READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

Scroll down to find your number that you chose earlier on, to see what the Mermaids and Dolphins have for you today beautiful one! There is certainly a lot of joy, coming through from these powerful Dolphins today and the Sacred Sensual Mermaids of you deeply owning and getting super comfortable in your power recently! Soak it in! 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

Card #1: Protection. “You, your loved one and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!”

Ah, lots of messages coming through from this card today for you - that 1. you’ve been quite worried about something, something has been, hmmmm, you’ve been in a lot of fear - about - changes? I am getting the sense that there has been monstrous changes rumbling through your entire life recently and this makes you somewhat unsettled and ungrounded and hard to find the grounding under your feet if that makes sense… yet, this is only change and when you know how to support yourself through CHANGE, then everything is a bit more ‘stable’ because your internal self is stable. So, the first thing, is using your Internal Compass to help ‘stablise’ your internal core every single day, you don’t need to be sitting in lotus pose to do this meditation, because I want you to actually do it, so you can be doing the dishes and listening to it and when you do, your subconscious is DEEPLY listening to it. This strengthens your energetic body and you don’t realise how strong you are becoming by doing this every single day. (If you don’t have my free internal compass meditation yet, you can download it here, it’s free: ) The other part here, is your home, I am sensing you have been worried about your home in some way, shape or form, or something going on within your home. And the other message I got for that is to use your Internal Compass for your Home. I encourage you to envision other people you are worried about - with their own Internal Compass, so you don’t have to ‘do it for them’ and take on their energy and more. This is a form of ‘handing them over’ so you can be present with them, without trying to fix or change them so to speak. Your Home - is no different. I frequently engage my Home’s own Internal Compass as it helps to stabilise the energy in my home, around my home, where it is coming from, clear the energy in my home, protect my home and so much more. I don’t even have to be home to do this, it is a thought in my mind, just like your own Internal Compass and it is done. You can imagine your children, your pets and anything at all, your car, everything - to have it’s own Internal Compass, protecting, guiding and supporting it. Just as I always say to Adaya, everything is living and breathing, everything - even our home, everything and when you treat it like such, it deeply responds to you, it is you and you are it. I am also getting the message about children - do you have a child in your life that needs protection? Support? I am curious, if you can teach the child in your life, to connect with their own Internal Compass? Or even Archangel or Animal Spirit Guide? I find this very powerful for children, who feel scared or need protection at school or more, and to engage them with their favourite animal - imagine their own Lion walking with them to school!! They can use this is a resource and protect them and you can teach them how to do this in their own mind without ever needing to voice it to someone. It is a powerful way for them to not  feel alone or abandoned when they can call upon this spiritual resource when you are not there and they can build their own intuition this way and not be ‘knocked’ by other peoples energy around them, especially when they know how to clear their own energy and/or call upon the spiritual resource to clear their energy. Have you taught your child to do this? Do you, do it enough yourself? How do you need to protect your energy, stablise, your own internal core today? Have you been outside to ground your feet on the Earth and shake your body and shake out of your aura anyone else’s thoughts that are not yours that you are carrying? Can you? Love xxx If you need deep support through this intense period of change and/or are ready to make the changes, you know have been rumbling under your feet but haven’t had the courage and support to do them/that just yet, and need support to do it, in deep celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997) as August marks this amazing milestone. If you want 21 Days of unlimited voice message, text message and psychic readings to support you through this intense period of change, then click here for all the details or send me a private message if you have any questions about it:


Card #2: Worthiness. “Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways.”

Hmmm, I am getting 2 main messages for this card and 1. is - I am getting the sense that you are feeling not worthy of what you have been receiving, it is almost like there has been a shift, and actually - it is more a feeling of confusion and this is a strange/hard to describe message coming through. I am wondering actually - if you have been receiving some good things, have had some big amazing shifts - but then it is like you are ‘being knocked down’ in a way and it is like you are just picking yourself up and then bam, something else ‘hits’ you here… and the message I am getting here is that this is almost like a sabotage type thing, but also not in that way - again, tricky to describe - and it is like Life Purpose has really started to kick in for you and this ‘knocked down’ happens, when you start deeply aligning to your Life Purpose - you KNOW this is the path you need to take and so you are doing it no matter what but goodness is this going to ever stop?! You’re asking!!? And yes - it does ‘stop’ - but more so, you just get stronger and stronger, and then one day, you don’t even realise it is still happening around you - but you aren’t affected by it anymore. Yes, inner work on integration and more happens and happens naturally and more, but it does get less and less. And it is like, ‘Do you really want this? Do you really, really want this?’ - Yes, yes, of course you do. And this message, one of the key factors I am always speaking about finding your tribe, connect with the ones that get you, that understand you without even speaking so to speak, so that you can indeed, rise above everything and everyone that is trying to stop you doing and living and creating your Life Purpose, that you know deep in your Heart and Soul is what you are meant to do/be/create in this world, and can’t not do it, no matter what tries to ‘stop’ you. The other message I am getting here with this card, is that indeed you are worthy and it feels like you’ve been deeply working on this, the past few months even and you are starting to feel different - inside, something has deeply shifted within you, you feel overall happier and more connected to life than you’ve ever felt before and there are shifts that you are starting to see in your physical reality - and the message here is let them in! You’ve worked hard to get to this point, no need to turn it down now, no need to ‘stop’ it - but to continue to work on opening, receiving and deepening into this space. The message I am hearing here is - how deep can you go? How far can you open? How far can you…. trust? And continue to let this in? And continue to face whatever arises that may seem like a ‘block’ but actually what it is? Is just stuff coming up and out of your vibration to shift you deeper into who you are. You’re coming into more and more alignment with your inner core, your higher self, your Life Purpose and who you are meant to be on this Earth, the reason you came here, is starting to become clearer and clearer to you, every single day, even though you don’t have all the details, you feel it deep within your Soul. And you deeply trust it. So, remember, when anything is coming up, it is just aligning you to your solid, core vibration and it is just shifting out of your new found and increasing vibration. Stuff will always come up, no matter how ‘advanced’ you are or such, the key here, is what you do with the ‘stuff’. So, keep dropping into that deep trust into the solidarity of who you are - ‘your true self is awesome - let it shine’ is the message coming through. You are worthy of being your true self, let anything release and fade away, transform into more of who you are - because you’re right on track honey. Trust it. Breathe. Be. Love xxx If you are wanting tools, key support and divinely guided unique and pin pointing your individual situation support, to celebrate 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been intuitively guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997) as August, marks this significant milestone, so if you need deep support through unlimited questions, unlimited voice messaging and unlimited text messaging and unlimited psychic readings, click here for all the details or send me a private message if you have questions about it:


Card #3: Waves of Prosperity. “New Abundance and exciting opportunities wash over you now!”

Ah! Big waves of shifts have been coming IN to your life right? Things have come ‘out of the blue’ whether financial, emotional or otherwise - I am getting the sense that you are actually starting to feel more supported in your life than you’ve ever felt before right? It feels like whatever you’ve been working towards for some time - has come to fruition. And the message I am hearing is that you are ‘shifting gears’. Something has deeply dropped into this space where you are now ‘here’. Of course you are always growing, evolving, ‘wanting more’ (I get it! And no, this is not ego! This is YOUR HEART #trustit) - yet, this message for you today, I am getting - is to actually look back at how far you’ve come and truly acknowledge this too. It feels important at this time. Sometimes we can be so heads down bums up and forget to see how much our progress has shifted and fast even and it does feel like this, like it has all come at once so to speak. Ride this wave beautiful one! And - there is a message about a container - hmmm, like, whatever you’ve been working on in yourself, you have been ‘sealing up the holes’ in your aura I call it and deeply have been looking within and doing the work and it is like you’ve ‘come out again’ now with this new container and the message here, is acknowledging this space YOU have created. This is a celebration card and also a - this is just the start card. The ebbs and flows of the waves, always come in and out, the high tide goes back to the low tide, but this space, is always replenished, refilled and ‘held’ the entire time, by the entirety of the ocean. The key is not to drop tot eh fear when the tide goes out, but to support yourself in loving, caring, nurturing, empowering ways, so when the tide comes back in, you are ready for the next round. I am also getting the message here for you with this card, prepare for the future - what is it, you are needing to prepare for? What comes to mind when you read this? I am sensing you already know what that is - do you have this space of knowing what you need to do? It feels like energetically you are already preparing for what is about to come, what physical preparations do you need to start putting into place, even if just in your mind (or writing that list and getting it out of your head), so that you can continue to let the energy and ideas flow about the situation? I am also getting the sense you are a walking gratitude bucket right now (bucket!??! another container thing!!?) and it is interesting this, container thing - meaning - your energy - are there holes in your bucket? Are there energy leaks in your Aura - your container? Your physical body? Your gut? (yes this drops into the metaphysical of course!) It feels like you have been doing a lot of internal spiritual work - have you checked your physical body lately? Is it time for another cleanse? The change of seasons is almost upon us, are you ready to a new cycle to begin? This isn’t a ‘time to cleanse NOW’ unless your intuition is saying a big yes to that of course! But, you have already felt change upon you coming again soon hey? The tide is about to come in again - are you ready to hold this next level/layer? How far can you keep expanding? You’ve so got this, let it in babe! You so deserve this. Love xxx If you are wanting support, help and all sorts of ideas to continue to expand your container, to ‘seal the holes’ and repair to hold and continue to expand greatly, my 21 Day Shifter Program is unlimited questions, unlimited voice message and unlimited text message for 21 Days to deeply support you with whatever you need to expand or heal in your life right now. In deep celebration of August marking 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I was intuitively guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997) to honour this deeply supportive weekly Tuesday Tarot. Click here for all the details or send me a private message with any questions you have:


Card #4: Divine Magic. “Extra Magical energy surrounds your situation right now. Expect miracles!”

Ah, they say this is the most powerful card in the deck you can receive!!!! Sooo - need I say anymore?!?! Yet, the strong message I am getting here is KEEP THE FAITH!! It feels like something is JUST AROUND THE CORNER - like within 2 weeks, things are going to become soooo clear for you and the big shifts, you can feel rumbling beneath your feet - it is like, in around 2 weeks, they will ‘manifest in your reality’ is the sense/energy that I am getting with this card - so = KEEP THE FAITH! And, keep your focus - now is not the time to be getting disheartened or worried - but now is the time to know the tide is about to come in, in an extra, king tide it feels like! It also feels like this/these big shifts are - something that has been ‘in the making for years’ - not just an overnight thing, but this is a long time coming - what is it, that you’ve been ‘waiting for for years’? What is it, that you’ve been ‘knowing this was going to happen one day’! That you have had to keep stretching and stretching your faith for more and more? This Divine Magic card, is the most symbolic of your pure faith - that you can feel the shifts in your bones, you can feel it coming, and even though you don’t know what it is, it is deeply in alignment with what you’ve always known in your heart and Soul. And I am getting the message that you’ve had to walk away from many people in your life, leave situations that were no longer aligned, leave people, leave things behind - but you knew you weren’t ‘leaving them behind’ you were ALIGNING to your path, more and more and this coming up in around 2 weeks? It feels like THIS is what you knew you had to walk away from ALL of that before in your past for THIS. I am getting the sense that it has been somewhat ‘quiet’ for you recently in a sense of being around people who don’t get you and you’ve had to disentangle yourself from situations and so has been ‘al-lone’ recently, but you know you’ve had to go through this phase and it ultimately hasn’t phased you too much either. This coming up in around about 2 weeks or so, is that all of that, all of this past ‘quiet’ phase will and is all worth it - which you’ve always known anyway - it is just now… the physical ‘proof’ is about to show up. And - I am getting the message - that about a week to 10 days ago, is when these bits of ‘proof’ started to show up. And almost quite unexpectedly started happening, shifting into physical reality, but you knew this is what it is/was for you too! So, beautiful one - if you needed anymore ‘proof’ that what you are sensing is 100% accurate - you just got it 😘 Love xxx If you want support to complete prepare yourself for what is coming, if you need another ‘pair of eyes’ over your work or just that extra confirmation and bits to compliment what you are doing, I have been intuitively guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997) in deep celebration of marking 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot! August marks this incredible milestone so click here for all the details or send me a message if you have any questions about it:


Card #5: Tranquility. “Make time to relax, be still, and enjoy your solitude, indulging in much needed self care.”

Ah - this card is pretty easy to understand! And of course I am going to ask you how your self care levels are!! What is self care?? Here is a list to run your eyes over: Sleep, drink more water, eat healthier food, fasting, exercise that is right for you, time alone, time in nature (best healer ever), listening to music that soothes YOUR soul, spending time with friends, family or others (sometimes empaths tend to hide away and they need connection time without realising it), massage, yoga, crystal healing, soaking in a bath/water/ocean, cleaning your home/space/car, gentle thought processes, brain training, checking in with emotions (how is your heart really feeling?), journalling, crying, laughing, having an empathetic listener, meditation, recalling your energy, archangel clearing/healing, energetic clearing to name just a few - which ones jumped out you? Which ones are ‘missing off the list’ that are important to you? This is your opportunity to get super clear on what is important for you and write it down to make a commitment to yourself to make it happen as priority. The other message coming through here for you is that if you are stressing abut something, trying to make a decision about something but are confused, worried about making the ‘right decision’ and more - if you have pulled this card - your message is clear - Extreme Self Care for minimum 3 days - keep handing the situation and issue over to God/universe/angels meaning - literally see big angelic hands in front of you and mentally place all your thoughts, fears, worries and more into the hands and you can keep repeating this very quick and easy to do visualisation of handing it over, over and over in your mind - then - go and choose something off that self care list and focus on that. If you start thinking about the issue - straight away, imagine seeing those hands in front of you, and hand it over, again and again. The more you do it, the easier it will become. And do this Extreme Self Care for minimum 3 days, before you even try and make a decision about the situation. Just focus on YOU right now. On the 4th day of this process I just shared, the situation will be crystal clear and you will know exactly what you need to do. Until then, what self care are you doing - now? Love xxx If you need support in getting your self care up, needing support and understanding on finding time to even do that when your life is already crazy busy, you are overwhelmed and can’t get this darn thing out and off your mind - my 21 Day Shifter Program is open now and as August is marking a celebratory 2 Years of consecutive Tuesday Tarots (yes! I’ve never missed a Tuesday!) I was intuitively guided to offer it for $97 (usually $997) to receive unlimited support, questions, intuitive psychic guidance, unique for your individual situation and life for 21 Days Straight. Click here for all the details or send me a message if you have any questions about it:


Card#6: Blessed Change. “A major life change, brings you great blessings.”

Ah, this card is quite self explanatory in itself! It feels like LOTS of positive energy has been flooding your life this past 2-3 weeks, even though it has been huge change at the same time, this energy has had a positive effect and you are still ‘reeling’ from the feelings right? It feels like you have had a big internal shift recently and it is all flooding into your physical reality right now! I am wondering, too - it feels like, this message here is trust - trust that this is correct for you - like, I feel you know it is, but there is an underlying little niggle/tug at times, like ‘is this real?’ ‘did I really manifest this’? And you know you have - you know you’ve worked hard at times, to be in this space, to see it, to experience it, to live it, breathe it and more and yes, this is real, this is true and to continue to trust this space - it isn’t your past, you’ve done A LOT of work on releasing your past and this card is also coming to you today to acknowledge this - but also your AWARENESS of it - you are deeply aware of your patterns and more about this situation, your past and who you are and have been and it is THIS that is the acknowledgement of your awareness of this space as THIS Is the gold - you can keep trusting. You are deeply, deeply aware of so much and this space you are in? It feels like you have someone right in front of you - that is also deeply aware, just as much, if not more than you and THIS is the space you can walk forward in yes, this is really happening and to continue to trust this space, because honey, you have worked most of your life for this. What is it, this situation in your life - where you are needing to tend to those niggling arises of doubt? Simply by remembering the depth of the truth you FEEL in your heart about this space moving forward? As you do - this instantly dissolves this space and you are able to instantly continue on this path forward, that you damn well know is soooo right for you - because you can feel it in your bones, even if you can’t see the entire picture, you know this is right, so right, you almost don’t even need to the proof, your connection to the truth about this situation is so darn strong. Are you… ready to drop into deeper layers of trust here? Continue to beautiful one, absorb it and continue to let it in, and move forward in this joy, you are finally feel ing as your natural state after so, so long. I am getting the message/sense for yourself to deeply celebrate this - what can you do, to celebrate this space for yourself beautiful one? What can you do to deeply honour and anchor in, this amazing feeling you are experiencing right now- that is… now your new normal? Love xxx If you are wanting deep support to continue to expand this incredible feeling that has now entered your life after so long and are ready to make things happen, big things happen in your life with this incredible wave of energy, my 21 Day Shifter Program is open now, as August is deeply celebrating 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot and I was guided to offer it for $97 (usually $997) in deeply honouring this amazing space which is 21 Days of unlimited questions, unlimited voice messages and unlimited text messages for your unique situation in your life, to propel you forward in grounding these amazing revelations you are having in your life right now, click here for all the details, or send me a private message for more information: 


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