I have been getting many enquiries about private Psychic Readings with me - YES I do them 😍🔮
How does it work?
~ 30 Minute Phone or facebook messenger video call
~ Book and schedule an appointment
~ Gain your clarity and answers to propel you forward
🔮 What can we discuss on your Psychic Reading? 🔮
~ Relationship issues
~ Health
~ Regaining your energy back
~ Healing from a Broken Heart
~ Finding your Soulmate
~ Money increases
~ Career & Life Purpose Awakening
~ Healing past wounds
~ Past Life Integrations & Connections
~ Realm Attunements
~ Spiritual Healing
~ Increasing the love and abundance in your life
If you're wondering whether you should stay or leave a particular situation, or just wondering what your next step on the direction of Awakening Your Life Purpose is - anything can be brought to this Psychic Reading to find your answers and propel you forward.
Nothing is off limits.
Nothing is too dark, to heavy, to out there, too crazy - how deep did you want to go? 😘
Click here for all the details and to book, or send me a message if you need more information: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/psychicreadingswithhannah 
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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