🔮🔮🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN for the 5th February 2019!!! 🔮🔮🔮

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Feb 05, 2019
🔮🔮🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN for the 5th February 2019!!! 🔮🔮🔮
🦋🦋🦋 Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies! 🦋🦋🦋
Such a strong theme for today and what seems to the be the theme this week, breaking out of the cocoon, out of the structure and mold of what was and letting it go, so your wings can fly free at last!
Big theme of trusting yourself and where you are being called to go, is also another strong overlying theme, the bottom card of the deck is 'Surrender. Give yourself to the flow of life.' - However I am sensing, it is the structures and the boundaries you put in place to support yourself that enable you to go with the flow of life and be completely supported at the same time. #freedom
Scroll down to find the number that you chose earlier today and see what message is awaiting you from the Unblock Your Love Block Cards by Rebecca Lee today.
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Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
Card #1: Conquer Self Doubt. You have what it takes to live your dreams.
Honey - you wouldn’t be where you are today, if you didn’t believe in yourself this far!! YOU CAN DO IT!! Breaking free of the shackles - this card, the big chains have been let go of the door has flung open, the shackles have been released and you are FREE!! And what happens? Of course doubt comes up! Because you made a decision and doubt will always follow - but you keep on walking straight through that doubt, keep on flying onwards and upwards and don’t look back! Whenever you rise - people feel it, and whenever you take the next level up, something positive - something you have LONG and ALWAYS wanted happening and to happen in your life IS finally happening - ‘You have what it takes to live your dreams’ - and this is starting to happen for you right? Because you are shifting - people you are connected to, feel this energetic lift, this energetic change, not only within you, but within your entire life as well. You might have ex’s contact you out of the blue or other people try and pull you down and you might even find yourself step back into the energetic dynamic for a moment and then catch yourself realising how much that doesn’t feel right or good anymore and how much better life really is on the path you’ve chosen to walk and have been getting strong glimpses and longer and longer extended periods of time in this delicious space called your dreams. It feels like you have freed yourself from restrictive circumstances that have held you, even just energetically for quite some time now. It feels literally like you are walking into another dimension and aspect of your life that you have been working towards for some time - but it is actually happening now and gosh - it feels good right? Even when the things try and pull you down now, you are very mindful of what you let into your energetic field and what you don’t what you walk right away from, say no to and leave the rest behind. ‘Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.’ But gosh, there are so many good things unfolding on your path right now that you don’t even WANT to go back there - which is different to how you’ve felt before right? Before you were teetering on the edge, that maybe, just maybe it can be and happen - but now, it is a very clear now and you are deeply focused on what is and are moving forward like a steam train strong and clear on where you have to go, because, everything in those green rolling hills - are coming to life and it just…. is like heaven over here right? CONQUER SELF DOUBT - YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS. Don’t start doubting yourself now beautiful one - you wouldn’t be where you are today, if you didn’t have what it takes to go the whole damn way. You’ve sooo got this. Keep believing in yourself, now is the time to say super focused. There is so much support in the spirit world cheering you on right now, the synchronistic events - are showing you just how on path you are. Keep trusting, you’re lighting the way for your dreams to come true, because the tangible reality is here now - keep going precious one, it only gets better and better from here. YOU’RE FREE!! Love xxx Final hours before Trust Your Intuition investment increases to the final round then the doors close midnight Friday night! If you are tired of looking back and want that boost of confidence to trust yourself on the deepest level possible, that NOTHING stands in your way, or even knocks you slightly energetically anymore, then Trust Your Intuition is for you. Click here for all the details before the investment increases in just a few hours: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/
Card #2: Inner Child. Love and understand your Inner Child.
Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly - is jumping out at me in this card and the sense that I am getting is that if you are feeling ‘unstable in this new dimension’ is the sense that I am getting for you - it is just that your Inner Child is needing tending to. When you shift and change, she/he is the first one that feels the ‘structures’ falling out from beneath her/him, which is just CHANGE and a new paradigm to get accustomed to. I am also getting the message for you here with this card, if you are confused or feeling a bit stuck in which way to go, are feeling almost paralysed with the decision that you know deep down inside you have to make but are sooo scared of making such a huge life change, when you know in your HEART you HAVE to make, then tending to your Inner Child helps release the fear, paralysing feelings and the intense ARGH that is going on inside you. You are craving and wanting the freedom but scared to make the changes at the same time, however, it is correct and your Heart IS leading you in the direction you know you have to and want to go. The Butterfly wants to fly free! You are safe to make the changes that you know you need to make - it is just your Inner Child that is scared. Tend to them, and everything will start to shift. An awesome way you can do this, is by non-non-dominant handwriting, and simply writing the question with your dominant hand, What do you need? And then swap hands and write what comes to mind. Then switch back to your dominant hand and write, what message do you have for me? Switch hands back to the non-non-dominant hand and write what comes to mind. Listen deep within, in meditation or by simply purging your thoughts. This wouldn’t be coming up in your life if it wasn’t something to deeply pay attention to. I feel like you are being given a huge life direction change right now, almost like, if you don’t take this opportunity now, something else won’t come along for a long, long time it feels like. It isn’t about the right or wrong choice - but only the choice you need to make and come into deep acceptance of whichever decision you make. Making huge changes aren’t easy, but once you are through them, gosh, what a life of freedom that those Butterfly wings can help you explore that you wouldn’t have been able to do. I wonder, what is calling your Heart right now? What issue is arising for you? And I wonder, what situation did this remind you of through your childhood? What memory comes to mind? When you are making huge life changes, other fears that can arise, are similar things that went on in our childhood. Are you repeating patterns from your parents/generations or are you making changes that break generational lineage of patterns that enough is enough, the buck stops here and you are free to make the changes you want to - to live the life YOU want to, not what society or heritage lines tell you, that you have to? Do you… have the courage to trust your heart in the direction of your dreams? You understand it wouldn’t be calling you, for no reason? Love xxx If you need courage, support and a tribe that totally gets it and knows your heart deep down and inside out, because we have walked similar paths to you and where you are being called to go, where you can share and we totally see you, support you and give you the strength to know it is all going to be okay let alone the tools to help you walk forward, Trust Your Intuition investment increases in just a few hours, click here for all the details to come to a place where your Heart’s calling is supported all the way: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/
Card #3: Thoughts. Your thoughts are up to you. Choose them wisely.
Mindset, Mindset, Mindset is all I am hearing when I see this card! Have you dropped your mindset rituals? I am sensing that it is so important for you right now, more than ever to pick back up and/or strengthen your mindset. I am getting the message that the veils are thin, the portals are open and the energetic support is right there for you to move in the direction you want to in your life more than ever before BUT - MINDSET, MINDSET, MINDSET! Do you have a journaling ritual? This is where your POWER is. The other strong message coming through here is ‘What are you locked into’? Is there a thought process, is there a reaction, response or mechanism, that you are locked into - what does that mean for you? What are you locked into? It could be a belief system that is telling you there is only one way to do things, but that isn’t actually the truth. The only thing limiting you is your mind. There IS ALWAYS a way to do ANYTHING you can think of in your mind - ‘Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve.’ There just might not be a way - YET - however, if you start changing your mind and ASKING for the answers - the WILL show up. Sometimes immediately and sometimes not, but the question is, do you trust in the possibilities that lay BEYOND the Universe? If there are things deep down in the Ocean, that we are still not aware of, how can you think that there isn’t a way to do what you are wanting to do? I am wondering, if you have asked the Universe, asked your intuition, for the answers? I am also getting the message that if you have indeed been making huge progress with mindset and things have really been opening up for you - and you have an amazing day with all these incredible synchronicities in it, then something happens to ‘knock’ you from your amazing day - are you still focusing on - which one? The 10 positive amazing things that happened that day? Or the 1 negative thing that threw you? Are you willing to notice what is taking your attention and CHOOSE to focus on all the positive things that happened that/this incredible day? Something to regain your focus is journalling on all the magical synchronistic events, giving and FEELING deep gratitude for them and CHOOSING to only focus on them. You are starting to experience the deep power in your thoughts and your power right? You are noticing and becoming more and more conscious of this and it feels like this is your sign, your ‘remember’ that you do have the sense, power and control to control your thoughts and control what you CHOOSE to focus on, this i the only thing we have control over - is our thoughts and when you choose to remember and ‘pull yourself’ back into this, oh, the magic lays in your every footstep then doesn’t it? I am sensing there has been some big shifts for you recently and this is your sign to remember who you are, remember what brought you to this space and to journal and get your mindset back to where your Heart is content. You have the power in this situation to choose how you think about it beautiful one. Remember who you are - your thoughts are creating - are you choosing to focus them with great power and intent? Love xxx If you need deep support in digging deep down into and through the subconscious to change at the cellular level of your atomic being that you are, Trust Your Intuition has all your tools, resources and guides that you gain for life, in your new direction of empowerment to do exactly that. Click here for this, the investment increases in just a few hours, then the final round closes in 3 days: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/
Card #4: Balance. Balance your feminine and masculine energy within.
Ah, as much as this card is telling you to come back into balance within you, I am sensing that you have been more in balance than ever before? It feels like you have shifted through some deep, soul painful, deep, dark night of the soul lessons recently, this past 5-6 months has been like, woah, what was that even?! It is like you have been reborn again, been born out of the darkness of the cocoon and you are starting to find a deep eb and flow. I am sensing you have let go of, broken through/out of some very painful situations recently and you are indeed coming back into balance. I am hearing ‘boundaries’ and wondering if you need to implement stronger boundaries or if you ARE implementing stronger boundaries and this is a card symbolising that your balance is indeed coming back - but hey, you didn’t need a card to confirm that solid ‘ah’ feeling now did you? 😉 I am sensing that your power has come back, your light has come back and you are sensing this feeling and these boundaries are showing you, how much you actually value yourself, value who you are and what you are here to do and really not letting anyone come in between you and where your heart is calling you now right? This ‘Sun’ this ‘light’ on this card, feels like a deep sense of self worth and internal power that you haven’t felt before, but know it is and has always been there deep inside of you because you have seen and are still seeing it within others around you and it is reflecting deep, deep down inside you right? How much more you can… rise? This feels like such an empowered card for you today and wondering if that is how you have been feeling? Or if you dropped your boundaries, your clarity about what is right for you and this has thrown you again? Honey, don’t be despaired, this is actually a gift, because do you know what happens every time you do this? You become aware of how much you don’t want to do that anymore/again or - EVER! And every time we drop our boundaries and think, gosh, what did I do THAT again for, a part of us grows stronger and stronger inside that stands up for what we believe in, each and every time, until one day - something comes along and we just simply go, uh uh, not happening and we turn in the other direction and not let it happen again! I feel like this internal strength and confidence is deeply growing inside of you and you are noticing it more and more in others as well - you can feel something deeply shifting inside of you, you are waking up to things in a big big way, what serves you what doesn’t and deeply growing stronger by the minute of what direction you REALLY want to be heading in. That does not mean shutting down your feelings and grieving for what you have lost or that you ‘did’ it again. Letting yourself grieve, allows you to move through it faster, integrate the learnings from it and gain your strength back faster so you can indeed move forward again - with those stronger boundaries so no one can pull you off balance again. The other message that is coming through about it is are you angry at the feminine or the masculine? Is there someone in your currently reality irking you right now? Or have people just all of a sudden turned up of the same gender and you’re like, um, what is happening here? The Triple Goddess and the Triune God can help you come back into deep balance about this for you too, healing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and all in between, the generational lineage and the space that you are creating for yourself for YOU to have the life you want, not repeated patterns from all those walked before you. You are here, to create the life YOU want, not what has been imprinted upon you isn’t it? If you haven’t got The Divine Balance powerful healing and balancing meditations yet, you can do so here: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/the-divine-balance Love xxx If you are wanting to create that inner resilience and needing help to shift the repetitive patterns that you are deeply carrying within you right down to core cellular level and ready to shift them, not just for you, but for your children and your children’s children, then Trust Your Intuition is for you. Click here before the investment increases in just a few hours: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/
Card #5: Creativity. Express your soul though creative expression.
Ah, so many messages streaming through all at once with this card for you! The first thing that came through is that something is wanting to be birthed out of you! Have you been holding back, or working on something?! When I speak about birthing projects - I aliken them to a Mother growing her child in her womb for 9-10 months. Whatever project, or whatever you have been working on for the past 9-10 months - is wanting to be fully fledged - your dreams! The Dark Moon ROAR we have just had is PROTECT THAT WHICH YOU HAVE CREATED is deeply coming to mind here, it feels like now is crucial, now is turning point for you and whatever is no longer serving it’s purpose MUST GO and NOW! What is wanting to come out of you? What is needing you to stand up for what you believe in and fully protect that which you have created? I am also getting the message that if you have been feeling depressed or stagnant - ask yourself, what intuition am I getting, that I haven’t taken action on? We stuck and depressed, like ‘pressed down’ because our goals, dreams, purpose, project - wants to be birthed!!! To come OUT - to be who you really are without any weights or anchors hanging on to you anymore. It is time to fly free dear one!!! Is it music, birthing a project, writing, cooking - creating something - what is it? What are you thinking about or even resentful that others are doing, that you haven’t done, know you can do, know you have something to do, but aren’t trusting yourself or just doing it anyway, because it is what YOUR SOUL is calling you to do? You do realise that people are attracted to your particular unique vibration and so it doesn’t matter what you do, just do the thing your Soul is calling you to do and YOUR people will show up - do you trust this? You wouldn’t have something deep down calling inside you to come out, to be birthed, to come forth - if your Soul and the Universe didn’t have your back with the divine plan and every single little detail already mapped out, planned out and in alignment with that - all you need to do is align YOURSELF to THAT. So, are you? Or are you not following the rainbow, the fairy dust, the trail of inner and outer magic? Have you surpassed that? Or are you ready to awaken and wake up tot eh reality that is right in front of you, that if you just let your true self be birthed and just did the thing anyway, that as if, by magic ALL the things are shown to you along the way? ‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step’. Your Life Purpose is BUILT upon this - deep trust in the next step and the next step and the next step. If you have ideas to do something or HAVE started something, do not let something stop you, nor not take a stand to not PROTECT it with all you have built so far! The hardest part is right before the birth yes? When the Mother just wants to give up and all energy is gone… the baby is born…. then you still have to deeply tend to it yes, but honey, look what you now have in your arms… as if by magic. I am getting the sense for that your goal, dream, what you have been working on, is a lot closer that you realise, that is about to come to fruition and be birthed, so don’t give up now beautiful one, protect that which you have created like a Mother would protect Her child and watch the Universe deeply support your dreams into deep magic, fulfilling LOVE. Love xxx Are you wanting to deeply align to that which you have created and have the deep confidence and trust to follow your dreams especially when everyone is telling you to quit and get a real job? Do you have people around you that support your crazy out there ideas and dreams and encourage you? The Trust Your Intuition tribe is awaiting you dear one, the investment increases at midnight tonight and Final Round closes in 3 days! Click here to join us and for all the details before this closes in just a few hours: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/
Card #6: Earth Healing. Step into nature to come out isolation.
Honey, have you been hiding away in your cocoon? Yes, we all need to retreat, but if this card has come to you and you know you have been cocooning away for some time, this is your sign to come out! But how do you ‘return to reality and society’ when you have been cocooning yourself away for so long? You start by heading back into nature and reconnecting with Her there. Do it regularly for a few weeks and you will start to feel like you have a new skin and can ‘face the world’ again. I am wondering what cocoon you have been in? What ‘sent you there’? All transformation happens deep in a cocoon for some time and then when you come out again, it is like you have been born again, rebirthed and need some delicate quiet time to readjust and nature is the best way to do that for you. Gosh the Butterfly theme is strong here today for Tuesday Tarot and She is covered in Butterflies on this image of this card. Growing new wings have you been? I am noticing the huge tree She is leaning against and trees have also been a strong theme this week in particular alongside Dragons and Trees and Dragons are all about connecting us to our HEART. I am wondering if you have been having your heart strings pulled? Heart’s dreams coming true? In a much easier way and flow than you ever thought possible? It feels like you have ‘Earthed’ and some really solid foundations have been and are still being laid, but are well on their way for the structure and glass windows to be placed on the building so to speak. Your Soul is speaking - what is it saying? The deep Heart whispers - are you listening? The windows of a house/building at the ‘window to your Soul’ and I am sensing that your Soul is wanting to say something very deeply to you, have you taken time out to reconnect back to your true nature (trees) and to hear the whispers that She/He is guiding you? Of what your Soul, is guiding you? This step into nature to come out of isolation is calling you, even if it is just once a week to start with, to reconnect back to yourself. I am hearing that your Soul has a deep message for you and to take regular time out to connect to your Soul to hear the messages of your next step. I feel that you have been making lots of progress, even in leaps and bounds in your cocoon and there is a strong message coming through from your Soul that is needing to be heeded and tended to. This is the key, the guidance, the next steps and next level to what and where you are being called to go dear one. This is an exciting time for you, your path is illuminated with the whitest of white, pure light, and healing, grounded in deep, solid foundations you have been diligently working on. Your Soul, has your next level steps, your next level guidance for you to put into action to move forward to in the direction of your dreams. Are you ready to come out into nature, reconnect to your true self, and listen, deeply, intently, to the next step, the message your Soul has that is awaiting you, to listen into, to guide you? I am sensing it might be something you aren’t expecting, but makes total sense in the big picture overview and is like a big aha, of course moment! Are you ready to hear it? Love xxx If you get confused at the messages you hear from your intuition, or aren’t sure if it is your intuition or just a voice in your head, or think you are clear but then your intuition, seems like it was wrong? Why did those events even happen? When we are trusting our intuition, we are usually not shown the why until much later, even if at all. The question is - do you trust the messages your intuition is showing you, without knowing they why? Trust Your Intuition guides you deeply to your path of service, healing and your Life Purpose for not only you, but the reason you are on this planet too. Click here for all the details, Trust Your Intuition closes this week and the investment increases in just a few hours from now: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/