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Card #1: You’ve Got The Power! “Use your abilities to resolve this situation. You can do it!”

Hmmm, it feels like you’re in quite a positive space right now! YAY!!!! Whilst this card is asking you to reclaim your power to create your outcome - I feel that this card coming to you today, is more of a confirmation of how you have been using your power and indeed it is having you reach a space of deep gratitude, bliss even and you feel totally aligned with what you are doing in your life - it feels like you are very, very clear about who you are, what your goals are, what you are doing and are very focused in making them happen, bit by bit every single day. You have been putting the tools into action and it has been flowing quite well for you - YAY!!! Celebrating this with you! For some reason, a message about a garden is coming to mind with this card and message for you. Do you need to spend time tending to your garden? Do you need to spend more time outdoors? What part of garden is coming to mind for you? Is there a clean up, rearrange - or what ‘tending to your garden’ do you need to do? There is only so much inner work we can do, before we need to take physical action to help shift the physical to match the external and vice versa with only so much physical action we can do, before needing to tend to the internal. There is a delicate balance of the internal and external world that happens through an energetic flow of the figure 8 energy flow, the inflow and the outflow, the receiving and the giving - so perhaps this garden, is tending to the external, to shift change, or tending to your inner garden - which one is it for you? I am also getting something about the skeletons in your closet - is there one in there hiding that you are not wanting to face? Or literally something you need to shift in your physical clothes closet? Perhaps the getting in nature and the garden aspect, gives you fresh ideas, energy and I am getting the message to absorb this Earth energy into the cells of your being, simply by imagining the energy flowing into your body through your skin, you can see/feel it as a colour or you just sense it, moving through the cells of your being and upgrading your body, your physical vibration to match your new frequency - because you have been haven’t you? Making lots of changes, internally and externally and now things kind of seem like they are crumbling around you - relationship dynamics are changing, shifting, moving and growing and your physical reality is shifting isn’t it? What garden is calling you? Is there something that needs cleaning out that will help shift the energy of what you have been working so much on the inner world to change? Are you ready to let that in? That change - in the physical? Let it go and watch, what the Universe fills the space with for you - as there is always a vacuum that is created when you let something go - if you clear a shelf, you can always find something to put back on it - and the Universe is right here supporting you with releasing your past and giving you the space to step right on into a new reality and dimension for yourself - so are you ready? To say, Yes to the Universe? What action do you need to take, to help support this Universal support right now? Love xxx If you want to work with me and need support, click here for all the details: 


Card #2: Marriage. “The Fairies join you in wedded bliss.”

Whenever this card comes up, it is pure commitment card. Yes, it can be related to a wedding or marriage of course, yet it is also about commitment to yourself, your life and your Life Purpose. However, the intuitive message that is streaming through here, is actually something to do with a wedding and I am wondering if it is a wedding - your wedding - or your husband or wife - or a relationship in general that you have some sort of commitment to. And with this - I am getting the strong message, to continue to stick to your intuition about this situation. Don’t be clouded by someone else’s emotions or reactions to something that you’ve said and know in your heart space to be true and aligned for you. I am getting the strong message through this card for you and maybe it is your intimate relationship, or something you need to bond together about, or are clear about with what is aligned for you both, and someone else outside of your relationship, is trying to say and ‘prove’ otherwise about what you both know to be true. Either way, the clear, strong message here today for you, is to stay true to your original decisions. Don’t let doubt or someone else’s opinion cloud your judgement, because your heart knows and knew for quite some time about it. This, what is happening now, is just confirmation of what you already knew, so it is time to trust yourself ten-fold and let release what is already naturally falling away and out of alignment anyway - okay? It feels like something new and exciting is just around the corner anyway and there is a huge leap of faith going on right now for you to move into this new space - the falling away of what is going on with this relationship that has come through this card? Is just releasing what isn’t aligned so you can walk in FULL alignment, with nothing pulling you even that 1% off path. You have done so much work to completely come into your own now - don’t let outside opinions or reactions sway you. Because when you clear your energy and stay true to your heart? You deeply see the truth of the reality of the situation anyway keep trusting it, even if you don’t have physical confirmation - your heart knows. But the message that I am getting, is that the signs are real and you can continue to trust in them for yourself always. Now is the time to stay true to your Hearts desires. Release guilt, obligation and more. Your Heart - it’s time. You know this. Trust it. Love xxx If you want to work with me and need support, click here for all the details: 


Card #3: Affirmations. “To lift up your thoughts and energy, and to attract what you desire, use positive affirmations.”

Hmmm, I am getting the message that you have been using these - I am wondering, if you’re losing faith and hope in them? Maybe they seem like they are not working, or it seems like so much work for little return? Or, maybe you are feeling resistant to doing them? Or - what is it for you? I feel like, if you are wondering ‘how long it takes’ or ‘it isn’t working’ - the message I am getting here for you, is to check in with a couple of things. First of all, how long have you been doing it? If it’s only been a couple of days, weeks or only a few months even - to keep going!!! If you think, that this is the first time you’ve done something like this, even if you’ve been doing it consistently (or not), think to how old you are, and how many years that is, how long you’ve been thinking the way you have before now starting to use journalling/affirmations/positive thinking on a more regular basis. So, for example, I am 33 and I have been journalling consistently for 2 months solid every single day, and then the 15 or so months before that, has been not every single day, but quite consistent. Yet, I am unwinding, unravelling 32 or so years of thinking, acting and behaving a certain way. Why acting and behaving? Because when we think a certain way, we act a certain way. So it isn’t just thinking, it is feelings, emotions, behaviours, patterns and basically, the whole way we’ve known life to be up until the point where you take back your power and start to consciously create the life you actually want, instead of letting life pull you along in different directions. I am wondering if you pulled 2 cards today too? I am getting this is tied into another message for you too… So, if you are feeling like, it isn’t working, that things feel stagnant, stuck or otherwise, just take a check in with how old you are, and how long you’ve been consistently using affirmations/journalling/positive thinking. The other message that is coming through, is to be aware of the ‘ties’ - ie, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years - are turning points/breaking points and are important dates to know of how long you’ve been doing a certain practise or implementing something new, as around those ‘tie’ points can be harder or make or break points. The other thing to keep in mind, is that implementing something new can bring up old patterns, emotions/feelings and/or - actually make you look at your current reality and face it, deal with it and feelings of anger and more can arise, because your reality isn’t actually how you want it to look. This ‘facing’ your reality can be painful at times, but we also have to face something to clean it up and then move through it, transform/change it and move away from it to move towards what you are aligning to/creating/journalling/using affirmation for in your life. So if you are feeling a bit stuck or that you feel it isn’t working or have emotions surfacing - know that this is all part of the process and perfectly in order and you’re completely on the right track (especially pulling this card, guiding you with the information that you need to understand what is actually going on for you right now) and that the answer is to keep moving through it, so you shift it. As you continue to change your thoughts about your life, thinking differently, feeling differently and acting and behaving differently, things will come up in your life that need tending to so you can shift them out and align completely to your new path that you’ve been journalling and creating. Trust that all is as it is meant to be and you are just shifting out the old, so stay committed to your practise and you’ll move on through it and out the other side dear Soul. Love xxxIf you want to work with me and need support, click here for all the details: 


Card #4: Pregnancy. “The birth of a child, brings great blessings to you and the world.”

Whilst this card is obvious in it’s statement and message, I am getting the message about something you’ve lost? Not necessarily a child, (although can be) but something has changed in the recent past for you. I am getting the strong message to remember to grieve for this loss that you have experienced recently, instead of burying it - as it is indeed giving birth to a new situation in your life and I am also getting the message that it has come quite unexpectedly and it is important to grieve the loss of what you are leaving behind. New situations are exciting of course, especially if you are indeed pregnant! :) Just the message here, is that if you find yourself down about a change in situation of any kind in your life - to just honour the grief - even if it is positive change, it is still change as you walk from an old life to a new one. Any change triggers the grief cycle and when we can be aware of this and support ourself through change, we allow ourselves to release any threads of attachment, clear our energy completely and walk forward in full faith, that we can truly have what we want in our life and move forward in this next chapter, with completely alignment, free from any energy threads of the past connecting us there. I am also getting the message here, of any energy threads to your past - in your sacral chakra? Your womb? Even if you are a male - you have an energetic womb, it is your sacral chakra, which is located just below your belly button and associated with the colour orange. I am getting the message that if you’re a male reading this, some healing wiht your Mother relationship is in need at this moment in time in some way and if you are woman reading this, some healing with a relationship of your past with a male is in need at this time. Both of these - are affecting your sacral chakra right now. Our sacral is where we give birth to our dreams/projects/life purpose/manifestations and at this moment in time, there is some cleaning out of what nourishes you in this relationship that has come to mind as I’ve said it - and what doesn’t. Something is a bit out of balance in some way of the relationship that has come to mind. What nourishes you about the relationship? And what doesn’t? As the message here is if something is feeling ‘off’ it usually is. So, where are the drains in the relationship? What do you do out of guilt or obligation? What brings you alive about the relationship? As, this is what is being called to deeply check in right now - what is nourishing you and what isn’t as this space, as whatever you are trying to ‘birth’ in your life right now is being affected by this relationship thread that needs ‘cleaning up’ a bit. What needs to be voiced, what needs to be said, what needs to be shared from the heart and… what needs to be let go of? Where do you need to say no and put yourself first? What is it that comes to mind and your heart when you read this? Trust it, it is your message today. Love xxx If you want to work with me and need support, click here for all the details: 


Card #5: Love Life. “The basis of your question involves your romantic life, which is now changing for the better.”

Hmmm, did you pick 2 cards today?! I am getting the message, well 2 messages for this card - that if you are in a relationship right now, it feels like you are being taken to the next level in your relationship, it is growing deeper and you have just shifted through some stuff recently, personally, and this has allowed you a deeper level of trust in yourself and your life thus affecting your relationship to completely open up to new levels of trust, love, support and deep, deep care - your relationship is changing positively! You’ve been working diligently on yourself it feels like, and this is affecting many areas of your life positively. It feels like a big block has been removed in between you and your partner - simply because you have been doing the inner work. Have you noticed the changes? You can feel them? Be sure to recognise even the smallest of changes as the more you focus on them, the larger they grow too, supporting this positive change :) Live in a state of gratitude, and watch your world shift right before you as the Universe responds and rearranges everything to move to support your new feelings of gratitude and positive change. The other message that I am getting for this card is that if you aren’t in a relationship, it feels like someone is close - like you are going to meet someone and I don’t like giving dates, but 3 weeks came to mind. Not that it will be a full relationship as such, but something has shifted within you, it feels like you’ve been getting VERY clear about what is acceptable and what isn’t recently and in this, it feels like you’ve actually started to shift your reality right in front of your eyes. Old people have started to shift out and it might feel like a gap, a lull, almost, yet, you know that it isn’t what is ‘gone’ but what is coming and feels like you are also very clear on this! I feel like the 3 week thing, is that someone will cross paths with you, that may not be ‘them’ as such of who are you going to be with, but almost like a preview and showing you - that it’s very close. Yet, you haven’t so much been searching for a relationship recently have you? It feels like you have been focusing on yourself, getting clear and thus, this is allowing the Universe to help deliver to you, what you know in your Heart, you’ve always wanted, deserved and is yours to choose, which is exactly what you’ve been doing - choosing what you want and only that - and honey, keep going, and stay clear, your desires are soooo close beautiful one! Believe! Choose! YAY!! Celebrating with you, this is a very, very positive card for you today. Feels, very exciting times for you :) Love xxxIf you want to work with me and need support, click here for all the details: 


Card #6: Connect With Nature. “You’re rejuvenated and inspired by spending time outdoors.”

Ah, this card is quite self-explanatory isn’t it!! And as soon as I saw this card for you - the message I got - was to take a break - slow down - stop pushing hard and fast and allow yourself this ‘down time’ - this is your cocoon time it feels like, especially if you’ve been hitting up against doors and blocks - it is time to allow the integrations to occur. When change in your life happens, there is a period of true integration time and if you don’t stop or slow down or HONOUR the changes you’ve just exponentially gone through to INTEGRATE - then you miss the point of doing what you’ve just done and the integration is fragmented and you will continue to repeat patterns and find yourself stumbling up the spiral instead of flying up it. I am getting the message about something of your heart, your back, your shoulders - so like your Heart Chakra - front and back - has there been changes in your Heart? Are there things physically about your Heart, or Heart Chakra, or shoulders or chest that have happened. It feels like huge integrating of being able to TLC yourself - that is tender love and care yourself. Like, what big changes have just occurred with matters of the heart, including your physical body and shifts in your vibration? Any surgery or anything to do with this area of your body - is literally Heart Chakra surgery and changes to your Heart - what are they? Are you allowing them the TLC they need? The Mothering Love of the Heart? The gentleness the receiving energy - are you allowing - your Heart? What does your heart speak? Not the agro, fighting, pushing, hard, harsh energy - but the gentle, TLC mothering energy? For yourself? Mothering yourself, being tender with yourself. What is your Heart speaking to you of right now? It feels like this is a time for inner TLC, inner rest - the butterfly on the card right now is jumping out at me, and it feels like this is your cocoon time - allow the integration of you new wings to be fully birthed, grown and integrated so you are able to fly that spiral instead of being half caterpillar, half butterfly. What rejuvenation can you do, for the next week? I am also getting the next month for you requires, complete and utter gentleness - in the way you walk, the way you speak the way your energy holds itself. There is great power in the Great Goddess who can hold Her energy and just BE without doing. There is great power in the BEING - but the question with this card is - are you letting that power through? If there is agitation, anger or otherwise and the shoulders, heart and chest are being physically strained and more right now - have you let yourself grieve right now? ANY change triggers the grief cycle and it is okay to cry beautiful Soul! ALLOW the changes, the crying releases the anger and the softness - your power is returned in FULL FLIGHT and integration. The cycles of life, just like the cocoon and the butterfly - always happen, when they die, they return to the darkness, to be born again with the cycles of life. Have you truly honoured the cycles of your life? The huge initiation points, where you’ve said enough is enough, made massive life changes and moved forwards, onwards and upwards, have you honoured the depth of those changes? Or have you pushed them down? As this is the message I am getting right now for you - is it its time to honour these massive changes that have occurred in your life over the past 4 years especially I am getting the message of and also the other message is check the dates of the year, in a sense that each time the same month comes around as last year (and the years before) - what significant life change event happened? If you haven’t tended to honouring this significant life event in a powerful way of sacred ritual and releasing - you will be still feeling the effects of this right now and it is important to tend to this right now - with TENDER LOVE AND CARE. Wrap yourself up in that cocoon with the power of the Great Goddess of Mother Energy and hold yourself with TLC UNTIL your wings are FULLY ready to fly - you will feel it in your HEART when integration is complete. How can you be more gentle in the way you walk, breathe and soften your energy in this next month? Love xxxIf you want to work with me and need support, click here for all the details: 


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