🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 10th September 2019🔮

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 10th September 2019🔮 

Scroll down to find the number you chose earlier today to see what messages dear Kuan Yin has for you here today 🔮

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Love, Hannah 
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Card #1: The Unveiling Dance.

Ah, without looking in the book yet, I feel like this card for you is deeply about all the layers that you are shedding, stripping away piece after piece after piece of your old self and the new emerging you is being born - emerging into who you’ve always been before all these facades of masks you chose to put on at one point or another because of whatever situation you had to live through - now, now you are coming back into your own, coming into your own power and remembering who you really are. Have you just gone through a ‘dip’ in the past few days to a week? Another deep layer surfaced of something that was no longer aligned for you and your Soul? You released this and now you are arising once more? Like - you have been able to come up for air, if you were swimming under water it feels like. You may still have to swim across the channel, but you can see the land now and you are ‘coming home’. Is this how it feels for you? Hmmm, I just checked the book (still learning these cards in depth, even though have had them for a while!) That - the meaning I picked up - is that something is ABOUT to be revealed to you - and yet, whilst I was reading the book, the message that came through was about your intuition - and - have you been sensing someone recently? Intuitively? An ex? You’ve been feeling them, but no way of being able to have contact with them yet you can feel them? Yes, it could be about anyone - yet, I feel that this has to do with a strong relationship in your past, so whether and ex lover or ex friend - your intuition is correct. The other depth about this card is that you are right on path and any decision that you need to make - will be shown to you very clearly - and I feel you already know this? I feel like you are waiting for the sign, because you know, but aren’t 100% sure right this moment in time, yet you have a sense about it and/or you are waiting to do something and not sure if you can yet, but.. that clarity is about to come too. I am wondering too - this situation with your ex - has it been there for quite some time? Right now, IS a time for releasing old threads, so it is no surprise you are feeling them in this way too. I wonder too, if this is part of the masks dropping away, the ‘unveiling’ and the emotional release about this relationship - can you do some kind of releasing ritual that will consciously release it? I feel like this is a time for letting go for you so you move swiftly into your new life. What part of your life or who is coming to mind for you to release? You can do a ceremony on the Earth, you can ask the Archangels for support with it, you can attend an actual Ceremony - but it doesn’t have to be hard. You can write a Soul letter and safely burn it or bury it, you can simply CHOOSE to release this person out of your field - the important part is that you do it. I feel like this will be super freeing for you and support these last energetic threads to release from your field. Let the layers go, let the energetics go, so you can become lighter and not carry the weight of your past around with you. It is time - for you to be free, it is time for you - to be YOU dear one! And did you know - it is SAFE for you to? To be - ALL of you? Love xxx There is still time to join us for this LIGHT Frequency of the Archangels! Activate Your Archangel Frequency has begun, but there is still time for you to join us and catch up! That pure LIGHT Frequency of the Archangels - we’ve done enough sitting around in the dark - we are good at that! Time to BE FREE! Time to FLY FREE - time to ACTIVATE YOUR ARCHANGEL FREQUENCY OF LIGHT! Not only will you build a stronger connection to the Archangels and deeply KNOW who is who in the Archangel world, but that Light activation through your body, mind and life - ah, a breath of fresh air, after all the change, all the dark and hard times - time to LET THE LIGHT IN! But - ONLY if you are going to choose the LIGHT and actually let it in! If so, then this is for you! Click here for all the details, there is still time to join us: https://www.realityawareness.com/activate-your-archangel-frequency 


Card #2: The Tao.

Ah, strongly getting the message about trusting your intuition on this one! It feels like you have been getting strong feelings/intuition about something and I feel like this card is deep confirmation that you are correct in what you are intuitively feeling. The other message here is that - the intuition - your intuition - the intuitive flow - the chi of life, the river of life, the ‘flow’ of life - is ALWAYS there, and sometimes we can feel disconnected to it - yet it is always still there. I am sensing here, that if you have felt lost for a bit now - you are shifting from one life to another, shifting from one way of living and what is ‘norm’ for you - to another. You are shifting from what you used to do and live like, into a new way, another way of being as your normal. That is all. It is going to feel a bit uncomfortable for a while! I am also getting the strong reminder for you - is that if you feel like the ‘flow’ is not there, if you feel like you are not connected - you ARE connected - you are ALWAYS connected to Source, your intuition and otherwise - it is just your consciousness of that connection that can ‘lose’ a bit of strength if that makes sense? Meditation, self care practises, enough sleep and rituals that keep you connected are your power right now. Have these dropped a bit? Because it is these, that are your ‘how to fix the problem’ - because even you know, that when you feel fit, healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself - you can take on the world! Well, almost right?! So - how can you reconnect to yourself? How can you increase your sleep, how can you set stronger boundaries and ritual practises for yourself, how can you turn off technology for longer periods of time to reconnect back to yourself? I am also getting the message that if you feel like it has been too much or not enough or you are ‘not in control’ of what is happening and have no way to stop it, again - the question comes back to trusting your intuition, trusting the flow and do you…. Do you REALLY believe that the Universe has your back on this one? Even when it seems like a block, even when it seems like a messed up situation - can you truly trust that your own intuition also has your back? That… your Soul knows the way you just have to trust it? Even when you are feeling ‘lost’ and not sure what is going on in the moment - that you are shifting from one phase to another and that even though your footing seems uneven right now - that is what change feels like. It can be unsettling, we may feel more disconnected than usual - yet when we remember and know these things we can start to do something about it, and first thing is first is to get those self care supports back in priority of your life - then, everything else will start to make sense again. Where are you needing to trust the flow more? To trust your intuition more? To trust - your Soul more? That this transition and phase right now - is temporal as you migrate from one phase of your life to the next - and be okay with that. All is well beautiful one, all is well. Trust. Love xxx There is still time to join us to Activate Your Archangel Frequency! If you are wanting to deeply reconnect with your Soul, your being, your breath your LIFE force again - to Activate the LIGHT within you, to reconnect you to your Source, to deepen the trust, faith and connection to your own intuition and to know… you belong here. To step back INTO the LIGHT of your life, to find and remember who you are, what fun even is for you anymore and to reclaim the parts of you that seem like they are scattered into a zillion pieces right now. Click here for all the details, there is still time to join us for this Light Frequency Activation through the powerful Angelic Frequency of the Archangels: https://www.realityawareness.com/activate-your-archangel-frequency


Card #3: The Lotus Throne.

Ah - this card is very similar message to card #2 today! Trusting your intuition! Yet, with this one - I feel like you are in a situation that is NO LONGER serving your Soul’s growth beautiful one! I also wonder if there has been an opportunity to release, to let go, to move on, to get out of this space that you are in - because, I am getting so strongly for you that it is NOT in your highest good anymore - BUT - you already know this right? I wonder if you have been pointing blame at others, when really… deep down you are distraught and perhaps feel powerless because… you know that your intuition told you to leave ages ago.. and maybe you weren’t ready to listen to it? I am sensing something about your work - yes this can mean an intimate relationship about not trusting your intuition on it, but I am sensing this is something to do with your work situation. Is there a course of action you are being intuitively guided to take and make with your work/career choices but have been hesitant to about it in the past? I am sensing that although, this trusting you intuition can mean and relate to many topics and areas of your life, again, the career - feels like an important piece of this. Have you been afraid to come out and show the world who you really are? Maybe that you are deeply intuitive, more than you’ve ever shared with anyone before and yet, it is starting to burst out - you are seeing others doing it, knowing you can do it, and are scared to come out about it and… you don’t even know why? Are there people around you that can support you to do this? If not, seek mentors who can, because your intuition - hehe - it won’t let up until you start sharing your Soul’s message - you are intuitive for a reason beautiful one and yes, whilst everyone is intuitive, there are people who are deeply connected ‘without even trying’ and it is these people aka YOU 😉 that have this gift for a reason - because you are being called to share this message, this gift, this - deep way of connecting to ones Soul, ones life more than ever before and this is a big part of your career that you are being called forth into service of. Perhaps you are transitioning from one career/job to another to create more space and a healthy environment around you and more “SPACE” for the next phase of your life to enter. I am getting the strong message that even though you may feel like you don’t fit in anywhere no matter how hard you’ve tried - honey, you’ve heard this before - you weren’t born to fit in! You were born to SHINE! And you can - you just need to TRUST this space of your transition and what your Soul is calling you to step forth into. It doesn’t have to be overnight, yet, have your 6 month, 12 month, 18 month goal in mind and work towards that. That, takes the pressure off right? Slowly emerge, but follow your Soul’s calling to do so and the stress won’t seem so overwhelming. Trust your Soul beautiful one, it is showing you this path for a reason. You are born this way, with these deep, profound sense of feeling the depths that you do - for a reason. And your Soul, currently is showing you glimpses to ‘why’ - trust this emerging transition space for yourself. Where do you want to be in, 5 years time? Your Soul is already guiding you, and I know you know this! Love xxx Ready to deepen your connection to the LIGHT? Ready to engage your Highest Self and Activate the Light Frequency of the Divine reign that will pull you deep into your gifts and strengthen the level of trust you have with coming out to the world about who you really are? I am sensing that this Archangel Light Frequency for yourself is about you coming into your comfortably with your power, with - releasing the fear that leadership and power has for you? Have you been fearing your own power? Activating Your Archangel Frequency - is a Light Frequency that deeply reconnects you to your own power, your own Source and transforms the darkness that you’ve been hiding behind for enough time now - but, you already know this don’t you beautiful Soul! Your Soul has been calling you for some time now, to regain your power, your connection your strength in self, to leave that unhealthy situation and be the leader you were born to be. There is still time to join us, for Activating Your Archangel Frequency, click here for all the details beautiful one: https://www.realityawareness.com/activate-your-archangel-frequency


Card #4: Radiant Moon of Compassion.

Ah, this card speaks for itself! Compassion - yet, this space, I am deeply getting is about Compassion for yourself. You have been through so much this past 6-9 months and yet, I am sensing that you are still berating yourself at times? I wonder if this past week, you have dropped that ‘hardness’ though, and are already coming into more compassion for yourself? I am also sensing that you have been holding onto hope about something, have been waiting for it to come back to you perhaps? I wonder if only this past few days, you have realised, ‘Argh, it isn’t coming back, the past isn’t going to be my future and I am now walking forward into this new future that I have no idea what grounds it stands on or where I am going and it just feels kinda blank!’ Do you feel, lost without it? I always talk about the 9 month cycle of healing and at 9-10 months, we ‘birth’ a new reality, which can mean the reality of something you have been holding onto, thinking it will come back or the reality that it isn’t here anymore, really hits you. You can become sick with a chesty cough, which is actually grief you haven’t felt until now, that had been buried along with the situation that unfolded 9-10 months ago - even at 6 months of time passing, does the grief hit too. So check in, has it been 6 months since the event happened? Or 9-10 months? Old threads can surface and come up around these times and when you can keep an eye on these timelines, it can be easy to know ‘what is happening in your reality’ and realise that it is a birthing of this old still coming out of your system. Like, shedding another layer of old skin for your life. The other message from this card is that - when this card appears there are negative energies around you trying to pull you down. As we step into more LIGHT in our life, make changes that support our new lifestyle, we can be challenged. Challenged by the people closest to us if we haven’t got supportive people around you (what are you still doing in that environment honey?!), challenged by people in our ‘outer sphere’, challenged by people in our environment energetically and even physically - we notice things that are ‘pulling us down’. The key is FOCUS. Yes, things can get us if we are already feeling low - yet - it is a conscious choice to stay focused on what you desire, it is a conscious choice to choose the light and positivity, because whatever you focus on will always win. If you are good at sitting in the dark and negativity, the positive can seem harder yes 100%. Yet, the more you practise focusing on the positive, the more you practise CHOOSING the Light, the more you choose to be around people who support you and move further and further away from the people who don’t support you or don’t feel good anymore to your SOUL - the easier it becomes to be stronger in the Light than in the dark. Of course we all have hard and down days, but when you choose your environment to be around people who are only living the way you do - the easier it becomes. That may sound judgemental or harsh - yet, you truly do have a choice in the life you create and the environment you place yourself around, yet, it is so important to remember that when you first start making changes, that is the hardest part. This card has come to you as your deep reminder to choose the Light, to continue to stay focused on your dreams and continue moving towards them, no matter how much is trying to pull you down right now - that is almost your sign to keep going and to remember what you are doing this for. To know, that you are indeed making the right choices for yourself - even when all seems to be going against you - you are going through an initiation that is - the reason you are doing it in the first place - to create a better life for yourself and contribute to a world that all can live from their highest self right? Know that your Soul is calling you to this place of LIGHT and that anything that is not that, is just a ‘test’ of how much do you want this new life? Keep moving forward beautiful one, and keep moving away from anything that no longer feels good. Your Soul, you already know this. Keep going. I love you, I see you, and so does your Soul. Love xxx CHOOSE THE LIGHT! Activate Your Archangel Frequency IS this beautiful one! There is still time to join us to breathe this LIGHT in like a breath of fresh air and be surrounded by Souls who are also choosing the Light! That are tired of the darkness and have sat there long enough, that are ready to be free of the pain of the past and move into the LIGHT Activation that sets you FREE! Click here for al the details, there is still time to join this Activate Your Archangel Light Frequency: https://www.realityawareness.com/activate-your-archangel-frequency


Card #5: Call of the Dancing Crane.

Without even looking at the card meaning yet, I am getting body movement, body health and detox/change in diet/lifestyle - even the change in season. We go through so much change in life, but we don’t acknowledge it and wonder why we feel scattered, left behind, or just all over the place wondering why we don’t have any energy left for ourselves and our own life. Around your body, you have an energy field and this energy field has different layers. Within this energy field of the layers - one of them is the emotional body, or what we call the Astral body. It carries the emotions and traumas, the joys, the pains, the all of our emotions… and other people’s emotions! I am getting the message of movement - because your Astral body has become too stagnant and no movement. Has there been a new exercise activity that has been calling your Soul recently? When we move our body, we also move this energy layer, our Astral body and I am getting the message that you have pulled this card today, because your Soul is calling you to shift out this stagnant place of being that you are able to move mountains in your life when you move it! I am wondering if you are scared to move because of what may surface when you do? Are you aware that this is why you have been feeling resistance to this new space of movement that your Soul has been calling forth within you. Body fat - is stored emotions and that first point of storage is in your Aura, in the Astral body layer of your Aura, the energy field around you. When you can become conscious of your energy field, that I always speak about is the first point of call to do so with clearing your energy, your chakras - it not only begins clears it, but you become conscious of your energy field, so you can become conscious of what is in there, what is yours, what isn’t and start working towards clearing it out. This card comes, as a time to release old hurts and pains that you have been holding onto - is there a situation where you still feel hurt about? What was going on around the end of November last year for you? Have you worked through that? Is that when things stopped for you? When you stoped doing what you loved, stopped, pushing forth and maybe… forgot parts of who you are? I feel like if you have been carrying excess weight and wondering why it hasn’t shifted - first step, of course is to move your body. Be conscious that as you start to move it, that body fat will start to shift - and so too, the memories and emotions that are stored in there. What to do about that? Get support where needed, depending on what happened for you - perhaps you haven’t been ready to shift that yet, to face that yet - to honour the depth of space that you went through in that time and space? I am sensing too - outdoors, nature - is going to be your biggest support right now. I feel like you are already being guided to release this past and the weight it is carrying on your body representing this hurt and pain - and even - what is sitting in your Aura - have you, been feeling like you need to clean your energy more than usual, that you are really becoming more conscious of it recently? That is your Soul, your intuition already guiding you to shift out these emotions and the events of your past they represent. Consciously release, consciously move with intention to release and let your intuition continue to guide you to the correct support, people, tools and resources to continue for you to shed this energy in your field, that enables you to RISE AND SHINE beautiful one. Love xxx Are you ready to REALLY shine the light on your Heart and Soul release? Activate Your Archangel Frequency brings a high frequency, high vibrational LIGHT into your system, body and activates the LIGHT that is already within YOU! We have started, but there is still time to join us and catch up! Activating Your Archangel Frequency, takes you deep into each individual Archangel and activates that frequency of light to flood your system, shifting you into a paradigm of positivity and high vibration that can transform the darkness, lift your mood and begin to support your life, rather than pull you down into further darkness. Click here for all the details, it is time to SHIFT into the LIGHT beautiful one: https://www.realityawareness.com/activate-your-archangel-frequency


Card #6: Mother Fierce.

Protecting Her clan, protecting Her tribe, protecting Her Being, protecting Her state of mind - yet - this isn’t the sort of protection that shuts down others, that closes Her heart or isolates Herself from others. This is a grounded force to be reckoned with. This is a state of BEING that this grounded sense of awareness IS Her protection. They say the best form of protection is to be grounded in your body - and it is THIS that I feel is a strong message for you today. I am also hearing ‘All is working out perfectly’ - to not fear the changes you are going through right now, to not worry about what others think, to not worry ‘how’ it is going to work out, because the Universe has your back right now and that everything IS working out for your highest good. It’s okay beautiful one, breathe. As you grow and change, things try and pull you down, but don’t let that stop you. Just find those that support you and move further towards them. I am also sensing that you may need to be saying ‘no’ more often and standing up for yourself and what you believe in? All in all, I feel like you are in a very positive time of your life and that can cause others to feel ‘threatened’ or bring out feelings you didn’t know they felt like that towards you. Trust these changes are leading you to where you know you want to go - but stay grounded and present in the face of adversity. Sometimes that can mean taking time out and away from those that are ‘causing you harm’ and looking within as to why that is bringing up feelings for you. It may be grieving the loss of a friendship that once was, and continuing on, on your path, that you know you are meant to walk on. It’s just that, not everyone is meant to come with you. As much as you think they were supposed to, sometimes the more you grow and evolve, the more you realise, that they are not, supposed to come with you like you thought and sometimes THAT reality can be a bit like ‘oh’. And somewhat… a space of change you weren’t expecting. I am hearing the message ‘stay strong’ and remember who you are and what you came here to do. That stay strong can be emotionally releasing the old and also - the physical body strength. When we are strong in our body, we are strong in our mind, we feel more confident and we… are more protected. Protect what you have built beautiful one, it is something to be proud of and those that are only trying to pull you down are just not meant to be around you any longer. Trust the changes and continue to build the life of your dreams that you have come so far to do. Trust. Move forward. Get strong and be strong. Love. Xxx Ready to Activate a high level of LIGHT frequency in your body, mind, life and LIGHT? Activate Your Archangel Frequency has BEGUN! But there is still time to join us and come into this space of being that allows you to SHINE!! This High Frequency Energy space deeply guides you into the next level of your LIFE so you can SHINE with the Frequency of the Archangels and bring forth all the good things you’ve been desiring and calling forth for a long time - with Activating Your Archangel Frequency, this level of LIGHT Frequency takes you to a new vibration of your life that you’ve been - moving towards for some time. It is now time for you to RECEIVE it. Click here for all the details if you’re ready to RECEIVE it now: https://www.realityawareness.com/activate-your-archangel-frequency




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