🔮 PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 9th July 2024 🔮

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Jul 09, 2024

🔮 PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 9th July 2024 🔮

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.  

After 8 years with Reality Awareness Online I feel like this year - everything is landing, coming together and solidifying everything I have known, built and taught these last 8 years from my 20 years of walking this industry. I have been working on a project for the last 6 months and I am 👌🏻 close to having it finished - for YOU.

This is 6 months solidly working on it and 8 years in the making and I am sooooo excited to release this to you… keep your eyes peeled 👀 This is everything to me, for you, for us, for Purpose Driven Lives to Create the Magic in the World, that which our Heart and Souls have known, since the dawning of time 💎👀 So excited to drop this for you 🤍


I look forward to seeing what channels through from The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards for you today ✨

Reading results will be posted at 2pm AEST/5am BST/12midnight EDT 🌎🌍🌏

Create a magic day, afternoon or evening, where ever you are in the world ❤️ 

See you at 2pm AEST!

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑