🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 14th May 2019 🔮

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 14th May 2019 🔮

Scroll down to find the number you chose earlier today, to see what messages are awaiting you there today💫

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑 

Card #1: You Council Of Light. ‘Divine Orchestration. Helpers in the Subtle Realms’ 

There is a great support in the Spirit Realm right now, helping you with your current situation. You may have been receiving signs that they are all around you, that your 1 particular Spirit Guide has been making it’s presence known in the past 24-48 hours especially, or you may sense there are a group of ethereal beings helping you right now. I am actually sensing for you in particular that there is a group of beings in particular helping you. Yes, the Council of Light card you have chosen, it may be them, or another group of beings that you connect/resonate with, either way, this card is yet another sign for you to trust in the messages you are receiving, trust in the signs, and the strongest message is that if you are going through a really difficult patch right now a really hard time, that these helpers in the subtle realms are right beside you, supporting you, guiding you and they are right there for you. I am sensing that, whatever has recently happened, has been necessary part of a ‘clean out’ of moving, shuffling and changing things around. There was a stagnant block of energy and now, with what has just gone on, that core, has shifted out. If you have been finding yourself in tears or finding that anger has been your norm recently and you aren’t usually an angry person, know that this is the energy shifting up and out. I am also getting the message that there is a particular person out of this group of ethereal  beings helping you, that is guiding you particularly relating to a certain project, idea or task that has been ‘on your mind’ or you have started to work on it and I am getting the message to let you know that you are right on point, right on task and what you have started working towards with this project, idea or task, is 100% correct. It is also the answers to your prayers and - this clear out that has just happened, almost feels like it has been a part of it, unlocking it at it’s core and I sense now, it is like you are ready to move forward, that ‘the hardest part has been done’. I am also getting the message that ‘Angels are speaking to you’ in physical form. You may receive out of the blue messages or support from people and I am getting the message to let you know, this is the group of ethereal beings also speaking to you. It feels like you are way more supported and are being super guided in every which way right now. If you have been doubting your choices, doubting what you have been doing, even though you know it is right, but then you have bouts of doubting because of outside circumstances, I am getting the message that this card has come to you, to let you know that no, what you are doing, what you are hearing, the messages you are receiving are ‘correct’. Yet, I am also sensing, it almost feels like, ‘Um hello, is anybody there?’ in a way that, it almost feels like your intuitive guidance is ‘quiet’ or ‘not as loud as it usually is’ type thing. Yet, this card, is your signpost, your confirmation that you are indeed, hearing your intuitive guidance correctly, that, everything you are doing, is right on course, you are being deeply helped and supported by this group of ethereal beings in the Spirit world and everything is in complete and divine order. Be gentle with yourself, talk softly, kindly to yourself, take extra care of yourself, everything is 100% right on course. Love xxx Needing an extra boost to shift what is stagnant and clear out the remnants of the energetics of what is around you? Feel like you’ve been through the wringer and time to do something about it? Feel like you clear energy all the time, but don’t do it ‘right’ or feel like you don’t have time to do it as often as you need to? In my Ebook Clearing Negative Energy, all my tips, tricks and fast tracking clearing negative energy ‘on the go’ plus, understanding how to clear energy on a deep level, so you don’t have to continually do it, can all be found in one easy go to place, click here for all the details for my Clearing Negative Energy Ebook.


Card #2: Take a Break. ‘A Life’s Work, Not A Season. Get Off the Treadmill’

If you were doing what you are doing for the rest of your life, is right now, the way you are feeling, what you are carrying (your load of work/project/current situation) - is that sustainable? I imagine no to an extent with you and your current situation pulling this card for yourself today? If you are feeling burnt out, tired and wtf is actually going on, or exactly that - you feel like you are on the treadmill, what changes do you need to make so you are not? If you feel like you don’t see how that can happen this second in time, what plan of action can you implement, so that in a months time, in 3 months time, in 12 months time, in 2 years - you won’t be ‘in this treadmill feeling’? What structures do you need to put in place that support you to ‘take a break’ all the time? What lifestyle are you really wanting to create? I am sensing that - you are, creating a different sort of a lifestyle? What plans do you need start working on, to support this? I feel like you’ve already been receiving intuitive messages about what you need to do/create to be able to create the lifestyle you really want? I am also sensing something about your home/house/living situation? Have you felt the need to move house, get a house or your own space, or something about your living space/furniture? I wonder if you have just moved furniture or that you have been feeling this ‘movement’ in regards to living space for yourself too, and this ‘take a break’ card - when you think about what taking a break does, it shifts your energy frequency, it takes you out of doing and into receiving, it moves energy, changes your brain frequency waves and changes your state of mind. What happens when this happens? New opportunities, new ideas, new ‘aliveness’ comes into your life. Have you been thinking about a road trip or something that will support change? Is there someone you need to talk to, to help you gain this change in direction, this break, this fresh energy? What action steps come to mind as you read this, that support this ‘taking a break’ - to let in, fresh energy? It feels like there is space in your life, yet this needs to be filled in a way, there is a change on the horizon and this card is your confirmation that whatever action steps you take today are going to beneficial, supportive and constructive to your lifestyle change, your home/movement desires that you can feel in your Soul, but almost feel ‘stuck to see how’. Remember, the ‘how’ isn’t your job, taking action on your intuitive guidance is your only job and is your ‘how’ - ‘You don’t need to see the entire staircase to take the first step’ rings true right now for you. I am getting the message about rhythms and cycles for you. Whether that is attuning to natures rhythms and cycles in your body with your menstrual cycle, your cave cycle or being more aware of the Moon Cycles, the Earth’s Cycles and - what is beyond these cycles? What is, beyond astrology? If astrology is a ‘map’ a ‘construct’ of what is holding this reality together, creating it if you may, what is beyond that and how you can you bring that beyond that space into here and now to create from instead? What would that even be like? What is, beyond the laws that we are ‘currently bound by’? Are you being ‘controlled by time’ or the constructions of what ‘laws we are bound by’ on this Earth, on this 3D plane, or are you observing them, changing them, creating according to your law, not, what we are bound by? I am sensing there is a great ‘take back your power here’ and this ‘take a break’ card for you - is very much about taking charge of your own schedule, your own life and removing yourself from the time constructs of not only this reality, but what you have created/placed upon yourself. Checking in with your beliefs about your life, the time you have, the relationships you have - an overall check in, ‘What am I believing about this situation? Is this what I want to keep believing about this situation? If not, what is it, that I choose to believe now?’ And journal on that. Change your reality, take back your power, take charge of your schedule and create the lifestyle you want, with your 1 month, 3 month, 12 month, 2 year and beyond plan. Ready to create the lifestyle of change you want, rather than the current taking you? You already know this stuff, this is your reminder, that you can, create whatever lifestyle you want. It’s time to take your power back and take charge of that. Your lifestyle is your goal right? ‘A life’s work, not a season’ - you are the lifestyle. Time to live it like you mean it beautiful one. Love xxx Ready to clear out the stagnant strong holds that are tying you down, holding you back and keeping you stuck? Clearing Energy Ebook is your go to place for everything in one place on all the tips, tricks and bits you need, to clear energy ‘on the go’ and stay in tune, clear and on track 99.9% if the time, click here for all the details on the Clearing Negative Energy eBook.


Card #3: The Initiation. ‘Rite of Passage. You’re Going Somewhere Sacred.’

Do you feel like you’ve just walked through fire? Do you feel like you’ve just been through the wringer in a way? This, has been your next level initiation passage. I feel like you’ve just walked through this, you’ve just ‘passed’ if that makes sense? Do you feel lighter today? I am sensing there might be a bit of tail end flick off type energy, but the hardest part is done and over with beautiful one, so rest easy. I am also getting the similar message as another card here today, of be gentle with yourself. If you can imagine, literally walking through fire to get where you are right now, there is a bit of recovery time in a way, self care, gentle talk to self, nurturing, all on the cards for you. You can clearly see through the portal, the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ on this card and it feels like a lot has shifted for you in a short space of time, the clearer path ahead is deep on it’s way for you now.. Like a plane about to touch down, it’s time for you. I am also getting the message ‘Make plans for your future’ - what concrete actions do you need to start putting into action that are going to support your future goals and visions? I am sensing so much shedding of old skins for you lately, this past 6-8 months huge internal and externally matching ‘hugeness’ shifts have been taking place for you, your skin, is no longer brittle, tender or weak and old, it is new, fresh, strong and it is like you are almost ready to take on the world, hence the make plans for your future message. You have walked through the fire, you’ve been through the wringer, the worst part and the deepest old part is over and done with. I am also getting the message about ideas - I feel like you are receiving a lot of information and ideas via your Claircognisense, which is your Crown Chakra, the place where you receive your intuition via thought. Are you taking notice of these? I feel like it is especially the out of the blue ideas, the divine thoughts that drop in that are like, ‘Oh, why didn’t I think of that before, that makes sense!’ and these are the ones to really pay attention to and take notice of. Are they about your ‘make future plans’ perhaps? Regardless, pay attention to your thoughts, as they are your guiding messengers come in answers to your prayers, to your answering, to your next steps. Also, can you spend time near water soon? A beach, lake, river or some kind of body of water? I feel like this is important for you right now, it will revive you faster than if you weren’t by water and this replenishment is necessary for your next chapter as, the plane has landed, but you’re about to take off again on your next adventure dear one. Love xxx Ready to clear out the dregs and all the bits of energy stuck in your field, from walking through that fire? To cleanse the energetics of your body, your inner self and your energetic field? A bit like taking a shower to clean off all the dirt, your Clearing Negative Energy Ebook, enables you to clean all the stuck bits of energy out of your field, but you don’t have to wait until you go to the shop get more sage or sit down and meditate all day, these are simple, easy and fast techniques to use ‘on the go’ so there is no excuse to be tired, run down or drained all the time anymore. Click here for all the details for my Clearing Negative Energy Ebook.


Card #4: Akasha. ‘Your Guidance is Divinely Guided’

Are you trusting yourself here beautiful one? Are you trusting that the energy you are needing to muster up for this next task ahead, is already within you, already awaiting you to unlock your next greatest adventure? This card is all about trusting yourself! Trusting your intuition, trusting YOU! And, the other message coming through here on this card, I am sensing that you’re wondering, “Well is it my intuition, or is this just an ego desire or need or?” And do you know what I say to that? I say that it is ALL you. Your intuition, your ego, your desire, your everything IT IS ALL YOU. So - it is ALL you. Meaning - you can TRUST IT ALL. Why? Because it is YOU! That’s why! If there is no separation, if there is no right or wrong, if you are a reflection of everything and everything is a reflection of you, then how can it not be you? Your ego - is a shadow part of you. I feel deeply saddened when people say that ‘Oh that is just ego!’ I feel they are shunning and shaming a huge part of their existence! Why huge part of it? Because without your Ego, you wouldn’t be HUMAN and without you humaness, well you wouldn’t be incarnated as a human now would you! Ego, is a part of you and any judgement towards that, is a separation of a part of you and the more you shun it, the more you will feel fragmented, scattered and like you can’t find your feet. Your Ego is a huge part of what wakes you up to many things and makes you become conscious of things. Soul desires, Ego desires, Heart desires at the end of the day, they are all YOUR DESIRES - because ALL of those, are you. So when it comes into trusting your intuition, if you can drop into deep surrender and trust and make decisions based on what your desires are, no matter what pre-desire part they come from, you will be tapping into a very powerful awakening space of flow. Super flow even, the question is, do you trust it? Or are you already trying to brain figure out which one is which, instead of seeing and feeling the Unity of all that you are and being okay with that? What path is calling you? I feel like the other message here for this card for you today, is deeply rooted in, it feels like - you’re about to embark on a different direction, there is a cave, a coven up ahead, a group as such, that is going to shift your perception, shift your direction and take you into another layer of your being, another direction that, when you tune into the depths of it, is a huge part of your Life Purpose. The question is - are you going to trust this? It may seem right but, woah, kinda different at the same time, yet, the strong sense I am getting for you, is that it’s also a, of course, this is how it is now, of course, this is always what has meant to be written, done and created in time. This makes total sense for you when you really drop into the opportunity. I also feel like, you might brush it away at first, or be mindful moving forward with it, whatever this is about to step into your field, but deep resonance with a big yes and a ‘cautious’ moving forward, is more like a trusting each step in the now, and choosing every moment of now accordingly, which ultimately creates the path and the reality of your future, because every moment and what you choose, you are choosing your future, with every thought and every breath, of your right now. Trust… and you’ll see it was always meant to be this way. Choose it. Live it. Breathe it. Trust it. Love xxx Want to take it a step deeper and clean out any remnants that may be clouding your intuition in the right now? In my Clearing Negative Energy Ebook, are tips, tricks, deep processes and ‘on the go’ clearing techniques, so you can clear out the remnants whilst you go, without having to sit deeply in meditation to do so. Keep it simple, quick and fast so you can keep moving forward in your busy day life. Click here for all the details for this.


Card #5: Align Your Life. ‘What Is No Longer In Alignment With Who You Truly Are?’

Hmmmm, what are you still holding onto? What is that clinging onto, in a hope that they will change, that they will finally wake up and get it, just like you do? What are you waiting for, in that, one day soon, they are going to wake up and understand how much they have hurt you and all the bad things they’ve said and done to you, that they will finally apologise and be the different person you are waiting around hoping and ‘not giving up on for’? Uh huh. Not going to happen beautiful one. Yes, I know, doesn’t sound very helpful, hopeful or positive right? Yet, I will never sugar coat anything and I also won’t waste anybody’s time or energy on such either. As I always say, there is only so much inner work that can be done before external shifts/action needs to take place. You can either come into deep acceptance of something, or you can choose to leave it. Either way, you will have to come to peace about the situation at some point. What is it, that comes to mind about what is no longer in alignment in your life? If you are unsure, the fastest way to check, is what makes you unhappy most of the time? What are you complaining about, whinging about, what are you worried about, most of the time? When we are unhappy about something, it is a sure fine way of showing you that something is out of alignment. It may not be something hugely significant, it could be an emotion, it could be a thought pattern (which btw, they are quite huge in themselves!) It could be an old part of your life, what is ‘in your face’ that needs to be let go of? I am sensing you already know what this is about and this is your sign of confirmation that there is only so much inner work you can do before external needs to shift. Now, whether that is, like I mentioned, about coming into deep acceptance of it and being at peace with that, or physically making changes that remove yourself from that situation and energy, then that part is up to you, either way, your Higher Self is emerging and the increasing uncomfortableness with your situation, is that you are realising that actually, this isn’t okay anymore, this situation is not okay, I am no longer tolerating this in my life anymore, or you may be coming into this place, until one day, one moment, you will reach your limit and things will really need to change and YAY for this. Totally trust the timing of reaching this point as it is here, the most power is. I am also getting the message for you that the Universe is supporting you in this decision, because the Universe is you and you are deeply connected to this. The more you become conscious of this connection, which is what you have been doing coming into all this inner work and is why this situation is becoming less and less tolerable and more and more uncomfortable and I am sensing a deep part of the uncomfortableness is because you know what changes are coming with the decision coming up and the ripple affect that will have. However, you are also deeply aware, when enough is enough and change needs to happen and now. Lean into the depths of your Higher Self that are only becoming stronger and stronger for you right now. You wouldn’t be ‘emerging’ if it wasn’t time for you, your Higher Self and your Divine Life Purpose. ‘What you are going through, is preparing you for the next level you.’. Trust, trust, trust. Trust the fall away, trust the broken, shattered mirror, because out of that, the light of the truth is shown, your Higher Self engages and you, become who you really are meant to be. You can’t wear your butterfly cocoon any longer, your wings are meant for flying dear one. Love xxx Do you find you don’t have time to meditate? Not ready to move forward, but are feeling that it is something else holding you back? Wanting to increase and strengthen your intuition, because you feel clouded but don’t know why? Do you find that normal clearing energy techniques don’t even work? In my Clearing Negative Energy Ebook, are all my tips, tricks and ‘on the go’ clearing techniques, so you don’t have to wait until you have time to meditate to clear your energy, this is how you make it normal. Click here for all the details for this.


Card #6: Dance. ‘Do Something To Shift Your Vibration’

Hmmm, you’ve already been feeling the need for movement lately right? Almost like you are stretching ‘out of your skin’ and have been wanting to move more than you can or more than you have been able to lately? But the deep calling for movement, whether that be yes, dancing, or exercise, or other movement - your body has been calling this right? I am getting the feeling that right now, you are ‘breaking through to a new level’ you are breaking through the cocoon shell right now. I am sensing that this increasing feeling of the need for more movement, is deeply connected and rooted into taking you to your next level, like you are and already have moved energetically to a new level, this stretching, gosh so tricky to describe the energy I am seeing for you and this is going to sound weird, but your human body and human ‘bag of bones’ let’s say, it is like, your bones are stretching out, like your arms are trying to stretch out of your current skin - I guess that is where the butterfly cocoon pushing through those veils, pushing through a new layer of skin (so tricky to describe!). This ‘movement’ is your physical vibration changing, hence the stretching into a new being in a way, you are becoming a complete new version of yourself that you haven’t been ever before, this has been a bit uncomfortable this past few months for you, knowing this ‘was coming’ in a way, but you have been ‘dreaming about it’ for like ever at the same time, but now it is here, this movement, represents, yes, physical body/vibration changes that you are ‘stretching into’ - yet also, on a home front, physical level there have been and are more changes coming to your home front too. I am also getting the message that new environments and new experiences are on the horizon for you too, and I almost feel like this is a by-product of all this shifting and changing going on for you, that it is your ‘dream life lived’ in a way, you are starting to get out more, you are creating space and not just building your dream life now, but living it. I feel like there is a positive change coming on the horizon that you can’t yet see, yet at the same time, you’ve also been getting ideas about certain things, without knowing ‘how’ that is possible for you, yet this card comes as a sign for you that all those thoughts and visions, don’t happen for no reason dear one! Trust and follow through with what you know is right and follow that movement. There is a lot of energy moving around you right now and this change in vibration, this movement, whether that is a new exercise routine, a new gym class, a new hobby, a new movement you incorporate into your daily, weekly, monthly life is going to support the new structure and new you, new being of you, that is emerging, that, is what you have always seen in your dreams  right up until this moment now anyway. This is, who you are at your core right? This ‘new you’? Is just… the true you and who you’ve always been? You’ve just shed and released soooo many layers, now, you can dance and be free, with joy and embrace who you are, with complete ease and freedom, because you are that? That, you can now just, enjoy it, instead of striving for it? You being you? Sounds like a pile of yumminess to me! Love xxx Ready to take this movement to the next level? With my Clearing Negative Energy Ebook, it is packed full of tips, tricks and ‘on the go’ energy clearing techniques, so that you can be exercising and clearing your energy at the same time, to doubly raise your frequency, shift and elevate you and move you deeply to your next level and fast. Embodying who you are, is just normal for you now, and this, takes it to a whole new level, by having these at your fingertips enabling you to cleanse on the go, energetically set up your frequency for the day and shift you instantly with clarity and on point intuition because you are crystal clear all the time. You can find all these simple, effective and easy to do clearing techniques by clicking here.



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