition clearly a huge part of it, is this. Release the judgement, release the bricks… and the energy flows… and so do you.
My intuition has increased ten fold in the past 5 years especially, the more I don’t judge my feelings, or think something is wrong with me, the clearer and more accurate it has become.
I am not scared of FEELING anymore… even the icky stuff, the bad stuff, the good stuff, the happy…
Because when we release the judgment, underneath it? It is all just energy.. just moving energy…
Practise releasing your own judgements of how you are feeling, for this allows you to honour how you are feeling, instead of ‘stopping it’ (which you and me both know doesn’t happen, it just gets buried until one day it hits you in your face), and when you honour how you are feeling, you deeply are showing yourself that you:
~ care about your feelings
~ can decide how to support yourself with what you need in that moment (instead of trying to change how you are feeling and thinking it is wrong for FEELING)
~ love you for feeling all that you are in that moment
~ start to change the relationship you have with yourself, hence changing the relationships you attract and experience in your life
When you honour how you feel, you stay deeply connected to your intuition.
Because, that is what you ultimately want isn’t it?
Deep connection with another? Which starts… by deeply honouring the feelings and connection you have with yourself.
Do you? Honour how you really feel? Honour the powerful connection you have with yourself that feels everything?
Stay on top of your own game, by deeply honouring how you feel, in any given moment in time.
Love, Hannah �
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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