READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

psychic reading Jul 24, 2018

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!! What a powerful channel today from the Oracle of the Mermaids Deck, by Lucy Cavendish. 

Are you ready to face your shadow? Are you ready to face the darkness? Are you ready to see, what you are not seeing? 

No surprise this was the overlying message for it all, which is exactly what I have been sharing this past few days... 

What is it, that you are pining for? What is your Heart, longing for? THIS is the overlying message and answers all the questions you're asking. 

Scroll down to find your number that was calling you earlier today, it is now awaiting you dear one. 

Warmly, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Yamaya. Yemaya, Grandmother Ocean, Primordial.

The deep Mother’s womb - in so many ways. Grandmother Ocean is calling you - are you listening? The Ocean, even the Mermaids themselves, when they are making their presence known to you, this is the time to face the deep dark stuff. The dark, is only dark, until you bring your consciousness there. The light of your being - there. That is all. That is all it takes to start shifting you. Instant shifts happen, yes, and then if more work is to be done, that will be shown to you. Very, very clearly. This will show up in the people that are right in front of your face - so who is that? Who is right in front of you right now? Even the ones, you are not facing? I am getting the message, who have you turned your back on? This womb space, there is deep, deep, Mother healing going on for you right now, Mother is the nurturer - where did you feel a lack of nurturing in your childhood? From the very, very early days? Have you done healing around your birth, what happened whilst you were in your Mother’s womb, your birthing process? I am getting the message for you, with this card, that there is deep healing going on for you right now, and this is at it’s core what is happening. Where do you feel abandoned? Where do you feel, left? What is the feeling? Is it cold and empty, or does it make you feel hot and icky? These are key clues what sort of wound you are working with here. I am also getting the message that this deep space, is a core healing of who you really are. I am sensing there is a deep loss going on - betrayal even… but what this really is? Is a betrayal of your own heart. Of what you know is right in your heart, but you brush it off, disguise your feelings with other things and pretend it is okay. No. It isn’t. This here Yamaya - is your calling - She is calling you to look deep, deep within, deeper than your Heart, this is about your Womb dear one. If you are male reading this, you too, have a womb - it is called your Sacral Chakra and it is here that you birth your ideas into the world. Yet, if there is a disowning of any aspect of who you are seeing in your reality, then this will be shut down and constant nourishing to fill the empty space will ensue. Yamaya is calling you, to go deeper, there is something that you are missing almost - yet, at the same time, it is right in front of you - just like that baby, in front of the Mother Mermaids deeply held, loving arms, She is right there. Don’t turn your back on Her - She is holding you, can’t you feel Her? She, your Mother, is there. This card is deeply symbolic of your Third Eye - which is clearly in the forefront of your awareness right now, is it not? And the Third Eye? Is DEEPLY connected to the Sacral Chakra - if one is blurred in the reality they are seeing, that you have shut down because of hurt in the past, there will be blockages from your stomach that energy can’t travel there, thus the deepest nourishment that only your SOUL can fill (no one else’s soul btw), is what you are longing for, craving…. that deep, deep, Mother’s love, that holds you, like when you were completely nourished, and held, in your Mothers Womb. She is calling you to return to Her. Can you? Can you hold yourself in the deep nourishment, you are so craving? Love xxx If you are wanting to deeply nourish your Third Eye and repair the damage that has come from years of not wanting to see the truth that is right in front of you (I know honey, it’s scary to face the truth, but you’re not alone, I’m here), In Get Clear intuition, which I have been intuitively guided to release for $19 for this next week (usually $49 on my website) is exactly where you can do this. Not only do you repair the crucial organs that allows you receive your intuition clearly, but you also strengthen these muscles by doing so - just like going to the gym. You may already receive clear intuition, but if you are feeling cloudy and don’t know why, or something is off, the deep repair, especially on your Third Eye - will deeply help to shift your Sacral Chakra and deeply repair your energetic and physical womb. This price will increase back to $49 next Monday. Click here to gain instant access and deeply honour these powerful organs that are deeply awaiting your return, deep into your loving arms, they are you precious one:


Card #2: Soul Cage. Rescue, escape from captivity and restriction.

Ooooh, what part of your Soul is SCREAMING FOR CHANGE???? Is sooo symbolic of this card! Rattling cages - it is like your Soul is locked in a cage and deeply rattling these cages to come OUT, banging, shaking the cage bars - have your hands been sore recently? Your wrists? What are you gripping onto that isn’t the right ‘grip’ so to speak? Remember when we are holding onto something from/in the past and not wanting to let it go, simply because of fear of what you think you can’t get in the future - or that ‘this is good enough or the best I have had, how can there be better?’ - but your SOUL KNOWS there is and there is the discord, between holding onto something because you think it is the best you’ll get - and of course, because this is the best love, kindness, or experience that you’ve ever had right? Yet - your SOUL IS SCREAMING TO GET OUT!!!! What are you wanting to get out of? Is it a relationship? A house? A business partnership? A job? What is it that comes to mind - or you already knew when you first started reading this right? And this Soul screaming, will only get louder, yet I am getting the sense that there is a part of you that is soooooo clear on what you really want, like ridiculously clear. And yet, you are like… but HOW?!?! And it feels like something has ‘rattled your cage’ - DEEPLY. What is it, that has rattled your cage recently? What… have you been triggered by, in a big deep way? It feels like - this has been building up for several weeks now. I am getting the message for you - who has come into your field/energy/life, that is ‘new’ in the past 3-4 months? I am getting a sense that this is a key factory in this Soul Cage. This sense that is deep, deep, Soul longing, deep craving to BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You’ve shut yourself in a cage for a long, long time - no body else does this to you, but you dear one. I am also sensing, deep, deep past life memories about this current experience for you - it is like, this is your lifetime to truly step into who you are, what you are here for and to own this 100% this lifetime. Yet, I am getting the message for you here, that you are awaiting permission, or waiting to be rescued, or feel like the other person is still at fault here. There is something that is, keeping you trapped in this moment in time, but this is coming from within you - what is that? No one, and nothing, has power over you. Nothing. No one. That projection, comes from your own mind and when you do such - you give your power away - THAT is the power ‘they have over you’. Where are you needing to reclaim your power? You do believe that you create your own reality right? So how can, this part/aspect, not be your responsibility, to face? All of it? Yes, boundaries, self protection and more, that is standard common sense and needs to be implemented, yet, the part I am speaking of here - is that you can never ‘protect yourself’ from these kind of energies. They exist. There is no running from them, no matter how much you pack up and leave each place, they are still there. Everywhere. And the more you run from them, the faster they get at chasing you. Now THAT is scary right? Reclaim your power - it is just energy. And so are you. It is understand how to be with that energy…. without needing TO DO A THING. Can you? That Soul cage will stay locked and shut… until you deeply fall down and grieve, instead of the anger at the cage that you are within, the deep allowance of all that is - meaning the energy that passes THROUGH YOU by ALLOWANCE - THIS is where your power is. Are you ready to reclaim it? Love xxx There is more than one way we receive our intuition and your power comes from owning, healing and using all of the ways! Not, just one! In Get Clear Intuition, I deeply walk you through healing, repairing and nourishingly restoring your powerful organs that you receive your intuition through. Are you clear? Is it time, to Get Clear my dear? This will only be available for $19 until Monday next week, then the price will increase after this. Click here for all the details and to gain instant access so you can become super clear from this day forth:


Card #3: Freedom. Independence, Self-Determination.

Ah!!! You feel soooo FFFFFFRREEEEEEEEE, this card for you, feels like it comes as a huge confirmation for you with what you have been working on my dear Soul!!!!! I am sensing there feels like there is a bit of ‘tidying up’ to do still but, you feel so darn clear about what these threads are and it feels like a you’re soooo close for what you have been working on and through for quite some time. I am also getting the message for you with this card too, that to not give up right now. The sword that is laying next to her, it is like you have been ‘fighting a battle’ for quite some time now. Yet, the sword is down now, you don’t need to defend yourself that much anymore - the worst is now over and the tidying up and holding your ground is now here. I am also sensing - the sword, this ‘rise in your power’ this, ‘not needing to defend yourself’ so much anymore, deeply is coming from a space of your self-worth. What is ACTUALLY going on here, is that you are not fighting an internal battle anymore. You have come into your own, know who you are, risen to your power and know deeply, solidly and with a deep sense of certainty, who you are, what you are here for and this inner fighting ‘to be seen’ to ‘stand on your own’ to ‘do what they say’ - but you are, you so are, and not just thinking about it anymore, you ARE embodying this. And THIS is where you have put the sword down. Defend yourself yes, but it is coming from a different place now. A…. certain place. A deep sense of who you are. That almost brings you to tears when you think about it, because you feel it, you feel it deep within your Soul and you realise that THIS is the freedom you have been chasing all along right? Huge babe, so huge for you. Celebrating this with you, this IS what you have been after, and it was… you all along right? I am also getting the message for you, this sense of solidarity, is giving you a new found sense in your fire, in your purpose, in what you are here for and what you have been, awaiting the clarity for. I am also getting the message that in about 2-3 weeks, you will be faced with, almost the last part of this, ‘trying to put your fire out’ - but be mindful, of your own doubt and sabotage behaviours that pull you into this space. This isn’t about them. This is about you honey, this is deeply your own fire, awaiting you to stoke it, tend to it and bring Earthbound, your gifts that are deeply starting to awaken right? As the other part of this message that in this grounding, in this sense of who you are deeply coming into profound power and awareness of your freedom, I am getting the message that you are becoming aware of how accurately tuned into the truth and how sensitive you really are? It is like you shut down your intuitive senses for whatever reason and I am sensing, not too long ago you did this actually, but you realise how detrimental that was for you and… no more right? Know that your fire, is your creative fire and your life force, your deeply sexual energy, that gave you LIFE on this Earth, through the sacred union of LOVE. Keep embodying that LOVE dear one - because it is THIS that you are feeling, deep within you. Your Fire, Your LOVE for self. YOU. Love xxx If you are wanting to deeply fine tune your intuitive and psychic senses and enhance them to hear more, see more, know more and feel more without being overwhelmed by your sensitivities at the same time, in Get Clear Intuition, it is exactly this, healing and repair yes, but the fine tuning of these powerful organs so you can sense beyond what you already do, without being floored by the energy at the same time. Click here for all the details, this will be $19, only until next Monday, so click here to learn more and gain instant access to fine tune your accurate intuition to receive more now:


Card #4: The Mirror. Know thyself, self-examination, seeing who you really are.

I am getting the message for you if you have pulled the Mirror card, what is actually going on for you? I am sensing a deep sense of self-reflection has been going on for you recently, yet, what are you not wanting to see? I am picking up, alot of shame for you? Did you know, that shame, is just other people’s opinions that are stuck in your energetic field that you are carrying? Why do you carry them? Because you so enthusiastically share your Heart and then when that is met with a response that just shuts you down, or denies what your Heart is feeling, you then, also carry that energy of their words in your energetic field and you become, so, so clouded and tired, omg so tired. Energetically tired and wonder why you can’t get your energy back to normal like ‘it used to be’ I am sensing that something has surfaced recently and it has made you so, so heavy almost, and deeply, deeply uncomfortable. What is that? This is the mirror I am getting the message of that has been blocked for you. Are you willing, to look deep? I can hear you screaming at me, ‘But I am Hannah!’ These uncomfortable times, when things surface from the deep, deep sea of the subconscious below, they are just coming up, to FEEL, that is all - because it is all these unfelt feelings of your past that cannot be held down anymore (tiring!). And even though super uncomfortable to be with, once FELT FULLY in their wholeness, you will regain your energy, you awareness and your deep, deep trust in self once more - because, you have been doubting yourself recently right? You’ve been questioning everything you’ve been doing, everything you’ve EVER done and are super worried about alot of things right now, right? I am getting the sense that every step you take forward, and have been for about the last 5 weeks, you’ve been worrying that it isn’t right, but pushing forward anyway of course, but this doubt hasn’t been this strong before right? And it is in this space, that you can ‘swim in the doubt’ and move forward as you have been, but with a deeper sense of awareness that this doubt, or darkness, or fear, or whatever label you put on it, is actually - a big part of who you are. And THIS is what is quite uncomfortable to face right now. It feels like you are coming into a deeper sense of who you are, but there are parts of you, you have been rejecting for quite some time now and this is what is surfacing, because no longer can you 1. carry this around anymore, but 2. continue forward in complete solidarity of ALL OF WHO YOU ARE, without integrating these deep aspects of your being that have been creating a sense of ‘unsteadiness’ deep within you for these past few weeks. Something has just been ‘off’ for you - and this is starting to become clearer, but geez, it is pretty uncomfortable right? When you drop into your Heart, without judgement - that uncomfortableness is just you feeling for the first time. You know how to stretch yourself with pushing boundaries/limits with yourself in your business, in your life, when you need to stretch ahead right? Now, it is time to apply this to your emotional state aka - your HEART and not denying the truth of your feelings anymore. Because beautiful Soul, that is all, that has ultimately been going on. What is it, that you are needing to FEEL in it’s full capacity without pushing it away anymore? Do you trust… you are…. Safe to…. FEEL? Love xxx Are you wanting to be deeply clear in your intuition? What is it that you have been missing for so long, when you thought that you had it all and knew what you were doing but that all suddenly changed? Get Clear Intuition helps you to recalibrate your OWN intuition rather than carrying all those thoughts and ideas of other people. Let’s find YOU again babe, this will increase in price next Monday, you can grab it now with instant access for $19 here:


Card #5: Beauty. Grace, loveliness, integrity of form and spirit.

Hmmmm, this card deeply relates to Self Care, but the message that came beaming through from this card right away was jealously. What is triggering your self worth right now for you? As, this, is where jealously stems from. From not feeling good enough. It feels like there is a part of you that feels like you have it all, but underneath, there is a part of you that knows that is a bit of a facade and something, is deeply at its core - out of alignment. Where are you pulling in and trying to do what you want to do, but only because ‘that is what they are doing’? And then wonder why when you get home the urges are strong that pull you into your cycles of binging on your named substance that you are not sure how to ever stop this? What does stop this then? Yes, this is the self care card - but your self care solidarity routine, is dependent on your self worth levels. If you drop in self worth which happens by comparing yourself or even trying to live someone else life ie swallowing someone else’s truth because that is what they said you have to do to… fill-in the blank, then you will feel empty. Why? Because 1. you haven’t tuned in to feel into whether this information and ideas are a ‘fit for you and your Life Purpose’ you just, went with it because there was excitement there, but this is what happens and how we lose ourselves no matter if intimate relationship, friendship, business relationship or some other endeavour. We get caught up in these things, because of our low self worth and this is what influences us - do you get easily influenced by other people? Say yes more than you’d like to? Not speak - what you really want to say? And this is where you end up coming into a space where something is off, and you ignore it, but after while, it can’t help but surface and your first key points that this is happening for you, is that strikes of jealously… the I’ll do this because then I will fit in but you know that isn’t your Soul thing and you get home and feel empty or that something is ‘off’ and you tend to your binge cycles. The thing to note here? These binges - they are supporting you right now. The biggest thing I say to clients that come to me to heal name your addiction is stop making it bad - because at the end of the day, this has simply been your coping strategy supporting you until this moment in time. And now, we can allow you to find other coping strategies not instead of them, but to help transition into the healthy version of you that you want. The other part here is, that there is no point whatsoever in the world, trying to release an addiction without looking at what your addiction is covering up in the first place. And at the core of ANY addiction is covering up? Is low self worth. And the core of low self worth? Is many batterings, words, experiences and more, that have caused you to not feel good enough, from ‘what they did or said’ or otherwise. And it is here, you get to heal deeply, every single little aspect. **omg Hannah every single tiny detail, you’re kidding right?!** #ihearyou Tiring and time consuming? Maybe. Any healing is at the end of the day. I won’t lie about that. And don’t come to me with you instant healing and cover it up techniques, because - you wouldn’t be here reading this, if that was 100% true for you right? You may like to ask yourself whose truth you’ve been swallowing until now about that? Which is exactly the message of this card for you today - because you have been living other peoples trust and truth instead of your own. So it is here, you get to own your self worth, but that doesn’t come without releasing all the bits stuck in your Aura right now. Just like physical surgery, there is a recovery time. Any form of healing requires time. We live on Earth - this whole planet runs on time, even though we are ‘now’ and that is the only point of existence - this planet runs on time, we still have a 3D physical body no matter how many upgrades you have, your Soul is limitless, but your physical body needs tending to and it is here, you honour your realities - all of them. Which means - you honour ALL OF YOU. #selfworthtothemax You are all of it right? There is no separation. Because you exist in all of them at once right? It is here the deepest and fastest shifts take place, and honour the adjustment and ‘catch up’ your physical body needs for such. Where can you honour worth? Where can you look deep within of what your Soul’s Life Purpose is, not what others are doing - you have a unique Soul and unique life Purpose to match it - can you allow it to show you? Love xxx This wasn’t supposed to be announced until next week, but with the strength and depth of this message in Card #5 here for you today, I have been intuitively guided to drop my 21 Day Shifter Program from $997 to $97 to celebrate 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot (Yes, I haven’t missed a Tuesday!) This is deep, deep support where I can put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you with your personal details and experiences in your life, yes, everything is completely confidential, and this is unlimited voice message, text message and unlimited psychic readings for 21 Days Straight. 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Card #6: The Unseen. Too much is hidden from you.

Ah, the first message that comes beaming through here from this card is: Use caution in dealing with this relationship. This isn’t about distrust - this is about TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION. Because it is right on point dear one. Yes, there may be things deeply, deeply hidden from you right now, but as you know - when you stick to what your inner truth is telling you/showing you/that you are feeling, over time you usually almost always get shown - the truth. The key here, is trusting what you are feeling, before ether confirmation comes - can you do this? Otherwise, you get pulled into the unseen, which at the end of the day, is just subconsciousness, that’s all. And what I mean by being pulled into it, is that you already feel the truth of what is going on and when you share this with someone, they usually aren’t conscious of it…. yet. And 2 things will happen, you will get thrown at you, how wrong for what you just shared, because all you’ve done here is trigger them and they just weren’t conscious of it, or that person will realise it, own it and the energy will shift between you. So, when I say otherwise you will get pulled into the unseen - meaning the projection of how wrong you are and then what this does? Is only cause you to doubt yourself more. So don’t do that honey - don’t doubt yourself now! You’ve come to far, you damn well know your intuition is spot on so trust it. I guarantee you will be shown the truth of what you were already feeling and sensing, but that will come in a few weeks. The question is, do you trust your own intuition enough, to not even engage in the situation anymore? As when you continue to engage, this is when you get pulled in yes? So when you can trust yourself, disentangle yourself from this space and energetically remove yourself and physically if you can, even just for a time, the stuff you are sensing will surface for them, as that is why you sensed it in the first place if that makes sense. There is also a part of what you get to look at of why you are sensing it within them. You are deeply aware of it within them, so where is that, what is the message in that for you? You don’t need to even speak to them about any of it, yet the message I am getting here for you with this card is release yourself from engaging in it, look at your own self as to why you became aware of it yourself, before they even knew it in themselves and ask what you are being shown to do in your own life here about that. Why? Because this entire situation? Is only deeply propelling you into YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. That’s why. That is what this entire thing is about. Do you trust your own intuition enough, to focus on where you are really being called to focus on and disentangle yourself, so you can indeed do that? I am also getting the message that even over the next few days, you will be shown so much, because reading this, you’ve already started to disentangle yourself right? And this energetic pull back, and looking at where your intuition is ACTUALLY guiding YOU, rather than being pulled into their subconscious musings, that only gives you confusion when you keep engaging, you can stay focused on your Life Purpose instead. The next few days 5-7 days I am getting the message as well as in a few weeks time, it is like there will be a revisit of this and trusting yourself is the ONLY thing you need to worry about here, all the questions and more you have right now about the situation? It’s okay, your intuition will show you. Just release yourself from trying to figure it out, because in the bigger picture, it already is, figured out. The question is, do you trust yourself enough, to do just this? To step back and trust? Love xxx If you are wanting to realign your Spiritual Organs after being in the entangled mess and stuff that you didn’t think this was coming or going to even surface ever again, you can repair, heal and nourish these powerful Spiritual Organs you have here, so you can stay clear, aware and deeply, deeply focused on your Life Purpose instead of being energetically pulled into the mess of it all. This price will increase next Monday, so click here to grab this at $19, gain instant access and give you Spiritual Organs the delicate bath and care they are so deeply in need of right now: