Psychic Readings with Hannah ❤️🔮❤️

Psychic Readings with Hannah ❤️🔮❤️
There are MANY topics we can explore on a Private Psychic Reading with me! 😍
NOTHING is off limits, nothing is too deep, to dark, to hard - #igotyou!
Even if you just need an ear - #igotyou
Or wondering when that thing is truly going to manifest - what IS blocking you??
What else can we explore though? All of these and so much more:
~ Life Purpose Psychic Reading
🔮discovering what you're really here for
🔮understand your unique gift and how to use it
🔮uncover your psychic abilities to awaken your Life Purpose
🔮step deeper into your Life Purpose
🔮reach and heal more people without burning out
~ Relationship Healing Psychic Reading
🔮wondering why you feel so alone even IN relationship
🔮to stay or leave your relationship?
🔮why you are attracting 'negative' relationships
🔮attracting your soulmate - the one you really want
🔮are they your soulmate or twin flame and is that stuff even real?
🔮taking your relationship to new heights, turning your current relationship into the one you are dreaming of and know is possible
~ Flower Therapy Psychic Reading:
🔮Getting into the physical health of your body
🔮Knowing what detox is correct for you
🔮Getting to the source of your physical illness to heal so it doesn't come back
🔮Understanding your minor and major symptoms so you can adjust your life accordingly and get your health, energy and vitality back
🔮Get clear on what foods you need to cut out
🔮Get clear on what foods/herbs your body is needing right now
🔮Get information on what organ in your body is needing the most support right now and what you need to do to heal it
🔮Simple Food - get clear on what YOU need to suit your lifestyle, this is about keeping it real and knowing how to make changes and support yourself in your modern day busy lifestyle
~ Animal Spirit Guide Psychic Reading:
🔮Find out your Animal Spirit Guide that is guiding you right now and has a message for you regarding your current situation
🔮Connect with your Animal Spirit Totem - your guide for life
🔮What Animal are you and how does that affect your life and business?
🔮Get clear on the messages the Animals in the physical world are showing you
~ Mediumship Psychic Reading:
🔮Unanswered questions can be answered
🔮Contact a deceased loved one
🔮Heal the relationship. Soul's never die, it is just their physical body that has
🔮Get confirmation of their presence with information on you would know
🔮Find closure. Which doesn't mean you forget them, it just helps your heart heal of the devastating grief you feel
🔮Let both of you be free. Sometimes you holding onto them, is keeping their Soul from completing important work
Click here for all the details and to book, or send me a message for more information: 
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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