READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

Jul 31, 2018

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

Overlying Card for today?

Go Now! Serapis Bay - if there is a situation you know isn't right for you, something is, not aligned anymore - just trust yourself and leave. It's okay to trust yourself. You know what is right for you. #trust

Scroll down to find what number you chose for today to see what messages streamed through from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, for you today beautiful one. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Osiris. Father, Son, Husband, Brother.

Whilst this card has the obvious meaning of healing the masculine, the strong message coming through here is about boundaries. I am sensing that there is a need to put some boundaries in place - and there are several that are coming to mind as I write this for you, by becoming super aware of your energy and what you are thinking about lost of the time, is there someone that keeps coming to mind that you have issues with? A boundary here would be to not, not stop thinking about it as we both know that doesn’t happen (don’t think of a pink elephant story!) but, I am sensing there is some sort of action you need to take, whether it is speaking to the person involved and saying what you need to voice of how your heart is really feeling, or processing it deep within - and you’ll know you’ve processed this ‘properly’ or ‘at your core’ or it’s ‘truly shifted’ when it isn’t such an undertone of energy that daily, every hour, creeps into your thoughts again. If you can go days without thinking about it and actually feel deeply happy with your life and focused on your own life again without this creeping back into your thoughts and find yourself in a daze thinking about the entire situation again, then this is the deep trust and certainty that you’ve shifted it within you. The other message coming through here is about boundaries in parenting. Where has something happened recently? I am wondering ‘if this is the last straw’? I am wondering if you are needing to put some boundaries in place around parenting? Parenting plans or protection orders? And, the other message around children here is that there is a child that is needing you right now - emotionally. Has there been a big change in home/parenting dynamics recently? It feels like there has been a big change to the household recently and your child/ren are feeling it. I am curious what this has been for you? For this, masculine card too, of course, as I mentioned it can be to heal Father related wounds, which is boundaries, feeling safe, security, protection, and ‘holding space’ - do you feel like anyone ever listened to you as a child? Understood how you felt? Met your needs the way you wanted/cared for them? Did you feel safe, around your Father, or other male care givers? We can lack boundaries in our own life if any of these are lacking from our past and we haven’t tended to these needs within ourselves as an adult (inner child healing). Crossing our own boundaries we have set for ourselves in relationships with other people, comes from 1. A deep need to be loved and cared for (nothing wrong with wanting to be loved, just time to tend to this ourselves 💕) 2. Low self esteem which can be increased by learning how to take care of your own needs and more. If you feel you’ve been doing this recently, this card comes as a confirmation for you. Yet if you feel undernourished, not cared for, tired, overwhelmed or just plain I don’t know anymore, ask yourself what’s the one thing you can’t seem to stop thinking about (usually with an issue with another person) then this card comes to you to seek within what boundaries you are needing to put in place for a sense of support, safety and peace of mind within yourself and your own life. Are you clear of what you even want? A lack of clarity can also create skewed boundaries, so this clarity may be the first step you are seeking, then, time to put them in place. The last piece is grandfather, if you have a deceased grandfather or male partner/sibling I am getting the message that he is coming through and making sure you’ve known his presence - have you sensed his presence lately? Don’t doubt it, he wants you to know he’s near and saying hello. Love. Xxx I am excited to share that for the past 2 years I have not missed a single Tuesday Tarot! That’s a lot of Tuesday Tarot’s! To celebrate this milestone I have been Intuitively guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 for the month of August 🙏🏻 This is usually $997, but have been guided to offer it here to celebrate 2 huge years of Tuesday Tarot for $97! If you need help, support, intuitive divinely guided messages for your unique life situation for anything that you are going through and/or just need some clarity and healing for what on Earth is going on under the surface for you, my 21 Day Shifter Program is 21 Days of exactly this. Click here for more information about this:


Card #2: Paravati. Positive Change.

Hmmm, the message coming through for you on this card is yes, positive Change, yet it feels like you’ve stepped into a deep space of trusting the universe trusting ‘god’ trusting all to unfold for you, rather than continuing your striving. It feels like you’ve ‘let go’ of trying to figure everything out, let go of trying to make sure all your ducks are in a. Row let go of trying to control every little detail. It feels like a deep, deep surrender to what is right now. It isn’t that you aren’t taking action, but the energy behind your action has changed, the energy behind your action has changed - for the positive. Have you been feeling a ‘let go’? A deep sense of trust rather than push? It feels like a deep sense or serene and very different to how you used to be 5-6 months ago, less even, something has greatly shifted within you. I am also sensing your relationships have changed around you too, from your let go, it is as if by magic that people around you are different now too, of course you know that it’s you that has changed - like you are in exactly the same physical place (almost) everything is the same - but everything is different. Your entire perspective of life has shifted, there has been a huge deep internal shift for you, it’s like ‘you’ve made it’, yet, you’re in the same space. Yes there has been change of course, and the energy that I’m trying to describe is hard to put into words, yet there’s been a deep internal shift and this has created a sense of serenity about you. Of course, the changes you’ve had to endure recently haven’t been that nice, but you’ve come out the other side and I am sensing ‘the worst is now behind you’. I am also getting the message that it’s been like one of the hugest spaces of growth you’ve ever been through or close to the biggest in quite some time. Celebrate this! You can breathe again now, time to focus and continue with your new found sense of awareness. I sense that you’re deeply grounded in what you know is right for you, I am getting the message for you to trust this, know this space of certainty and just allow yourself to anchor in this certainty, this is your new you now, enjoy it beautiful one. Love xxx If you would like deep intuitive guidance on your next step and an outside overview of the pieces of your puzzle to help guide your Life Purpose into full bloom now, my 21 Day Shifter Program is here in celebration for honouring the 2 year milestones of Tuesday Tarot! I haven’t missed a Tuesday for 2 years! Divinely guided business strategies, intuitive understanding and deep insight into the threads of your life that weave this delicate but strong sense of who you are into your business, life and awakening the deep path of your Life Purpose, my 21 Day Shifter Program is $97 for the month of August (usually $997) as we celebrate 2 years of Tuesday Tarot. Click here for all the details:


Card #3: Jesus. Open Your Heart To Love

Hmmm this one is fairly obvious! Yet the message I am getting here is heartbreak and something you’ve buried along with that heartbreak. Is it your own heartbreak for not trusting your own intuition back when it originally happened? When.... who is it that is coming to mind as you read this? Someone from your past and for some reason 3 years ago is coming to mind - what was going on in your life, who were you in relationship with, what have you buried that you haven’t dealt with? Or, actually I am sensing that this has already started to surface for you, about this situation in your life, yet I am wondering if you have dropped into the depths of it to heal/release? I am also getting the message that there is a lot of grief there, in a sense - you really loved this person and at the time, even if it was not such a nice space to be in, the love you two shared was very deep and intense at times. I am sensing that - wondering if, you’ve actually allowed yourself to feel that - it’s okay to love this person? Have you, honoured the good stuff too? Usually when a relationship ends it isn’t always nice and there is this pull this, feeling torn if you may, because you love them, but there is also so much hurt, anger betrayal and more there. What was it, that was happening 3 years ago for you? Maybe you are still in relationship with this person and maybe you are not, yet energetically there is some threads still there, and they are deep. I am wondering, if you aren’t together now, what ‘mess’ back then, needs to be energetically cleaned up between you two? And if you are still together now and if it’s just a recent break up, what was good on 3 years ago (around about this time 3 years ago) that - I am sensing was when you started to realise that it isn’t working but you pushed through it, and I am getting this, heart break is also for ‘beating yourself up’ for not noticing the signs back then and did something about it back then? To that, there isn’t anything you can do to Change the past, I know you know this, yet, what it is, is this moment, you are realising the depth of your own intuition and what you knew/know was right for you but how much other people’s opinions including the ‘shoulds’ in your own mind of what is ‘right’ to do which was the logical safe option - you are realising the depth of your intuition back then. This, is now your deep awareness moving forward and the space in time where you can now remember this, and moving forward from this day on, can use this as your guide, you’ve learnt now. No need to beat yourself up. This open your heart to love, I am wondering if there is someone in your current life that is reflecting the pain of that 3 years ago? And this is why it is starting to surface? Who is ‘in your face’ that this situation is reminding you of? You can never run from what is underneath, you can make it ‘wrong’ all you like, but until you actually feel the depths of 1. The grief of the entire situation from back then and 2. Be okay with actually loving that person too, then it will continue to sit there in your energetic field. The other message here is that under it all? I am getting the message to ask you - do you feel safe to love and be loved? If you really sink into the question of ‘What does Love mean to me?’ Just ask and notice what feelings come up, - because of this past experience 3 or so years ago, I am getting the message that this is surfacing to open you to greater love. What does Love really mean to you? Safety? Joy? Pain? Betrayal? Abandonment? Fulfilment? What does Love, mean to you? Do you, trust love? This situation that is surfacing for you and that is ‘in your face’ right now, is coming up to release/rewire your beliefs around LOVE, so you can indeed open up to a whole new depth of love that you are deeply, deeply craving. I am also getting the message that you are already starting to open to deeper layers of love aka who you are, and - all this? That is surfacing? Is just coming up to release so you can indeed receive this, purity of love, without anything standing in the way of that, so you can, be all of who you really are, to feel safe, in being all of who you really are. Love xxx Mmmm, if you need help in shifting the heartbreak, rewiring your beliefs around what Love means to you so you can deeply attract the love, care and support you desire, my 21 Day Shifter Program is  open right now and being offered at $97 (usually $997) for the month of August as a deep celebration and honouring of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot. If you want my deep intuitive insight and healing techniques to support you to shift you and support you through this time of exponential growth for yourself, click here for all the details:


Card #4: Lady Nada. Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter.

Ah, so interesting the Masculine and Feminine cards have come up today, and right underneath one another! Interesting. And this is the balance, the sacred  balance, obviously with the two - I am wondering, if you have been working on balancing them within yourself recently? The message that streamed through when I first saw this card for you though, is about your Mother. Mother Earth, your blood Mother, your womb Mother, someone who is like a Mother to you, someone who plays a Mother role in your life or is the Mother of your Children. I am getting the message that she is needing support right now - not in a ‘you need to fix her way’ - but in a, she just needs someone to say hi and ask how she is feeling. Just, connection. The Mother, symbolises, care, love, nurturing - yet, Mother’s usually get depleted in this (well, everyone can of course), yet, this Mothering, there is some care for Her that she is needing - just more in the sense of connection, someone to connect to, who understands her - who just LISTENS. Not telling her how to do something, not giving advice, not explaining anything, just being there. The most powerful form of healing is listening and holding space. To often in today’s society, is a space of needing to fix and it is of course a man’s natural inclinations to want to fix the situation, but majority of the time, Mother’s just need space held for them to speak. That is all. To offer, a space, to feel safe in. I am also sensing, some sort of healing going on between you and your Mother right now, it feels like something has started to ‘lift’ between you - have you been working on healing this relationship with your Mother, even if just internally from your childhood and more? I am sensing a space of clarity around what ‘really’ went on and you are either, ‘on the mend’ from what happened, or just starting to feel the shift from the truth of the realisations and also - I am getting the message that you have enabled yourself to start to feel the emotions that have been sitting there from your childhood and more, of what you didn’t get that you needed from your Mother. This Mother Healing, the Feminine healing is a BIG aspect in not only receptivity for letting in your dreams - but receptivity in general. When you start to heal your Mother wound, you deeply open yourself up to receive in big ways, from your intuition, to finances to - everything. If one part of you is shut down to receiving due to past hurt and pain, it puts a blockage on other things as well. One petal closes, and the rest are a bit tainted so to speak. How have you been feeling towards your Mother recently? How have you been feeling towards - women in general recently? What Feminine aspect of healing is being shown to you right now about Mother/Feminine healing? I am getting the message that receiving this card today, is bringing about a big change in the way you feel about yourself, too, the way that you have been treated in the past, isn’t just because of you ie, that you aren’t worthy to receive love, indeed you are and you are starting to deeply realise this and FEEL it, and realising that what happened, is about them, and their stuff that they haven’t dealt with. It doesn’t make it ‘okay’ - but you are starting to soften in the forgiveness, more so, just the release and openness, that allows you receive life in general. I am wondering if you have noticed a shift in what you receive in life, even in the past 2 weeks especially? It feels like the floodgates have started to open up and you are receiving more than you have ever before, on all levels, support, kindness from people you least expected and more. I am getting the message that this is only going to continue over these next few weeks, be open to receive these blessings and see them as a deep opening of your Heart - in feeling safe, to finally feel and let love in. You are worth it. And you are starting to deeply feel this in your core. Love xxxx If you want deep support and divinely guided intuitive help to move through the deep stuff, the core stuff and continue to shift this space for you, to open the floodgates wider and let more of the good stuff IN, in celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been intuitively guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997). This is unlimited support, intuitively guidance, unlimited psychic readings and unlimited questions for 21 Days, to help you shift through your situation with a deep intuitive insights to the threads so you can walk forward in deep clarity from this moment forward. Click here for all the details to gain this deep support:


Card #5: Paul the Venetian. Artistic Expression.

Hmmm, I am getting the sense of a creativity block almost for you? And then the message coming through is where are your self care levels? I am wondering when the last time was you spent some time in nature? I am getting the message that standing outside with your feet on the Earth, allowing the sunlight to deeply absorb into your skin, to imagine the sunlight beaming through the pores of your skin, into your blood, into your DNA and killing any bugs off in the process, and then imagine it lighting up your already light spark, to expand through your entire being and energy field, to fill you up… then imagine this deep connection to your internal spark, connecting you to all that is…. to allow this deep connective healing space, to allow your divine to flow through you in to your creative expression - have you been feeling a block around your creative passion? I am getting the message that doing the above, will help to start shifting it, but also - what was going on in your life when you ‘put it down’? Did something happen with an ex? Was there a big life change? Did something ‘startle’ you? Did someone say something to you? Did, shame come up? Did, you feel like you weren’t good enough at what you do, because you saw someone ‘doing it better’? The thing with your creative passion, is that -  you are you. I know you know this, yet, the message here is that when you see other’s doing the thing you want to be doing and you start to not feel good enough, always remember, that what YOU are doing, may be the same, but it is also unique to you, and your vibration that you offer the world. There will be people in the world, doing the same thing as you, but you have your own unique individual ‘spin’ on it AND the people who like your specific work, won’t usually like the other persons one in a way, that they are attracted to you and your vibration, not that person. They come to you, because it is you. You do your creative passion, in a way that is natural to you and is what people are drawn to - you, not the thing so to speak. I am wondering if you have let self doubt step in? Doubt always creeps in when you have made a decision. So, just know you are on the right path, when this is coming up. I am wondering with what was happening for you not long ago when you ‘put your creative passion down’ - is that something you can work through now? Can you recognise that this is all that was, that, this happened and ‘it stopped you’? The other message here is, when you look forward in 5 years time, do you wish that you would’ve continued with your creative passion now? If your answer is yes, then there is your answer 😉. So, how can you do this? An easy way is to choose a day, and that day of the week, is the day you spend some time on it. Set a timer for minimum 30 minutes and just do it for this length of time. You may want to continue after the timer goes off, and maybe you won’t, but you have started moving the energy into it again. What is, your creative passion, that - in 5 years time - do you wish you would’ve continued with it? Are you ready, to just push through the hard, tricky bits? And then look back in 5 years time and think, gosh, so grateful I kept that up! Are you ready to get back to it now? Love xxx If you need support in being able to work through the resistance that you know you need to do something, your creative passion, your fire, your spark, but are just at a total block of why you can’t do it, when you know deep in your heart you want to, in celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been intuitively guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997) to help support you for 21 Days straight, so you can get back into your flow and bring your gifts to this Earth - because that is, what your Creative Passion is. Click here for all the details:


Card #6: Aengus. Twin Flame.

I am getting the strong message for you right now that you’ve been ‘tested’ in a sense that you have come into a space where you are very clear of what is right for you in your life, and yet, you are ‘being thrown’ left right and centre - and this ‘test’ (I don’t like using that word, yet, it helps to describe the situation) - of - are you sure you really want this? Are you sure you are clear within yourself? Are you sure, you know what you want? Are you sure, you’re going to stick to your values and what you know is right for you? This Twin Flame message, is about you owning who you really are. For, someone has walked back into your life, after either no contact, or it is marking some deep anniversary for you, or it is also showing you, something from your long lost past, past life even, of the contracts and vows you’ve made together in a life together some where along the line. The Twin Flame represents a deep fire love - but it is also an awakening love. A wake up to who you really are, a wake up to - are you truly going to stick to your values and what you know is right for you? This may mean that you are in the relationship together, get back together or leave the situation, the point here - is that you are deeply clear on who you are now. This Twin Flame card, is about this passionate fire love, that ignites your own fire of consciousness into LIFE in your life into your conscious awareness - and the gift? Is a solid sense of solidarity of WHO YOU ARE. The Twin Flame - is the other half of you, yet this deep gift here, is that you realise you are the other half of you. You are the one you’ve been waiting for, looking for this entire time. There is nothing wrong with wanting or looking for love, yet this card and the gift here, is that you, have become so clear in who you are, what you are on this Earth for, your deep sense of solidarity and purpose within yourself, that moving forward in any relationship, you are very clear of your boundaries, of what is right for you, of what you need in your life, and this means that in any relationship moving forward, you have this space of deep centred knowingness, your inner power and it is this, that you are clear, strong and true to, first. Hence, attracting people by your side, who mirror this authenticity. There is a part of you that senses inauthenticity a mile off, and you are very clear how to approach people like this, you don’t get lost in it anymore, the Twin Flame in you, is your own light of your consciousness and you have lit this fire deep within. You are clear, alive, awake and deeply, deeply aligned to your Life Purpose right now. Celebrate this beautiful one! It feels like you are very clear that you just deep down know you are going to meet someone soon… but you are also very clear, that your own Twin Flame, is you, and so forth will you meet someone who ‘meets you there’ in this space, with deep, centred, grounded, clear, Love. This is unlike any other before, because it is grounded in reality, not lost in illusions, you’ve already woken from that dream, and goodness, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for yourself about that. Keep going beautiful one, you’re doing super amazing and your guides are deeply cheering you on, right by your side. Love xxx It feels like such a deep space of grounded awareness for you now beautiful one! Doesn’t feel like you need an ounce of support - you’ve got this! You’ve so got this!!! However, if you would like to receive next step guidance, to check in, bounce ideas off, share your heart with someone who totally gets it and gets you and your Soul’s Life Purpose on this Earth, that isn’t even here on this planet yet, in celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been intuitively guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program for $97 (usually $997). This is 21 Days of Unlimited and deep support, intuitive guidance, unlimited psychic readings, to confirm what you already know, and keep you strong, when people feel your power rise and try to pull you down, I totally get it. Click here for all the details beautiful one: