People kept messaging me and telling me the link wasn't working 🙄 #whoops


People kept messaging me and telling me the link wasn't working ðŸ™„ #whoops

Is that mercury retrograde? ðŸ¤”Meh, I don't believe that stuff... for me, Mercury Retrograde is a deep, deep, recalibration, fine tuning and deeply assessing and addressing what is in alignment and not in alignment. 

The truth is, I was diving deep inside to find what was truly in alignment for me to serve at my highest and still be of Service at the capacity that feels right. 

I flick back and forth until it settles where feels good. 

That spinning of the compass - like you are standing on the compass, whilst it is recalibrating, finding it's resting place, finding it's direction. That.. is what has been going on for me. 

After Monday's massive realisation of who am I without my childhood patterns subconsciously directing my dreams... I have felt sooo much lighter and yet, what comes with a realisation like that - is a whole direction shift! #again And THAT has flipped everything on it's head. 

You know that feeling when you realise something and you're like - okay, get me outta here then?! Yep, that feeling. 

I'm super conscious it is the 6 month mark of being in this home and with that 6 month point, is a time of change of things 'landing' in a deeper way, I am just deeply grateful I realised what I did before heading too far down a path that is just not my Soul's Heart Calling. 

So so interesting that this has even surfaced for me. Everything has changed in that realisation and coming with that is the People Pleaser role being 'rattled' again and I have been deep in working through layers this morning around 'but this is how I serve, what I was supposed to do' etc etc, but it isn't that. 

It isn't that isn't going to happen - but definitely not in the forced heavy energy that I didn't even realise I was wearing. I guess I have taken the masks off ðŸ¤£

My heart feels free when I am near the ocean, but I had to be away from it for some time, to go deep into the subconscious, deep into the cold lands and the furtherest south I could go on this continent, to shift the stuck, deep trauma, the cold defrosted it, to allow my Heart to shine on the brightest light without carrying all that has been blocking it ever since. 

This shedding of the layers that no longer serve me began when I first began to let go of my People Pleaser role back in 2018 and it drove me further into it. This new me without this role, is an adjustment of constantly catching myself of old patterns and choosing to not tunnel into that way anymore. Behavioural differences in what I choose to do each day, how I show up, how I speak, how I live - the new path that uncovered on Monday, is selfishly me... and I am so in love with it. 

It feels deeply supported, deeply loved, deeply at Peace, more than I ever felt before. That underlying Peace, has always been there, but now... this Peaceful Life Purpose Alignment, has come at a time when I least expected it. I needed to stop, to truly recalibrate into this version of myself. It hasn't been easy - no way! It has been the hardest six weeks of my life since... I don't even remember when. 

And yet, the path ahead even though I want it all NOW this MOMENT NOW...*inserts stamp her feet* I feel grateful that... I feel more in alignment than I ever have before. 

All those roads I travelled on those 5 months on the road last year, led me here... and now here.. with even more clarity. 

Selfishly loving on me... is new to me. And yet, feels sooo familiar at the same time, because this... is the version of me, this feeling, that I have been searching for, dreaming of, knowing was how it was meant to be... is now infiltrating all of me as normal. THAT is the only sign I need to follow, that I have finally clicked into place, how it is meant to be, what is meant to be and how I get to live now. 

So, so grateful for this! 

Have you found, that feeling, to feel as your normal everyday full whole version of you? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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