🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN for 25th September 2018

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN 🧜🏻‍♀️🌕🐬 Oh, what powerful messages from the Mermaids & Dolphins on this peak Full Moon.. of course they called to be here today, deeply connected to intuition, water, emotions, manifestation, the unknown, the subconscious, Divine Feminine... #ofcourse
Not long now, before we step into a powerful portal in time - the next 3 months are crucial in amplifying what you know in your heart to be true, but haven't been able to make it happen or - reach those goals!!! I received the intuitive message to only take another 4 clients into this space, so if you have felt the call, click here to jump in, or send me a private message with any questions: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/goal-reacher-program 
Scroll down to find your number that the powerful Mermaids & Dolphins called to you today 🧜🏻‍♀️🌕🐬
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
Card #1: Faith. “Your prayers are manifesting. Remain positive, and follow your guidance.”
Well, this card is quite self - explanatory right? The water is really standing out to me on this card, meaning emotions and whilst the water on the card, is quite clear, the sense that I am getting is that your emotions are clouded somewhat and a bit foggy even. You aren’t 100% clear on something right? You are aware where you want to go - but aren’t sure how to get there? I am sensing you are clear on your final outcome, just not the steps to get there and this is causing some deep internal unrest and frustration even? Faith - well, you’ve been walking in more faith than you really ever have known before right? Like, you are almost not sure how much faith you can pull on - but… it is all you got? And this card - comes to you - to maybe irk you a little bit more on that? 😉 Yet, it is Full Moon today and everything is amplified. I am getting the message for you to drink lots of water, move your physical body with some sort of exercise and remember - who you really are. Last night in the Full Moon Ceremony, it came through strongly that right now, until and just after the 24th October, is a potent portal in time and to work on your manifestation practises now more than ever. If you had given them up recently, or took a break from them - now? Is the time to get back into it - not just a couple of days a week - BUT EVERY SINGLE DAY. You were doing manifestation practises before weren’t you? You had a little routine going? And then you stopped? For whatever reason? Integration maybe? 😉 Well, if there was ever a time to pick it back up - it is today. Not tomorrow, today… and everyday until the 31st October - yes, I just set a date, so that you can then have a reviver of another integration 😍 because, as I just said that I am getting the sense that the first week of November is going to be a big shift for you. Whether you move house, job, a new relationship blooms and/or goes to new heights, a pregnancy is on the horizon - there is some big shift in November. Now, every November, we also seem to get a peak in energy and it is like it sets the tone for the following year, then hit December and it is like a slump again. I am getting the message that - we choose this… that, there is an opportunity here, especially on the 24th October (there is something about that portal of time this year!) that, is really like - literally walking into a new life, another life, a new dimension. We are still here, just - you won’t recognise yourself. You will look back at your past and deeply wonder… was that life even you before?? So, about getting back to those manifestation rituals you had going on? Do you see the importance right now? And the Have Faith card coming up for you - is like… well, this is why? What avenue, what portal, what dimension do you want to walk into on the 24th October? Right now? Time to set the path… now. So, what are you still doing reading this? Where is that journal and pen again? Love xxx Are you wanting deep support in this last 3 months of this year? Want me to right by your side to help your manifestation efforts? To kick your butt into gear and get your journalling ON so that you can then shift and step right into the dream life you’ve been waiting for as this portal of power energy opens over these next few weeks? Want someone there, by your side, holding your hand so that you can make the massive ass life changes that you have been thinking about and just need that someone strong, steady and supportive by your side as you step into a whole new life direction that you just know you need to take and do? I am only taking another 4 clients into my Goal Reacher Program and then the doors will be closed! This is a 3 Month Intensive with me - right by your side, with unlimited private access to me, 1:1 fortnightly phone/video calls, distance healings and life purpose blueprint activation for your unique life purpose. Click here for all the details or send me a private message with any questions, this is your opening to amplify your vibration, intuition and step into the dimension you really want as we head into 2019: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/goal-reacher-program
Card #2: Music for Manifesting. "To manifest rapidly, think of your desire while you chant, hum, sing or play music.”
Ah, this card seems to be a follow on of number 1 😍 Manifestation efforts, can be amplified with music (and other things of course!), however with the music card that has come up, it is indeed about making or playing your favourite music to amplify your manifestation efforts. When I journal, creating and writing my reality into well, reality, I am listening to my favourite music album in my ears whilst I am doing so. This for me, amplifies my manifestation efforts, because music is powerful, changes energy around you and changes the way you FEEL - and when we are talking manifesting - it is ALL in the feels baby! The Universe hears your thoughts yes - but it is also a vibrational universe that is constantly picking up the radar of energy YOU ARE. So what you are vibrating within your core, energy, aura, chakras and more, is a representation of what you have WITHIN you. Some people argue this fact. And I say, well, doing your inner and outer work, and watch your reality change around you. Those that argue that fact, may just not, do the work deep enough, or committed enough… or have the right tools… yet - when there is a will there is a way, so I ask you here - how willing are you? On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most willing, how willing are you to do the work LONG TERM? Not just for a month, not just for 3 months - but for YEARS?? Years you say!? YEP YEARS! You were in school for 10-12 years right?! They trained you a certain way… why wouldn’t you commit to yourself fro 10-12 years again if you aren’t happy with where you are at right now, if ‘it’s not working’ - ask yourself how long you’ve been doing it actually? Yes, that may mean you need to change your entire damn life, walk away from unhealthy situations, relationships, suburbs - your entire life might need to change… and I ask you… how willing are you TO DO THE WORK FOR YEARS - or UNTIL it happens? Because if you are not willing to do this, then honey, don’t complain. Where there is a will there is way. People aint got where they are, without hard damn work. Now - I am not saying that you have to work hard for money, hey, I could write an entire book and more on money stories and beliefs in fact, I have already created an entire course on that: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/power-my-life-upgrade My point is - ANY successful person that you see in the spotlight - ask them how they started! I am sure it wasn’t overnight success - wait on, there is a meme for this, people only see the overnight success not the 5-10 years it took you to get there. People may argue that fact with me, that time doesn’t exist. I ask them to show me how to go to overnight success without building the foundations first? How to function on no time, when our Earth, runs on a 9-5 Mon-Fri working week? (for now!) It’s not that time doesn’t exist - the magic comes in knowing how to combine the two! We live in a dualistic reality, that is what Earth is, when you master this, well, the world is your oyster. So I ask you - how willing are you to MAKE IT HAPPEN and keep doing it UNTIL it happens? The thing with Life Purpose and manifesting is that when you do it UNTIL it happens, and you do it every single day - what happens? Is that it creates its on momentum… and then you step into the flow of the foundations you built and spent so much time doing. The dualistic nature, is being able to find that magic flow in the rhythm, in creating that momentum. So, are you? Love xxx If you want steady support, psychic insight, ideas and personalised intuitive guidance for your business, your Life Purpose and your life in general to turn your passion into your profit, increase your revenue and do what you are on Earth to do at the same time, I am only taking another 4 clients in the Goal Reacher Program which is 3 Divine Intensive Months working 1:1 with me. With unlimited access to me, 1:1 fortnightly phone/video calls, distance healings, life purpose blueprint activations and more, this won’t be available for much longer! Are you ready to amplify your 2019, by putting powerful portals of divine magic in to play, setting the foundations in the last 3 months of 2018? Click here for all the details or send me a private message with any questions: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/goal-reacher-program
Card #3: A New Dawn. “The Worst Is Now Behind You.”
Mmmmm, you’re feeling it hey! The worst is behind you… even though, I sense there is something coming up in around 2 weeks for you that might be a little ‘throwback’ a ‘glitch in the system’ if you may… and the message about this is - do you trust God/The Universe enough to ‘have your back’? Do you see the bigger picture in what is happening here? I am getting the message of June - what happened in June - of 2009 even! This event that is coming up in a couple of weeks for you, is a playback of what was going on then. This, in 2 weeks for you, feels like a clearing out a ‘repair of the hole left’ almost that you were ripped away/from back then and… it is almost like a tear in the ether from back then, that has held you back, or - you’ve had threads to, but it feels more like a tear in the ethers from/since then. This feels like a karmic clearing from all the way back then, so you can be free to - well, you’ve been working on attracting a new life for yourself this past 9 months haven’t you? What seems like you are being pulled back to revisit past history, in 2 weeks time, is actually a clearing. What is the karmic debt you are carrying since then? What unfolded back then - in that moments in time, that also had ties and pulls to back in November 2006? (Oh what is with these dates I am receiving for you?!!?) It feels like a big thread of… ‘not good enough’ came to mind, and I am wondering if what comes up for you in 2 weeks is - a revisit of like, well what is the point? And this? Do you know what this gives rise to? SURRENDER! Release of control…. and here we lead back to - Let go and Let God/Universe… They DO have your back.. the question is - are your wings open enough to LET THEM? Help you FLY? Or are you still trying to figure out how you are going to make it happen? Still, even now? This IS a final clearing of those karmic debts… that.. due and ONLY due to the work you have been doing this past 9 months I am getting - is the final clear out, it is happened BECAUSE you have been doing this inner and outer work recently, that has led you - okay! Enough is enough! Time to make changes and then the Universe is like - hang on a second, let’s just clear out these last tears and threads that you’ve still got here. Now - this tear - it is an opening in the sheaths, in your Aura - and into the ‘unknown’ into, other dimensions if you will. Like a big black hole flowing you around even. Type thing. It is hard to describe. Now, let’s work on healing/sealing this up before this event for you coming up in 2 weeks. So, what can we do about that - you can ask Archangel Raphael of 100% Light to sew it up and… Archangel Michael of 100% Light to remove anything that may be ‘hanging on’ in there. And I am getting the message about sleep to heal, but also, just complete gentleness, like with who you are spending time with, the way you speak to yourself, the way you care for yourself, the way you walk, each footstep you take - complete gentleness in being - every aspect. And it is almost like - this tear - is actually like a cloak.. this is so hard to describe to you the sense I am picking up for you, and this cloak - from those events, Nov 2006 and June 2009, you’ve covered yourself, due to not feeling good enough… and hid, more and more of yourself, and whatever you’ve been working towards recently - is - needing you to come out and BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE right? So of course… the cloak needs to be removed. So know, that is all the Universe is doing in 2 weeks. You haven’t gone backwards, you haven’t done anything wrong and you certainly don’t need to try and change it. The Universe has already taken care of all the details. Let go and let God/Universe. Love xxx Want someone by your side that can see straight through the bullshit just like you and be right there as you go through this major transition that has been brought into your reality due to - the Awakening Of Your Life Purpose??? That’s my job, to be right there, to get you exactly where you are at, to ‘catch you’ when you fall, to hold you and to be there for you - through the darkest parts. Because it is there I show you where the light has been hiding all this time and how to use that as your beacon, your weapon if you may! Your POWER and to turn this right around and fast. For 3 months, by your side, 1:1 fortnightly calls, unlimited access to me in between, distance healings, life purpose blueprint activations and more, click here for all the details or send me a message with any questions, I am only taking another 4 clients into this program that will set the tone for your 2019 and beyond: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/goal-reacher-program
Card #4: Treasure Chest. “An unforeseen windfall of new abundance come to you now!”
Ah - Friday is coming to mind! Yet, wondering what sort of abundance this is for you! Is it information you have been waiting on? Is it finances? Is it love? I am sensing that some news and information you have been waiting on deeply comes into play here - and this is a huge factor of the next 4 months for you. It is like this information, this abundance is a huge catalyst to - what is being triggered from a huge Life Purpose role you have on Earth. I am getting the message that this information/abundance of newness, is going to be the catalyst for change you didn’t see coming - but it is positive. I am sensing that someone new is going to walk into your life, or a new situation is going to come about/be birthed - are you thinking of traveling? I am getting the message that is also related to travel somehow - or someone is traveling to you. Have you been thinking of travel lately? Passport? Is that all in order? You never know what is around the corner - are you ready? I have been getting that - be ready message for about 4 months now. What are you preparing for? As, this Friday it feels like a big turning point in being able to even make the plans and some forward solid movement, rather than it just being a dream, or thought. So what do you need to get in order and be ready for, to make that happen fast? Phone calls you need to make? It also just feels like ‘it’s not what you think it is’ but… it’s better even! I am sensing too - this 10 year cycle thing, that we are about to walk out of in this next 18 months, as we step into the Age of Aquarius and have a whole new energy to play with for 10 years, this, coming up on Friday/Saturday this week, this shift in consciousness, new ideas, things that you didn’t think of before or open up tot he possibility of - what is wiped? When we are talking about the clean slate of the next 10 years, is there something in your field of possibilities - you didn’t think of before now? I am getting the message - STAY OPEN - just like the treasure chest on this card is open - and the look on her face is pure shock, you may feel the same when you receive this news/abundance - but…. STAY OPEN - because the GOLD is right there, don’t close yourself off to it right before the miracle occurs and you drop into the JOY that is beaming from this treasure chest babe! The energy of the Age of Aquarius is that of Magic - where old systems fall away, new gold is found, discovered, we are moving into ‘the golden age’ where resources are shared, things that were an issue on Earth, aren’t anymore, let alone your own personal life… and that is cause for deep heart felt smiles yes? I am also getting the message of gratitude and you can use the mantra, ‘Everything is divine order, everything is working out for my highest good, the Universe has my back, I am deeply guided and I am acutely listening to my intuition.’ That way - you are staying open, to the ‘unforeseen’ options that are not yet in your field - but you can deeply call in - because… beyond the duality, beyond the laws of this reality we are here on Earth - we can pull down, bend time and space, go beyond what is… what is… beyond Mastery? Love xxx Wanting to stay on track, focused and not be swayed by any curve balls that come to you over this next 3 months? Wanted to know how to travel those emotions, to ground down the important stuff and leave the rest? How not to be damn affected by everyone around you? What about finally releasing the threads of moving out of the past and into your new life - but just wanting to get it right this time? Through deeply intuitively guidance, psychic insights, life purpose activations, blueprint downloads 1:1 intuitive coaching and healing sessions for 3 months in my Goal Reacher Program that I received the message to only take another 4 clients in here! Click here for all the details or send me a private message with any questions: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/goal-reacher-program
Card #5: Blessed Change. “A major life change, brings great blessings.”
Ah - it feels like something has just deeply shifted in your life, like in the last few days even - Full Moon lead up?? A big purge just happened just before it right? Some hard argument, or something that was out of deep alignment got pulled back into alignment quick smart right? It almost feels like ‘you slipped’ but, I am sensing it was like - you let someone influence you of what you knew in your heart wasn’t right, but went against your heart anyway, but you… it was like you couldn’t even sleep that night, you pulled yourself up really quickly and even though was hard to listen to your heart over what they were saying - you did. And pulled yourself back into alignment very fast doing this. I am getting the message that this is the point you need to be focusing on right now - you pulled yourself up and out - quickly. THIS is the Blessed Change babe - you are becoming DEEPLY aware of yourself right now. You may think you aren’t doing it, or aren’t good enough or aren’t….. aware… but honey - you are - and THIS is what you need to focus on right now. The first part in changing something, the first part in becoming AWARE and getting good at that awareness, is that you START to notice it… because it is happening.. and in fact it has always been happening what is happening now though is that you are becoming CONSCIOUS of it! A major life change brings great blessings - the sense that I am picking up, is that recently, it hasn’t been so easy for you… at all… but… you are feeling the changes, within you, even though they haven’t quite manifested on the outside, and maybe this agitates you at times, this card has come to show you today that you are making huge great strides and progress right now, so don’t stop, don’t think you’re not moving forward, because energetically you are. I am also sensing this thing with a neighbour, or someone close to you - on the ‘other side’ even - a spirit guide? Who is next to you? Do you connect with your Spirit Guides regularly? It feels that one is very strongly connected to you right now - who is that? Who comes to mind? It feels like they are trying to channel a lot of information to you/through you/for you - are you listening? Paying attention? Have you been feeling like you have been having extra deep sleeps and not sure where you are going, or if you are even in the same space when you wake up again? Some people call these upgrades, especially with the increasing presence - or - is it our consciousness that is increasing 😉 of the Star Beings and more, even just - your Spirit Guides - have you opened yourself up more spiritually lately? How are you feeling with that? Up and down? It is bumpy in the start, but get’s easier and easier as time goes on and the main message here is - that this is a Blessed Change! I am wondering too - if you feel like no one around you understands you? Get’s you and your crazy ass ideas and more that come to you and you seem to speak a different language to most, but… to you this is normal and why doesn’t anyone else get you? That is because you are here, reading this - with a big Life Purpose that is to support the global change on the planet… you do know this right? Even though, you might not be 100% clear on that yet? It is… that yes? You feel it don’t you? Do you… trust it? Do you trust that this moment, is what you are going through for a reason - even though, you seem like you are waking up, over and over again spiritually and have and are having many, many realisations about your direction, your life and um…. are you ready to listen now? Because, those messages you are receiving, those are your Guides, your intuition, they are real… are you ready to take action on those messages you’ve been receiving? Love xxx If you are feeling stuck and just not sure what to do with those intuitive messages or why you are even wondering about are they real, or why do I have to do that, or what does that even mean, or can I trust them?? But you know you need to - but you wonder why - you can’t? Even when you take action steps forward and then you get stuck, stop and more? Are you wanting deep support and me by your side, the one person who totally gets your emotions, your cray cray out there dreams, desires and… that calling to change the world but how on Earth right?!!? I am only taking on another 4 clients for my 3 Month Goal Reacher Program which is exactly this - supporting you with what you are desiring deep down inside, that you have never let out, unleashed - let alone told anyone about! I get it honey! Oh my, do I get it! With fortnightly 1:1 phone/video call sessions, unlimited in between support, distance healings, life purpose blueprint activation codes and more, click here for all the details or send me a private message with any questions about it: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/goal-reacher-program
Card #6: Make a Wish. “This is a magical moment. Make a wish and enjoy it’s manifestation.”
Oh - the magic wand - wave the magic wand already! Honey! This is a powerful card and it kinda says it all! I am sensing that right now - is such a POTENT time for you right now to ONLY be focusing on what you want! SOMETHING has shifted not only deep within your life - BUT within your body, mind and soul - you have come into DEEP alignment with your Soul’s purpose and as I always say, anything and everything that you could ever need is right there for you. However, this is a two way process yes? We might have dreams, desires, wishes - however, we then have to take physical action to bring it into physicality. So, with this Make a Wish card - the message I am being called to ask you is - do you have the balance happening with the manifestation side of things, in a sense that - are you doing, doing, doing, and no room for ‘inflow’ right now, or are you not doing enough forward movement action in the direction of your manifestations - like are you ignoring your intuition in any way about taking action on something, because maybe you don’t know ‘how’ that is possible right now? However, I am sensing that this card is…. more about - how much you are deeply aware of your power… and it is this, that this card has come to you today to remind you to HARNESS your power - are you feeling scattered or deeply grounded? Are you organised and clear about what you have to do - or are you still fumbling around with what needs to happen, is there piles of mess? I am sensing that a quick tidy up and stay super organised is in call right now. I am also sensing that you have just leaped forward about 10 paces, VERY quickly and energetically? Your life is about to make rapid, fast huge shifts forward - because of you deeply not only remembering, but harnessing and channeling that power! I am also getting the message about your physical body - have you been getting the nudge/signs to do a detox, or more so even just physical exercise? It feels like with these huge leaps forward, to harness the energy/light/power that is coming through you right now, physical exercise, is going to help not only ground it - but activate your physical body into the evolutionary shifts that you have - always envisioned your future self to be. It is time honey, you know this already right? And, it also feels like you’ve put in some new structures, new health regimes as such, new support structures for yourself… and this? Is just the beginning I am hearing for you. I feel like you are in a space where you are just going to keep evolving, growing, expanding and… your dream life? Make a Wish babe, this is a magical moment, energies are heightened - enjoy its manifestation… Did you pull two cards today? You are on the right path for your Life Purpose - you’re starting to feel that more every single day, even, just from today right? It feels like you are being shown, soooo much - trust your visions and keep grounding them into reality allow the flow IN and let it manifest, gosh, more pouring through - the momentum, you’ve built especially from May onwards - is coming to deep fruition - and - is there a slice of intuition - that you haven’t implemented yet - is that the physical exercise thing? Or something else? That also needs to be put into action like, today or this week.. what is that? Are you receiving messages in meditation - or need to meditate regularly? It is a super potent time right now, you already know this, you can feel it and it is showing up in your reality…. you are letting it IN and acknowledging it right? It is just the start… open your arms to receive babe!!!! Celebrating with you, you’ve worked damn hard to get where you are… acknowledge this. Love xxx Have you got that support structure in place - your upcoming implementing structure? Is there something sitting beneath the surface you need to clear out, what is that? Have you noticed, felt that? What is that anchor beneath the surface? My 3 Month Goal Reacher Program is open and I received the intuition to only take on another 4 clients in this divine space, for this powerful 1:1 transformative, divinely intuitively guided business strategies, life purpose implementation and deep, deep healing, way beyond time and space and back again. Click here for all the details or send me a message with any questions if you’re ready to be deeply support and propelled into your next level and fast: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/goal-reacher-program

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