READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

tuesday tarot Aug 21, 2018

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

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Mmmm, a lot of productive joyful and deeply shifting energy through the Archangel Power Tarot Deck today! 

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today and see what Archangel has a message for you today. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


Card #1: Eight of Gabriel. ‘A great deal of activity. Sudden and immediate results. Important communication.’

Ah the card of change! Well, not really! But this is the energy I feel from this card - the energy is a flutter, the shifts are here and it is is ON like donkey kong! Ha - so weird this humour coming out through this card! Sudden and immediate results - like yep - it is happening and moving fast - are you ready? Are you prepared, are you taking every step you can to be prepared to ‘catch this’? Is the energy I am sensing, but, ultimately, I am feeling you indeed are very prepared, you are very ready, you are taking every step your intuition is guiding you to take and things are already moving before they have even arrived is the energy I am sensing for you here. This is a deep abundance card too - the Eight - is the 8 - infinity symbol, it is limitless, never ending and a continual flow, so even when there is a ‘low ebb’ you could say, it floods back in just as fast. The message coming through here is can you and do you trust this? And you know it - but maybe your body memory isn’t there yet type thing? So how can you practise to move your body memory to catch up with your thinking mind flow right now? You know the flow is coming back in, so what can you do to shift your ‘fear’ if you may out of your body? Because I am sensing you know these are old patterns, but they are also leaving your life and fast, you are moving and have shifted greatly recently yes? I am also getting the message that this ‘immediate’ results - you have seen a huge shift in your life in the past 2-3 weeks, it has almost been the biggest 2-3 weeks of your life recently and I am getting the message there is more about to flood in - you feel this don’t you? This is the limitless flow that you have stepped into recently so get comfortable in it baby! This is your new life, and you’ve been working solidly for this time - embrace it, which I feel you are. The other message here is this card is deeply connected to the Sacral Chakra - your Sacred Womb and this space. I am wondering, what preparation you need to do - in a nurturing way? Do you need to put things in place, that nurture you? Sleep is coming to mind - how much sleep have you recently had? I am sensing that there is time coming up where you can ‘rest’ but right now - there is still so much to prepare for right? So, how can you nurture yourself through this intense time of ‘fluttering’ change energy that is going on? Walking with gentleness under each foot/step, breathing deeper and exhaling longer with every out breath, can you take deep breaths and bring yourself back the moment in your getting stuff done, so you are deeply present, and so very clear about what you need to do, you just do it and get it done, without thinking about it. You know what you need to do, just keep taking each step, cause they are building an amazing staircase right now (to heaven 😉 ) I am feeling deep positivity and change for you through this card - yes, there might be alot of energy flooding through your life right now, and deep intense change, but it is all, exactly as it is meant to be - and you feel this deep sense of solidarity of THAT through the entire space right? Breathe deep into your Sacral, Archangel Gabriel has come to you today, to show you that this is deep Heart healing going for you right now (the birds representing Heart Chakra) and you might be going through intense change right now, but you are being deeply nourished at your core and what is unfolding in your life? Is taking you on the deepest nourishment path you can possibly take in this life time - the unfoldment of your Life Purpose. One step and a time, one day at a time, it’s happening beautiful one. Love xxx August marks 2 Years of Tuesday Tarot! I am deeply honoured and humbled to be serving you in this way for so long beautiful one!! And in this deep celebration of marking this amazing milestone, of never missing a single Tuesday, I have been intuitively guided to drop my 21 Day Shifter Program from $997 to $97 to celebrate 2 years of Tuesday Tarot. That is 21 Day’s of unlimited questions, unlimited psychic readings and deep, deep support to take your next shift in your life, and deeply ground it in to be your new normal and fast. Click here for all the details or send me a message if you have questions about it:



Card #2: Ten of Michael. ‘A situation has ended, and you are finally free. New opportunities for happiness will now follow. Put the past behind you.’

Ah, this card - yes it is about endings and moving on, but as soon as I started reading it for you, I just felt so deeply about karmic cycles being the main theme of this ‘ending’ here for you. Like, even if you haven’t even done any ‘work’ even, it feels like that is just time and the energetic threads, can no longer be there anymore, like the shifts are that strong and deep, you’ve just shifted without even realising it almost it feels from this card. It is like the web - the spider web thread - was weak, and had been for some time and it just has recently snapped, the thread, is no longer there. And I am sensing, like, for family, for example, it isn’t that there isn’t a bond there - like - LOVE - NEVER LEAVES THE SPACE - EVER!!! It can’t - because this is what the Universe is made up of. Well, it is a sense of thing, that we can’t actually label, but hey, Love sounds good 😉 Anyway, the point I am saying is - it feels like the energetic threads are no longer there, so the ‘hard’ ‘karmic’ stuff, has shifted… and only the love and non attachment stuff is in the space. It is like, you can be more present with them, without getting as triggered or upset as you would’ve done so in the past. You’ve shifted internally, you’ve come into a different space within yourself, you are stronger, more grounded, you have and perhaps, yes, done some inner work and you feel totally different for it - you feel like a completely different person and this has shifted the way you are around other people too. I am wondering with the ‘put the past behind you’ bit on this card - is there something you are still holding onto? Or perhaps you are good, you’ve shifted it out, yet - wondering, if there is still something lingering if you may, you can ask yourself, what is the gift of this situation? What is the lessons I have learnt? (I don’t really like using that word!) Or - what is has this situation taught me? How has it made me a stronger person? How has it - shifted me to where I am now? It is usually then, we can drop into the gratitude - BUT and this is a big BUT - we won’t completely shift, until we drop into the grief of the loss of what we have just gone through. So, if you haven’t completely let yourself feel the depth of the emotions related to the situation, then you will probably find you haven’t totally let go of the thread - remember, the Love never leaves the space, only the energetic stuff - and best to keep the energetic space clear right? Archangel Michael card - so you can ask Archangel Michael of 100% Light to help you clear the space, and once you do, be sure to take note and put into action any intuitive guidance you receive over the coming days. The White Swans are jumping out at me on this card too, and I just opened the Animal Spirit Guide book by Steven Farmer and the part that jumps out at me is, “It’s important to accept your life circumstances and surrender to the will of Spirit, trusting that it will all work out.” And whilst I feel you are - maybe that was just another sign for you to drop into more trust and surrender and know that this was exactly meant to happen the way it did - or you would’ve made different choices back then and you didn’t because back then, that moment felt right to make that decision. So the question is - do you TRUST this space? Everything has shifted, Archangel Michael of 100% Light is right by your side, because your Life Purpose is awakening and has almost been the catalyst to all these changes. Breathe beautiful one, only good things are about to come bounding and rumbling into your life. Let go, breathe deeply and let them in. Love xxx If you want some support in letting go of the grief or how do you ‘trust’ when you can’t see where the ground is that you are going to land type feeling, and are wondering what really is around the corner, for unlimited psychic readings, unlimited questions, unlimited support for 21 Days Straight, I have been guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997!) in August, in deep celebration and honour of 2 years of Tuesday Tarot. If you need clarity and understanding on how to ‘land’ when this all comes together in your life after these massive changes, click here for all the details or send me a private message for more details:


Card #3: Four of Ariel. “When you give, you also receive! Being resistant to change. Extremes in how you save or spend money.”

Ah, before I even read the words on this card, I felt a tightness and then the card is sharing about being resistant to change and I am wondering what you are holding yourself back from? From making another mistake? For fear of getting hurt? For, what other people will think of you? Hmmm, no I am sensing it is about fear of getting hurt again - yet, babe, I am sensing that if you don’t open up and let go, ‘give love a chance’ if that makes sense, then you won’t ever know! The thing about opening up a broken heart again is that - you will always, always feel vulnerable, AND there is no guarantees you will not get hurt again. In fact, you probably will. And it is here, where I am passionate about teaching you how to 1. be with your emotions 2. support yourself, so you can indeed open up and feel ALL OF LIFE - because let’s be real here, when you close off a section of your Heart, you are not just ‘protecting yourself’ you are actually closing yourself off from life itself. Let’s take this a fraction deeper, so if you can imagine your physical heart, and imagine it get’s hurt, so your physical heart, closes a section of itself down, blocks the pain, shuts down - what happens to your physical heart? To your body? It doesn’t function correctly yes for one, and two, you run at a very less than capacity to take in LIFE let alone your BREATH that gives you the capacity to LIVE YOUR LIFE. I am wondering what this ‘hard stern’ face is you have going on? What pain lays underneath this? What… has hurt you lately? What is making you sad underneath? Who hurt you recently, that you haven’t let yourself feel? It almost feels like things happened so quickly you also haven’t had time to process it fully yet? Or, perhaps there has been a shift, like even this morning shift in what you’ve just gone through that was causing you pain - that almost you didn’t even know was sitting there even too? I am getting the strong message that if there is a leap of faith you need to take right now - like - if something is holding you back because of finances and you are wanting to do a thing, but are holding back because you are waiting on the money? You will… be waiting forever. If you just take a leap of faith it will show up. Archangel Ariel is the Archangel of Abundance - she is the ‘money’ Archangel if you may - so this card coming to you today, is do not fear the ‘how’ just start taking steps and actions and THEN the rest will turn up, even the ‘how’. I am getting the sense that you have started putting things into action too, and even this fear is from ‘eeek how is this going to work out’ even though you know it will too - there is still a part that feels this - GOOD! Means you’re human 😉 So - what leap of faith do you need to take? What are you ‘waiting for’? Don’t wait, just do it - the Universe has your back, Archangel Ariel is coming through quite strongly about this for you. Let the shit go and just GO and do what you need to do first. The question here - is do you believe you are supported by the Universe in what you know in your Heart you need to do? Because resentment only builds when you feel someone is stopping you - but the only thing stopping you right now - is the fear of getting hurt again… and when you can drop into the space of - there is always going to be things that MAY hurt you again… but are you going to let that stop you living your life and FOLLOWING YOUR HEART - that so desperately wants to FEEL LIFE again and BREATHE so damn deep you forgot that you can orgasm from oxygen alone?! 😍❤️ Are you ready - to feel that again? Love xxx If you want help in knocking down these concrete walls so you can truly allow yourself to feel safe in letting in love and LIFE again, my 21 Day Shifter Program is open now and through August, in deep celebration of August marking 2 exponential years of Tuesday Tarot, I was guided to offer it for $97 (usually $997!) that’s 21 Days of unlimited questions, support, psychic readings and more to help you through this situation and get you being able to BREATHE again. Click here for all the details or send me a message for more information:


Card #4: The Star. Archangel Jophiel. “A dream come true! Believe in yourself. The end of a difficult situation.”

Ah - this card does feel like you can breathe again! Even sleep the deepest you have in a long time again! Something has greatly shifted and I am getting the message that by the Full Moon this coming Sunday, something else is about to come in and ‘sweep you off your feet’ type feeling - there is something about to deeply land in your life - but the thing is - things already have too haven’t they? There have been significant shifts in your life recently and you are just in such a full swing - the gate is wide open and so are your arms and you letting it ALL in. I am getting the message too - that you are about to go on a spiritual pilgrimage of some sort - are you travelling somewhere soon? Plans too? Feeling a pull to a certain geographical location? The water flowing from Archangel Jophiel’s jugs - I am sensing this is a time of great prosperity you are opening to right now. There is a great sense of achievement in your inner world and this is having a profound affect on how you feel in the external world. It feels like a time of plenty and increasing wealth that is only going to keep growing and continuing more and more. I am getting the message for you, ‘The more gratitude, the more the cup runneth over’. I am also getting the sense that it is only going to get easier and easier from here on in now, everything is done is done is done and this is a time to walk forward with deep open arms. All the ideas, visions, feelings and dreams about your life - they are coming true baby!!! Archangel Jophiel is deeply connected to the Moon - She is the Moon Archangel and deeply connected to the cyclic flows of life in all that is life. You sense a strong connection to the Moon and even Mother Nature in general right? I am getting the message that Nature, the Stars and Moon are deeply nourishing to your Soul and actually, getting the message that consciously meditating under the stars/moon and asking for guidance around your next steps will be deeply powerful and profound with the messages you receive at this time. ‘Believe in yourself’ - keep trusting the ideas and visions you have - your Heart is leading you correctly - and you are sure feeling the joy in your Heart aren’t you? Continue to expand into this yummy space, it’s your time beautiful divine one. Your time to rise. Love xxx Mmmm, what a delicious card!!! Doesn’t feel like you need any help or guidance with this one! You’re right on point it deeply feels like!!! Yet, if you do want support and intuitive guidance to guide your business, Life Purpose dreams and deeply clear your Heart to receive love on the next level you know you’ve only dreamt about until now and are in a pinch myself space and need confirmation, then of course, my 21 Day Shifter Program is right here for you babe:


Card #5: New Beginnings. Archangel Jeremiel. ‘Starting a new life. Finding your purpose. A forgiving and compassionate review of the past.’

It feels like something just ended - some what abruptly - like about 2 weeks ago? But you knew this was coming, this wasn’t a ‘bad’ ending, it was just deeply, deeply time and it actually ended ‘more things than just one’ when it ended. It is like several things at once happened, but it wasn’t so much bad… just time… and in that space, it also feels like you’ve been ‘waiting’ almost, for this next person/situation to come in, but it hasn’t quite come in and this past week has been almost quite stressful for you in a way? However, you know that the next phase is actually going to look a little different and I am wondering fit you have been surrounding to God/Universe/Angels to ask for help - have you been remembering to do this? Actually, it feels like yes, you deeply have! YAY!! And - this is Archangel Jeremiel which he is deeply connected to the Third Eye and all about relationships and I am sensing if you’re relationship has just moved to a deeper and more solidarity level? And if you’re not yet in a relationship - I am getting the sense that there is one just around the corner, like in the coming weeks - it isn’t that far away… and even if you are not in the physical vicinity of one another - nothing can stop when two are meant to meet. So trust this space, totally trust this space 100%, which I feel you are quite well actually. And, the other thing is that this card is purple which to me, signifies the Crown Chakra and I got this message just before - about Archangel Jeremiel and I am wondering, if there is thoughts, you haven’t taken action on yet? What messages have you been receiving in your mind that you haven’t yet acted on? To do with your home, body, diet or something else? It feels like a self care thing - even tending to paperwork, or other important documents? I am sensing that as you continue to move forward,  you are going to ‘rattle some cages’ almost, but keep trusting what you feel is right in your heart and just move forward anyway. This ‘finding your purpose’ on the card - it feels so much that - you have gone through soo much change recently it feels like - but this has been a huge recalibration on your Life Purpose and now, it is like the cogs have clicked into place and it is full steam ahead so to speak - which by the way, when this happens? When you completely align with your Life Purpose? Everything and anything that you have ever wanted, shows up on this path - EVERYTHING. You are completely supported right now, continue to follow and trust your heart, because it is right on point dear one. Love xxx wanting deep intuitive guidance to tidy up the loose ends of your past in the most efficient energetic way possible to be completely free from those binds to your past, so you can walk forward in complete freedom of choice to live your life the way your heart is truly guiding you? My 21 Day Shifter Program can drop you deep and fast into the core of what is going on, so you can truly make headway with a clear energetic undertone and be able to receive the large amounts of abundance coming your way beautiful one. Click here for all the details for my 21 Day Shifter Program that is in deep celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot this month:


Card #6: Change Your Life. Archangel Chamuel. “A sudden revelation that offers freedom. Break free of procrastination. Embrace the opportunities that change brings.”

Just like the lights shining out from the Base of this building on this card, you have had a huge revelation in your Base Chakra just in the last 24-48 hours it feels like and YEP time to change your life - just like that. Clear and plain as day you know what you have to do now. It has all just ‘clicked’ into place if you may. Your Life Purpose is deeply kicking into gear and this ‘Base Chakra revelation’ if you may, is exactly that. Your Life Purpose resides in your Base Chakra - it is how we birth it on this Earth. It feels like you have just got something you have been searching for, for quite some time if you may, but it is more about the revelation and you just know that everything is going to work out, everything is just working out fine, that there isn’t any ounce of doubt at all. Whatever fears or worries you had before are just not there anymore. Archangel Chamuel, is THE Life Purpose Archangel and is deeply guiding you right now. Any doubts or ‘procrastination’ you are feeling about a project or task that you have to do - there are two parts here - you can set a timer for 30 minutes and just do it everyday for that long, so you do it. Setting a timer helps you to manage it, so you can just do 30 minutes - some days you will feel like doing more and trust that, but on the days you ‘don’t want to’ - 30 minutes is all you have to do. Most of the time, it is just that initial phase of not wanting to do it and once you get into the flow of it, it just keeps going right? There are many entrepreneurs that feel that ‘not wanting to do the thing they know they ‘have to’, and just push through and do it and get into flow. ‘You create the momentum’ is the message that just came through and when you commit and turn up and just do the thing anyway, it truly does, create it’s own momentum. I even teach that bit in Module 5 of Trust Your Intuition - which is stepping you onto your Life Purpose - you create your own rhythm, you just have to turn up and do it. Yes, of course, look at any possible sabotage under the surface, that may be stemming from past life witch hunt energy that you haven’t cleared yet and is so important to shift, yet, when you do - ah the FREEDOM - that comes from deep within your Base that you are currently feeling? Becomes NORMAL. Which - is what you are feeling now right? I am getting the sense that you are becoming more and more conscious, more grounded in your consciousness and can smell the bullshit from the fire (that saying?!) from a mile away - yet, you don’t react to it - you just stay grounded in it, you definitely have shifted in the way you hold space for others and can deeply, deeply feel what is going on for you right now, that you are able to hold a deeper internal space for yourself, more than ever before and that? That you are feeling inside you? As I said in one of my blog posts not long ago - THAT is a vibration worth emitting to the Universe. 😍 Love xxx If you want deep intuitive guidance, support and uniquely guided understanding for what is right in your own Heart, even when others are telling you not to, but you know it is right for you and want more tools to hold that grounded space for yourself, without hurting their feelings so to speak, my 21 Day Shifter Program is this exact space. 21 Days of deep diving through all of this and much more with unlimited questions, unlimited psychic readings, unlimited support for 21 Days Straight. My 21 Day Shifter Program, is being offered for $97 (usually $997) for August, in deep celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot! Celebration time 😍 Click here for all the details or send me a message for more information: