READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Jul 03, 2018

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

Your messages from the Mermaids & Dolphins are here ðŸ§œðŸ»‍♀️🐬🧜🏻‍♀️🐬

Scroll down to find what number jumped out at you earlier today (or yesterday ðŸ˜‰as I accidentally pressed publish! #yesiamhuman) and see what messages are awaiting you today. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

Card #1: Helpful Person. “Someone wants to help you. Think of whom that might be, and initiate contact.”

Ah, two strong messages beaming through here today - one is - I am getting the message that someone has been on your mind, who can help you, but you’ve been putting it off out of fear or otherwise, yet, this person who can help you has been on your mind and gently ‘tapping you on the shoulder’ so to speak, because they CAN indeed help you and shift you quite fast, more than you realise, in ways you can’t yet see I am getting the message of for you. I am getting the message that you are about to make some quite big radical life changes, or have just made them and this card has come to you today, that it is 1. you are safe to ask for and RECEIVE help and 2. you can make it happen. Just like everything else you’ve ever wanted to do, you can receive the support to also receive the support! If there is someone on your mind, that you’ve been thinking of reaching out to, to ask for help and be supported by them, trust that this message is real and this card has come to you today in answer to your question about what to do, what is your next step - contacting the person and receiving help from them is your next step! From working with this person, it will open you up to a whole new level of support, ideas, strategies and help you get clearer in your intuition, in shifting your life - in the way you are already feeling your heart pull you in the direction of, this support from this person on your mind, will allow you the courage, faith and see the path open more clearly before you by having another pair of eyes on the situation if that makes sense. Number two is allowing yourself the trust and faith - in your intuition - that if you are being intuitively nudged to do something, do you not think that the resources you need, will turn up to support you too? When your Heart is leading you somewhere, you may deeply be walking into unknown territory, yet, your intuition, always provides ALL the answers - so ALL the resources are always there for you too - when you take the first step, you are shown the next step, that you wouldn’t have seen, until this next/first step was taken in the first place. A bit like another pair of eyes on the situation, seeing what is beyond what you can currently see - and this is where they faith comes in to support everything you ever want and need. You inner guidance is leading you correctly, the question is, do you trust that you will have the resources to support you in doing so? The first step, could be as simple as doing some research and finding out what you need to start doing the thing. So, what is your first step in making contact with a ‘Helpful Person’ - or that person that’s been on your mind, to find out the next steps in how they can support you? Love xx If you are sick and tired of being let down by people when you thought it was so right to be around them, work with them, or receive their help in some way shape or form, then you’ll want to be coming along to my very first webinar: You Were Born Psychic, How To Trust Yourself In A World That Screams At You Not To! I am so excited to hold this divine space for you, so that you can truly start to tap into your power and trust yourself in a world where it seems every one lets you down, puts you down and you feel deeply heart broken at times, when you were so sure your heart was feeling what it was as correct and true! Register here beautiful #igotyou:


Card #2: A New Dawn. “The worst is now behind you, and a positive new experiences are on the horizon.”

Ah the loud and clear message beaming through this card as I pulled it for you dear one is: DON’T GIVE UP! Do not quit 5 minutes before the miracle occurs!! This is so strong for you and so CLEAR! So if you are needing a boost of confidence or feeling like you are not sure you have made the right choice, now is not the time to give up my love! I am also sensing that, - A New Dawn, quite literally you are waking up a different person. Something within you has deeply shifted and you are not the same person you once were. You have ‘woken’ up and are realising so many things right now, I am getting the sense you are having epiphany after epiphany after epiphany! Don’t close this down beautiful Soul! You are receiving deep insight to many questions you’ve had - even for years you’ve been asking these questions and your realisations are streaming through at rapid speed. The message I am also getting here for you on this, is to allow them= but make this normal now. This IS your normal being - your Soul is powerful all knowing and deeply connected to Source - you are Source and this state of realisation and ;wake up’ - is called BEING CONNECTED. You have opened the floodgates, re-connected to your truth. This state of being is normal now. Allow your body and mind to adjust to your reconnected self as normal and allow the divine intuition and information to flow through you in your everyday life - as normal now. I am also getting the message that if you’ve been feeling extra tired, allow your body to rest allow your self care to be extreme whilst you allow your physical body the the adjustments are integrated, all the shifts and inner work is now being completely integrated into your physical body. There is nothing wrong with you, you are just integrating. So allow it, and know that when you come out of this slumber a whole new dawn awaits you! Yet, I do get the sense, that you are already starting to truly feel the positive effects of this New Dawn upon you, it is here and it is real. I am also getting the message - what else needs to be taken care of, so this New Dawn can truly integrate? I am getting the message like tying up loose ends, getting VERY clear on what your next steps are, putting things to rest, to end so that you can start your clean slate, well, clean? I am also getting the message here - to clear up any miscommunication you may have had with someone, wether you actually speak to them or your higher self speaks to them and shifts internally this way, I am getting the message there is some work to do there too? Plus from this, I am getting the sense too, that recently you’ve realised that some people close to you, are not actually who they are? Trust this, as this New Dawn card comes to show you the truth, to integrate your truth and when/as you do - the truth in others is also shown. It doesn’t mean that they are wrong or bad, neither are you - but it does mean that you are just MORE AWARE of who you have in your field who you let in your field, and the gift in this? It aligns you deeper into YOUR life purpose path and what you are here to do. That’s all. Allow your New Dawn to integrate beautiful one, just as the Sun is rising, so to is your energy and life force, allow the suns rays (your realisations) to fuel your next layer of being to life and trust in the divine wisdom you are receiving. #youvegotthis and it’s so amazing. Love xxx If you are wanting to anchor in this deep trust in your New Dawn and allowing everything you’ve been asking for and about for years to deeply integrate into your life, come and join my very first webinar on Trusting Yourself in a World that Screams at you not to! Here I show you how you can anchor in your realisations and make them normal, plus so much more beautiful one, click here to register for this live event:


Card #3: Healing Heart. “You’re a powerful Healer, keep up the great work!”

Whilst this card has its’ obvious meaning, I am getting several messages for this card actually coming through and whilst you are indeed a Healer and are drawn to helping people and more so, people naturally come to you for support, guidance and help, that your heart is hurting at this moment, or, you’ve just experienced some sort of ‘break’ that has caused your heart to hurt = yet, what it is ultimately? A change in some sort or dynamic of the relationship and ANY change, triggers the grief cycle and it is important to honour this. You may know that this relationship, was past it’s due date, you may know that this relationship is not right for you, you may feel the love  between you, but also know, it isn’t in alignment. And that is okay. It is important to honour that yes, you do actually love them and that is why your heart is hurting, that they don’t see who you really are, that you don’t feel seen by them, that they don’t understand what it is you, that you understand… and this hurts your heart. And the message I am getting here - that indeed you are a Healer, and that is why your heart IS hurting about this situation - yet, the other factor in this message that I am getting for you is indeed you feel these, but you are also - not as ‘fallen’ from this as you would’ve been about the situation 2-3 years ago… or a few months ago even. You have grown. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them, it doesn’t mean you don’t care for them and also feel grateful for the relationship and the times together rotate you did have - what it does mean? Is that you have also - grown in more love yourself. You have come a darn long way dear one, and these shifts that you have had - the love you feel for them? Is also what you feel for yourself! And when you AUTHENTICALLY feel for someone else and the message here is actually acknowledging that you do love them - and quite a lot actually! Yet, this love - is also what you are feeling for yourself - because they are you, yes? I am getting the sense and message that you have grown so much, you’ve come into so much awareness, understanding and LOVE, that you can now love them and leave them, even though you’ve already left them (or they left you), the love and ‘heart break’ you are feeling, is just your heart expanding deeper into LOVE - into the AWARENESS of the love that has been there the entire time beautiful one. Allow yourself to authentically feel your heart. Sometimes the HUGEST awakenings come from authentically feeling your hearts feelings, meaning actually letting yourself feel the depth of love you have for them if you have always held them at arms lengths, and whilst it may seem ‘too late’ for the relationship, it is actually perfect timing - because you have stepped into a greater LOVE - for not only them, but for you. They have given you the greatest gift of knowing what love actually feels like - and this? Is now the dose and depth of love that you give yourself and what happens when you do this and come into a place of feeling so much darn love from the inside out? Your entire reality shifts to match that. So whilst it might seem ‘empty’ in this ‘space’ that has been created from letting this relationship untangle and release from you and your life, even though you’ve walked through doubt and uncertainty and questioned yourself along the way… this ‘space’ is also an empty energetic space - where you are now recalibrating to find out what is really important to you, what is super in alignment… and you now are super aware of what the difference is, on so many levels of understanding you have a depth of clarity that most people only dream about that you can now embrace, for every part of your entire life. Cue: eternally grateful and CLEAR heart, that you are now building a strong and solid and very, very loving relationship with. I saw a quote just the other day, something along the lines of: “Soulmates are your head and heart rekindling.” THIS is exactly what is happening for you. You are the one you’ve been waiting for, and you’re feeling this truth and solidarity in your own relationship with self, more and more, every single moment, every single breath. Breathe it in beautiful one. Powerful Healer you! Love xxx If you’re really wanting to anchor in this deep love and trust for yourself and what your Heart is calling and speaking to you with clarity that just seems to be growing so strong every single day, my very first webinar this coming Friday is the perfect space for you to do so. In You Were Born Psychic, How to Trust Yourself in a World that Screams at You Not To, I will hold this powerful space where you can deeply anchor in your Hearts love in a way that will keep you standing strong forever more, click here to register for this live event:


Card #4: Friendship. “Make a date for a play day with one or more friends.”

Oh, these cards have obvious meanings to them don’t they! So, yes, when was the last time you made a date with some friends to PLAY?? As PLAY is the strong message I am getting coming through this card but ALSO - the message here too, is around (there is a lot of heart healing and relationship healing through these cards today!) a relationship, I am getting a friendship relationship from your past, and I am sensing that there is some unspoken words that are going on, or, energetic gah stuff that needs to be cleaned up. What relationship comes to mind as you read this? I am getting the sense it is a relationship from your not too distant past, and even if you feel clear about it, the sense that I am getting is that they have some hurt feelings that they haven’t acknowledged and are burying and this is causing the gah stuff in the space. This isn’t blaming them, or saying they are wrong or bad - they are simply unaware of it! You sense energetic stuff, quite deeply and are aware of most things that most people don’t even has a realisation about. (this is your gift btw ;) ) and so, the sense that I am getting, is that with this in your awareness, and I am also sensing that you have started to realise this energetic stuff just recently or more so, the relationship has been coming to mind again for you and you haven’t thought about it much until recently again. So the solution to this? How do you clear out someone else energetic stuff that you are picking up that they aren’t even aware of, that is buried so deep in their subconscious that is just how they deal with things? 1. is that you are aware of it, so there is something that is being brought to your attention for healing - what aspect of them, did they play a role in your life? What was the fallout? Is there grief within yourself that you havent’ totally acknowledged either? I am also getting the message - do you have a fear that you outgrow people and are afraid to also leave certain people in your past? Maybe you are aware of this, and with this, I am wondering if you feel a sense of guilt about the other person feeling sad from the fallout and want to help them in some way, but also feel powerless of how to do that as you are also aware of not rescuing people and that isn’t your job to ‘save them’ so to speak! As doing this subconsciously, wanting to help them, feeling guilty or bad that you can’t help them in a subconscious way, this is where we take on other people’s energy and ‘carry’ them. Ah, tricky stuff right? So how do we sort this out? The message here is clear - if you are sensing this energetic stuff in the space between you, even though you might not speak anymore, it is clean up time. Ask yourself, do I still feel sad about the relationship ending? Have I totally acknowledged my authentic feelings about the space and what happened? Have I allowed myself to speak my whole truth about the situation (not specifically to them, but through journalling or even just acknowledging it)? What do I feel I want to help them with? What part of me, wants to help them? Is it my total responsibility to help them? Can I speak to this part of me, that wants to help them instead? Can I honour the space between us? Can I integrate what this person reflected to me, along with the gifts they brought to my life? At the end of the day, what has happened with this relationship, has indeed taught you things, given you so much, and yet, you’ve grown and come into more alignment with who you are. And this relationship, just isn’t in alignment anymore. You can work on the inner relationship you have about ‘why’ you feel responsible for helping them (or whatever the call was for you and the relationship). When you do the inner work around the energetic stuff that you can sense there, it shifts. It isn’t about taking responsibility for their unconscious stuff - what you are doing here, is owning your part and cleaning up your part in it, for you wouldn’t be sensing it, if there wasn’t your part to clean up on your side. When you integrate this side within you, the relationship will shift again and they may get in touch with you, or it will complete energetically shift out of your life - because you’ve released the energetic weight in your field - which is just unconsciousness, coming up for conscious integration, which leads to you BEING more whole - returning - back to wholeness. Returning, to more consciousness. Returning to who you really are. Congratulate yourself beautiful one, you’re doing amazing. Love xxx If you want the gift, the support the deepening trust to continue and want to be around those that totally get this space on a deeper level than most, my first ever webinar this coming Friday (or Thursday) if you are not in Australian Timezone, is the exact place for this dear one, click here to register and take your consciousness deeper:


Card #5: Protection. “You, your loved ones and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!”

When this card comes up, as we know, the best form of protection is being grounded in your body, because if you’re in your body, you are more aware of what is going on, plus no one else can be in there right? (more to that) - yet, the strong message I am getting here on this Protection card today is around boundaries, court and children. If you have pulled this card today I am getting the sense that you are involved currently in some proceedings, whether court related parenting, domestic violence or divorce (or all of the above!) and the message I am getting here is that yes you are protected, yet the message about boundaries? I am getting the sense here on this card today is to deeply remember your boundaries and remove yourself from any less than appropriate situation. Yes, you are protected as I said, yet, it takes two to tango - meaning for Spirit to help you as well, you must be heeding your own intuition about what is right for you and stay strong in that. I am getting the message that you have come along way and you haven’t done anything wrong, but you are also needing to not only remember your boundaries but also why you did this in the first place. You may have let your guard down a bit recently and whilst it is important to stay soft, open and vulnerable in general, the message here for you, is that it isn’t time for you to do that right now. It feels like you are halfway through whatever you are moving through and to stay strong just a bit longer more. I am also getting the message that everything you have been learning - you are now putting into physical practise, so that takes a little bit of navigating to get that hang of, just like driving a car, you have to learn how to change gears before you can go on the highway at 100kms/hour so to speak. You are navigating these gear changes right now and soon you’ll have the hang of it, so don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, but also remember your strong boundaries and stay clear with them yes? The other tap on the shoulder I am getting the message to share here is if you need support, get support, or if you already have support, get more and other sorts of support. It is so important at this crucial, delicate but powerful turning point time, to call in and use all the support and resources that are available to you. It is safe for you to be supported and it is also safe for you to stand up for yourself like this and as you do, you step into not only deep protection because you are grounded in your body and standing tall and strong in what you believe in, but you are also deeply and very powerfully empowering yourself - that my love, never goes away. You’re anchoring this new found empowerment into your body and life, let it come in and anchor you deep in your Heart and Solar Plexus about finally allowing yourself to have a voice and stand for what you believe in. This is the start of something amazing for you, keep going beautiful, call in all the support and resources, remember your boundaries and implement them and keep going. You’re totally supported. Remember why you started this int he first place. You’re here for big things and this is just the beginning. Trust. Love xxx If you are wanting deep support and the anchoring in of trusting yourself even more, so you are not swayed into crossing your own boundaries anymore, register to join for my webinar on Trusting Yourself in a World That Screams At You Not To and be surrounded by those that totally get it. Click here to register and I shall see you there beautiful one:


Card #6: Self-Forgiveness. “Let go of old guilt, and remember that you’re God’s perfect child!”

Ah the guilt! This came up in the Friendship card today, did you pick two cards today?! The message about the guilt here on this card - I am getting the message that you are taking and moving leaps and bounds in your life and actually have been for a fair while now, yet, recently, the last 6-8 months especially, you’ve let go of another pile of people in your life that you didn’t see coming, that you didn’t think would go or leave the picture of your life? And the message I am getting here for you, that even though you know it is right to leave them in your past so to speak, I am also sensing that you as you continue to go forth, bouts of guilt surface, or not even guilt so much, but bits of grief and pangs of hurt, that that happened with those/that relationship? I am wondering if you need some deep compassion for yourself, and to drop into the space of loving yourself exactly where you are? It feels like there is a part of you that wanted to help them perhaps, but you see that it isn’t your responsibility and that you know this is about taking care of you - so big picture you can take care of them, even just energetically - yet the message streaming through for you about that is to release the guilt, or the, trying to find the words for the sense that I receiving for you - it is like you don’t feel worthy, in a way, to have what you really want, because there is a belief, or a thread sitting there in your energetic field, around ‘if I do this I lose people’ so it is keeping you at a certain level. Yet - isn’t it truth that you loose people anyway - like you’ve already lost them? And, so reframing this belief in this way, but also - look forward - you have just created soooo much space, to fill your life with more aligned people. ‘It isn’t what you are leaving behind, it is what you are moving towards.' Yes, there maybe authentic feelings about feeling sad for the change in relationship and if you’re reading this, I encourage you to work through them rapidly, because you are consciously and creating your reality FAST, so what is it you are moving towards? There is also something else that wants to come through here… something that the words are wanting to come through about… what is that….. hmmm, this almost feels ‘off’ topic of the message coming through, yet the sense that I am getting is - are you letting the guilt drive you? And maybe, you’ve just shifted this and this is confirmation for you - that you don’t have to go anywhere? You don’t have to run away from it, and like, you weren’t running away, but I am sensing that you felt you had to get away from it all, and I wonder, it is like you have gone away from it, you have travelled, but now you can be here with it, you don’t have to ‘go anywhere’ you can be here with this new layer, with this new you so to speak. Does this make sense? Trying to find the words for this intuitive message I am sensing for you. It is like, you’ve upgraded, you’ve been working very diligently on this, you’ve walked away from a lot of people and situations and you thought/felt you had to leave this place too, but you have realised, shifted into ‘your new place’ energetically and ‘you’ve already been there’ so you don’t actually have to leave physically if that makes sense? You are back here - a new you, but you haven’t needed to physically leave. It is like you did energetically and you are back, whole and new and ‘can face this place’ in your new layer/energetic/reality, but you are still here - if that makes sense? Let me know in the comments below if it doesn’t, trying to find the words in text is a bit tricky to explain the intuitive message/feeling that I am getting for you about this. So the guilt may have been driving you in a way - driving you away from the place, yet, you’ve gone energetically and now you are back and you are a new you, in the same place - everything has changed, you’ve changed - yet everything is still the same if that makes sense? The guilt, gave you a gift - it set you free, both energetically and physically. You’ve shifted, allow the perfection of this to truly integrate into your being - you’re safe being the new you - which is what you’ve wanted and been working towards all along anyway. Trust dear one, you are safe, enjoy this space. You do deserve it after all. Love xxx Do you continue to trust yourself and the ebs and flows? Or do you drop so far and wonder ‘why you’re here again?’