🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 5th November 2019 🔮

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 5th November 2019 🔮

Scroll down to find what number called out to you earlier today to see what messages are awaiting you from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels for you today. 

👁Activated Crystalline Clairvoyance
Healing Past Lives
👁Shifting Stubborn Relationship Patterns
👁Moving Out Of Co-Dependency
👁Getting Clear on That Big Question - Do I Stay Or Do I Go

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Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Card #1: Steady Progress. “We acknowledge you for the progress you’ve made in remembering love in your daily activities. We can clearly see the contribution you’re making to the world through your thoughts, feelings and actions of love.”

I am sensing quite strongly that you are striving ahead, almost feeling let down in a way, yet continuing forward yet, the main message here for you - is look how far you’ve come. I feel like you are acknowledging this in tiny amounts, however the sense that I am getting is that the focus on how far you’ve come needs to be increased. Celebrating how far you’ve come, celebrating and acknowledging actually how much you have walked through to get to this point you are at now. I am also sensing a bit of ‘clean up’ time is calling you too? Have you been super focused and flat out for like - years it seems? And now, the sense that I am getting is that it is time to clean up loose ends, tie up and close off loose ends. Stop the things dangling around and tidy up. What needs to be finished, what needs to be reorganised? What needs to be let go of? Given away? Sold? Decluttered? I am sensing that ‘a new season is upon us’ - not just our seasons as we know it but a long term shift has occurred and is on the dawning of a new era of energy and I am getting the message for you to leave all in your past that is not coming with you. Would you have it in 5 years time? Then shift it out now. What can you see in your future vision that isn’t where you are now? What pro-active steps can you take now to pull that into your now even sooner? What physical body upgrades do you need to allow yourself to move into? Lifestyle changes? I feel like you have just completed a big section of your life and now you may even notice you feel somewhat, well, what now? Yet, this is the time for recalibration and just like a new season comes and brings fresh energy, so too, does this recalibration in your life to set you up for the next stage and phase that is going to take you into the dawning new era of not only your life, but the collective dawning that we are moving into. Where else, do you need to acknowledge how far you’ve come? Sometimes it can feel like a lonely road, creating a life alone, yet together on this planet, all doing the same thing, interconnected and moving forward we forget to acknowledge how far we’ve actually come. Where were you three years ago? Five years ago even? Can you take stock of how far you’ve come and the progress you’ve made? Acknowledge your commitment to turning up, doing the work and shifting and creating your life, the way you want it to be. The more we celebrate and focus on the progress, the more rapidly it continues. Life flies by, acknowledge how far you’ve come and celebrate it. Your entire life should be a celebration - because you’re worth it beautiful one, you deserve every ounce of happiness you create. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Love xxx Ready to shift out those relationship patterns that have you going around in circles, rather than moving forward? Ready to see the truth of your past and remove the blocks and limiting patterns holding you back from receiving the next level life you know in your heart is possible? I See You, I See Me has been 12 months in the making, deeply taking you into the most Advanced Clairvoyance and Third Eye Consciousness that changes your entire perspective on the world, let alone your own reality to the love, abundance and creational peace that you feel in your bones is the truth of reality as we know it. Click here for all the details, I am excited to finally release this powerful Third Eye Consciousness to you: https://www.realityawareness.com/third-eye-chakra-i-see-you-i-see-me


Card #2: Perfect Timing. “Now is the perfect moment to act upon your inspirations. The doors are open, while you walk through them with us by your side. Don’t delay or procrastinate, as all of the ingredients are ripe for your success. Everything and everyone is on your side, supporting your positive outcome.”

I feel like more than a sign of yes - your intuition is correct - I feel like this is confirmation of actions that you have taken in the last week or so. Deep alignment is possible for you right now. Have you just let go of something? Or shifted something in your reality? I feel like something has ‘let go’ and it has created this big energetic space in your life, that… has created the space you’ve needed to be able to DO YOU. All of you, birth the new you, ground the new you and do what you’re really here to do right now. I feel like you thought something was supposed to be a certain way, but something has just shifted out/let go and actually, you see now, that this is how it was supposed to be. I feel there are still parts you are adjusting too, with this new let go, yet, ultimately the situation now feels ‘lighter’ and so you know this new adjustment is a path of where you are supposed to be heading. I am also getting the message something about Christmas in particular - are you planning to ‘do Christmas a different way’ or such? What do you have planned between Christmas and New Year? I feel that this ‘Perfect Timing’ message has something to do with what you are planning to do around Christmas time this year and to plan for it and to plan for other possible events in the process as well. Do you have a dedicated commitment to yourself between now and Christmas? What are you needing to implement on a daily basis from today, that is supporting the plans/desires you have for Christmas? I feel this is important for you for some reason? Even if it is a goal you are working towards, more so than ‘Christmas plans’ type thing, it is about whatever personal/life goals you have set for yourself that perhaps by Christmas time then - what? I feel like this is something near and dear to your Heart this particular issue/goal that it is something that you deeply value and treasure - what is that? I am also getting the message about being grounded. How can you ‘ground’ yourself where you are right now? Whether that be exercise and physical body, yes, however I am also getting the message something about your home? How can you feel more grounded at/in your home right now? What does your home/being grounded have to do with your plans before/leading up to Christmas? Whatever that is, that has been on your mind - it is the Perfect Timing for you to move forward with your plans and goals about this dear beautiful Soul. Trust you are provided for today and all of your tomorrows and it shall be so. Love xxx Ready to take your Clairvoyance to the next level? Deep awareness, consciousness accelerated shifts in your reality with the healing and activations releasing you from your past binds and padlocks that are keeping you energetically trapped in your old relationships. Untie the threads and set yourself free so you can meet your match and create the life of your dreams. We are in Relationship to EVERYTHING all the time and I See You, I See Me - takes all of your Relationships to your next level, by releasing all that holds you back. Click here for all the details, I am excited to bring this to you after 12 months of co-creation with Spirit! https://www.realityawareness.com/third-eye-chakra-i-see-you-i-see-me


Card #3: See Only Love. “Look past the seemingly errors, mistakes and misunderstandings and see only the love within each person (including yourself). Your resolute focus on the love that underlies every situation brings about healing in undreamed of ways.”

I am getting the message as soon as I see this card for you to ‘See the bigger picture’ - look beyond what you are currently seeing with this surface reality of what this situation is presenting to you. I feel there are other unseen factors going on that you aren’t currently aware of, but that will soon surface for you that will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about it. I feel that what you think you know, is not actually the truth and to just wait and let Spirit show you. I feel that you are only seeing with your perception of reality, yet, there is something else going on here that you haven’t become aware of yet about the situation. I am hearing the message ‘Please be patient’ - so I am wondering what that means to you/for you? Have you ‘reached the end of your tether’ with this situation? Are you ready to walk away for good? I am getting the message, ‘Don’t’ - don’t act in haste, don’t act in reaction, just allow this situation to surface, because there are deeper aspects that are at play right now. I am also sensing two other messages here, one is that someone will open up to you soon and all will be revealed and two that and/or someone is about to walk into your life that will change the course of direction you are seemingly planning on taking. It’s almost as if you aren’t making plans - you are and you aren’t - you’ve got your groove of life going on and the direction you’re heading - yet I feel that someone is going to walk into your life and enhance your life, and compliment it, that will take your life in a new positive direction that ultimately is what you have been wanting and calling in for some time, yet that you have almost given up on in a way. I am also hearing ‘there is no hurry’ and I feel that it is imperative that you hold your ground and ‘hold your life’ - the way you are living, when this person turns up it compliments what you do, not pulls you away from everything. Not like the old you, that would drop everything for them and then be left hanging and cleaning up the pieces right? Yes, this is new you time and I feel that right now you are in preparation mode. I am also hearing ‘Be Happy Now’ and wondering if you have been down in the dumps lately in a way? I feel like it is time for you to pick yourself up and brush off the dust and cobwebs and to allow yourself to find that joy again - it is almost as if you have not LET yourself be happy because… you are waiting for… what? No. No more waiting around to live your life beautiful one. Start putting a plan of action into action and MAKE your happiness happen, create it, don’t wait on anyone or anything to turn up before you do, because we all know that doesn’t happen. Create your happiness and let other be attracted to you, by your positive and happy vibe. “Every situation bring about healing in undreamed of ways” - where are you needing to create happiness today, so that you can step into the flow of life that brings that joyful healing and lightness of heart, back into your life, no matter what has happened in your past? Isn’t it time, for you to feel that in your heart again? Are you, going to the one to give yourself that own permission? To set, your own heart free? Love xxx Still tied to the pain and trauma of your past? Ready to see the truth about what is really holding you back and release the cords that constantly pull you back into unhealthy patterns, relationships and situations that your Soul is screaming ENOUGH ALREADY!? I See You, I See Me, is exactly what this is about, for and supports you to take your Clairvoyance and Seeing the Truth in every relationship to the next level - where you can truly, release the pain of your past to See and experience the truth of the relationships you crave to feel in your Soul. Click here for al the details, I am excited to release this to you after 12 months in co-creation with Spirit to shift you to the love in all of your relationships: https://www.realityawareness.com/third-eye-chakra-i-see-you-i-see-me


Card #4: Entrepreneur. ‘Self-Employment suits your disposition and intentions. Working for yourself allows you to better follow your intuition and Divine guidance. We are your co-workers and teammates, who remain loyally by your side to ensure your success in all ways.”

Well this card is quite self-explanatory! Yet, there are several messages coming through here for you. I feel there is something you are working on that is a big YES for you and I am hearing ‘completion’ and feeling that it is important you bring this to completion. What project is it, that comes to mind as you read that? Whatever it is, dedicate all your spare time to this right now. Anything else is a distraction to this purposeful project you are being called to work on and I feel this is important you heed this message to be able to do this. I feel like this is a big setting up of your next few years ahead of you, so anything that is not in alignment with where you are heading, don’t second guess discarding it! It feels like now, more than ever is a time for striping away and stripping back what no longer serves you and to work on this project with unequivocal vocation to bring your desires and dreams to life. Hmmm, did you pull two cards today? Is that what the Christmas message in Card #2 is about? 🤔 It feels like everything you have known deep in the core of your Soul for YEARS has led you to this moment in time right now with what you are working on and I feel that this next 6-8 months will be pivotal in leveraging all your work to date to pour into this project right now. I am getting the message too, about your internal work, your mindset, your energetic space and environment - are they in alignment with where you want to be heading? With, your vision - are you working on expanding this inner space to expand your outer space? I am sensing this inner work is important for you right now too and although it might feel like you’ve been climbing a huge mountain for the last 18 months I am sensing that within these next 6-8 months, things are going to get easier and easier for you. ‘Hang in there’ I am hearing. This card also has a lot of Orange on it and Orange is the colour of your Sacral Chakra. Sacral is all about nourishing yourself and Joy and I am wondering how your Self Care levels are and if you are needing to create more consistent practises that will bring you more joy? Naturally, we feel better about ourselves and can handle life 10 times easier when our Self Care levels are high. Our self worth naturally rises and we feel more confident in self. What self care practises do you need to engage in? Even, to create more celebration events to celebrate your achievements? As an Entrepreneur, we are never done with our to do list of endless creation that flows through you, so it is important to you celebrate every little milestone - because life is meant t be celebrated and it is easy to get bogged down in life. The Fairies Celebrate every night with music, dance and food. So important to shift the energy into easy accessible vibrational frequencies when we are in more joy. What joy events, what creational celebratory events have you planned for November? Isn’t it time? Love xxx Ready to get out of the wheel of exhaustion, understand why you put everyone first except yourself time and time again and release that pattern for good so you can be free to own who you really are and step up in to the true leader that you are? Click here for all the details, I am excited to release this to you after 12 months of co-creation with Spirit to bring it to you: https://www.realityawareness.com/third-eye-chakra-i-see-you-i-see-me


Card #5: Relationship. “Your primary relationship is with yourself and God, and every other relationship follows from there. To attract, heal or balance a relationship, then snuggle more closely with your loving Creator. As you feel safe and loved within, so shall your other relationships bloom and prosper.”

Whilst this card has it’s obvious meaning - there is one big message coming through here for you and it is the relationship with yourself - namely a certain behaviour that has been on your mind to release, to let go of to complete shift and change your lifestyle to match what has been on your Soul calling radar for some time now right? I am wondering if there is fear coming up for you in relation to the lifestyle change you are considering? I am getting the message about moving interstate and wondering if that has been on your mind - or whether I am picking up that the lifestyle change you’ve been considering is energetically as big as moving interstate and I think that it is both. That if you have been thinking about interstate moving or someone/something has been calling you there then to follow that calling AND if lifestyle change hasn’t even been in your awareness about moving interstate - the lifestyle change you are about to embark on/or have just begun, is energetically as big as moving interstate. And the message here - is that the enjoyment, the new energy and the energetic shifts that you will have from embarking on this lifestyle change, will be as big as moving interstate in the positive changes that this will usher in for you. I am sensing that you are going to need support as you go through releasing what you are to truly embody your new lifestyle changes - what are they for you? What support do you need, what changes will you be implementing as you do this? I feel that you have ‘outgrown’ your current situation and it is almost like you are ‘wondering where it has gone’ as it isn’t even here yet, but you feel different already with the changes that have been ushered upon you already and this lifestyle change that has been on your mind/in your awareness is the answer to all the questions you have been seeking lately. Whatever issues are going on in your life - this lifestyle change? Is going to bring you the depth of clarity that you seek in the ‘problem’ areas - but the lifestyle change, almost has nothing to do with the ‘problem’ in a way right? And that is usually always the case. If we are worried about something - usually it is another area of our life that is pulling the weight down in the web and we don’t even realise that that is the anchor that pulls everything else down with it. So, have you looked over your web lately to see what else is going on there for you? What other areas can you tend to that you keep saying you don’t have time for? Or that other things are more important? I feel like it is important to take stock and have a look over all areas of your life as when we give energy to all areas of our life, all areas of our life rise in energy and entire paradigm shifts ensue. The relationship with yourself and God/Universe comes first, then everything else - how can you improve the relationship with God/Universe and yourself? Then, tend to everyone and everything else? What look over everything in your life do you need an overhaul to prepare and embark on your new lifestyle changes/choices? Love xxx Ready to clean out the skeletons in your closet? Ready to shift your reality through the depths of time to clear the slate and allow your new love to walk into your life? To tend to the most important relationship at the depths of the core, one can go to? I See You, I See Me, releases your relationship patterns that have kept you trapped and bound for all of time, to enable you to be energetically free of any past life karmic ties that are holding you back from allowing your heart to feel the love you deeply know is possible with solid, healthy boundaries and deep self love, I am excited to bring you I See You, I See Me after 12 months of co-creation with Spirit, click here for all the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/third-eye-chakra-i-see-you-i-see-me


Card #6: Be Honest With Yourself. “Look into your heart and you will know the truth of this situation. It’s safe to admit the truth to yourself for we will support and guide you through any necessary changes. Lean upon us for courage and the strength to take good care of yourself. Focus only upon your true desires and they’ll come to you upon angels wings.”

Hmmm, where are you needing to stop avoiding your feelings? Have you been feeling like you’ve been UBER SENSITIVE to EVERYTHING this past week/past few days? That intensely you have been anxious/crying/feeling like you’ve been going crazy right now? I am wondering what you are needing to stop avoiding and face? Is there something going on in your reality that you are…. Not sure how to get out of? Not sure which direction to turn? You know you can’t go back to your old ways but gosh, this new road it UBER SCARY?!?! That’s what it feels like for you? You’re like, ‘Nope, nope, I’m cool Hannah, everything is fine, it’s all going to be okay.’ But then these WAVES OMG - are they STRONG and BIG and like… woah, talk about tsunami going on over here inside my being right?! FULL ON yes? I am getting the sense that right now you are going through EXTREME system upgrades in your body, light body, your physical body, emotional body - ALL your bodies are being upgraded right now. I feel that you will be feeling this way until mid-November (I know it seems like ages!) And that everything is happening at once. Have you felt the urge to clean out your home? To shift rooms around, declutter like you’ve never done before and like everything just feels… old? Or old you? These are all signs of intense energetic shifts in your reality and I wonder if you even feel like it is like not only are you EXTRA sensitive to vibrations and shifts around you, but that you can also feel the shifts coming from other places beyond this reality? Have you been working on energetic mindset/consciousness shifts recently? Have you been increasing your psychic development? Have you been working on shifts, especially since February this year? I feel like you are going through these intense upgrades right now, because of the main portal entry that landed for you back in February and now it has ‘hit’ reality in a way, (that 6 month marker point), that you are now receiving the physical energetic shifts in ALL your bodies. It is like this Diamond Light is being activated in your bodies, in your systems. If there are any changes that you have been avoiding making - don’t delay these any longer as this will only exasperate your sensitivity as the changes that has been on your mind to make are actually SUPER supportive in allowing yourself to actually receive these upgrades to your systems in a more gentle way. You are super sensitive to foods, chemicals, even sounds right now - I am getting the message to please honour your sensitivity as you go through this next wave of energetic upgrades as this is preparing you for June next year when your career and purpose will shift gears to next level again. And these changes and preparations that you are going through right now are clearing the way and not only energetically preparing you for then, but physically as well. What changes to your body have you been wanting to make? Extra self care? TLC? Getaways? Please listen to the callings of your Soul - Be Honest With Yourself - what is it, that your Soul is guiding you to do? Don’t delay any longer precious one. You’ll. Be grateful you made the changes when you did. 2020 is a big and amazing year for you next year. Keep going beautiful Soul. Love xxx Want to exponentially take your Clairvoyance to the next level? To have the understanding of relationships like no one understands how on Earth you DO that with them? Help them so much just by… being you? Advanced Clairvoyance in I See You, I See Me is here! After 12 dedicated months of co-creation with Spirit - this is next level Clairvoyance like you’ve never experienced before. Third Eye Chakra Consciousness has arrived, click here for al the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/third-eye-chakra-i-see-you-i-see-me


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