On Notre Dame Cathedral...

Indoctrinated Structures are literally burning to the ground right now - yes, I may lose followers for this outside of the box thinking... READ RIGHT TO THE END BEFORE YOU REACT AND COMMENT 💥
For eons the Shamans, Druids and Goddess Witches have been lost to the Earth due to the mass wipeouts of cultures that roamed the Earth, once upon a time - Earth Based Shamanic Druidism is returning.... we are beginning to feel safe to rise once again 🔥
Before Catholicism, before Christianity, before ANY religion (Patriarchal control) - was Us, was the Earth Based Cyclic Goddess who IS our Earth... it is THIS that we are all returning to...our HEART. 💚
Celtic heroes and Goddesses merged into Christian Saints...
We were here before they were lost to the 'new' religions that have been Patriarchal control for eons gone by...
You can't push it down forever...
The structures are literally crumbling and burning to the ground and I feel that before September and October this year, I feel more is to come...
The seas are rising and so are the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Celts are awakening but the Earth hears our call, long before She Wakes.. Atlantis, Lumeria - and before that? Where were we? That place - THAT is what is emerging - the place in Her Womb 🌏
'You are not clearing out what has just happened, rather, you are breaking karmic threads and not just generational lineages, but entire realities of what your Soul has experienced until now.
Birthing a new reality, means, leaving no stone unturned and completely shifting into new karmic cycles - or - is it that karmic cycles is part of the old paradigms (and Patriarchal control) and what we are moving into, stepping into and birthing with this powerful age of Aquarius, is just not a thing anymore, karmic cycles don't exist the are not part of - this new paradigm that we all know in our Heart exists.
Just pure divine Heart centred living. Breathe, release, FEEL.'
It is a reality, very different to this one... the undoing of all the karmic cyclic work you have done over and over for eons... if you've been doing a stack of work you will be feeling like - well what now - because in the Heart, there is nothing to do but to hold this space, for the Heart to simply... expand.. 🕊🌏❤️ one breath at a time, to hold space for those that are following and waking by collective 100th Monkey Syndrome, #itistime 🔥
"How will we know it is done?" She asked...
"When the Blood is Spilt on the Equinox before the Age of Aquarius and the Great Halls burn before Beltane" The Goddess whispered back on the winds of the Sea...
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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