READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Aug 07, 2018

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

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Scroll down to find the number you chose earlier today and see what messages streamed through from the Goddesses for you today. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


Card #1: Green Tara. Start Delegating. ‘Ask others (including me), to help you instead of trying to do everything by yourself.’

Ah, well this card is quite obvious, in asking for help - start delegating - you are worn out, burnt out and more, as you have reached your limit of doing it all by yourself. I am curious, what aspect of your life, feels like a burden, like you want to give it up, like you don’t want to do it anymore? And maybe you are questioning this, giving it up - because you can’t seem to see any other way right now - yet you know deep down you have reached your limit - ‘I can’t keep doing this, I am at breaking point’ and more… Yet, this card has come as your calling card, your signal, which, I feel that you have already had an internal knowing that you need to change something, but you are not sure what and when it all feels so overwhelming and can’t ‘see’ any other options or the way out, then now is the time to ask Spirit/Universe/Green Tara, for support, ideas, help - just ask! Sometimes we can get so caught up in things and bogged down and forget we can ask Spirit for help. Sometimes we ask and it doesn’t happen straight away and so ‘give up’ even more, but it is important to never give up asking for help. Continue to ask Spirit/Angels/Universe continually, especially if you are in a rough situation right now, especially when you are in an environment that is making you feel uneasy, anxious or more, asking for example, “Archangel Michael of 100% Light, can you please clear my energy, please clear my chakras, my aura, my environment, thank you” - yet when you are in a situation that is intense or more - this is like your mantra, this is what your mind is constantly ‘thinking’ if you may - and this not only shifts the energy and ‘protects’ you from taking on someone else’s stuff/energy - but it is also strengthening your spiritual muscles at the same time and this helps you get clearer and clearer in what your energy is and what someone else’s energy. This strengthens your sense of self and self confidence, as you are not taking on someone else’s stuff/energy and thinking there is something wrong with you - and then the world doesn’t seem so overwhelming, you can think straight and you can get done what you need to do in your day without being wiped by other peoples shit. So, number 1 - how often have you cleared your energy today? Especially if you’ve been going through a hard time? And then, have you asked Spirit for help? Just simply say, ‘Dear God please help me with this entire situation, I hand this over to you right now, as I am needing deep clarity right now please!’ and again, this is something you can keep saying over and over in your mind like a mantra to shift your energy around the situation. The other part is here, have you asked for physical help? Do you need support with your physical situation? Whilst the energy clearing, healing and more is super healing, there is only so much spiritual and metaphysical work you can do, before you need to take physical action? So if you are super stuck with trying to figure out your next physical steps and feel just, well, plain stuck, Green Tara, has come to you today, to ask Her for help with this entire situation, and then keep an awareness of the next 3 days once you have asked (or are continually asking 😉) and see what comes across your path, what ideas drop in and who turns up in your reality - and trust these ideas and signs, as asking for help is one thing, noticing the signs is another and taking action is also a huge part in it. 3 part process yes? Ask, be aware, and take action. So - have you asked yet? 😉 Love xxx If you would like divinely guided strategies to help your situation, whether spiritually or how on earth to ground those spiritual things you’ve been working with in the physical reality and how to put them into action for your everyday busy modern day mystic life, merging the spiritual and physical realities is my speciality, we are both spiritual and physical and sometimes it is tricky to ground and bring them into this earthly reality whilst trying to stay grounded, present and somewhat ‘normal’ to get the tasks done we need to take action on. In celebration of marking 2 consecutive years for Tuesday Tarot (yes! I haven’t missed one single Tuesday in 2 years! 😍) I was intuitively guided to change my 21 Day Shifter Program from $997 to $97 to Celebrate this amazing milestone of every single Tuesday, as August here, marks this celebratory date, so if you are needing deep support to get your life back on track and heal your tender heart, click here for all the details:


Card #2: Diana. High Priestess. “You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching.”

Ah, well this card is quite clear in it’s message, and yet the strong message coming through here is that you are going through an intense transition right now, are you not? It feels like almost, like all has fallen down around you in a way and you are left looking at the big pile of pieces strewn around your feet and going um, what just happened here? Yet, this deep recalibration of your Life Purpose is strong right now - because this High Priestess card - and if you are male and you have drawn number 2 today, is that you are a Druid, with the depth of knowledge that you are, just like the High Priestess, you are  being called upon to share this depth of Soul and self. Yet, I am sharing messages that you already know right? You know this, you’ve been feeling it for some time and I am wondering, if there is two parts of you - you know you have to share something, yet you are unsure, quite what that is this moment in time and that is frustrating you in itself almost and then the other part is that you are scared to come out of your shell so to speak, shared to voice your true heart through your sharing in your life, whether in your work, on social media or other means that you know you need to break out of the comfort zone of. I am wondering too - if it feels like a halt in some area? It is almost like the High Priestess in you is soooo strong right now - you can feel this depth in your bones, but it is also foreign, but super familiar and ‘Home’ at the same time. I am getting the message for you with this Divine Knowledge that you can feel, it is like something is sitting waiting there to be birthed right? You can feel something, but these last bits are waiting to be shifted, cleared and more. I am curious, what you have been working on? Is there something that doesn’t feel aligned anymore and you have completely shifted away from this? I am sensing there is a deep alignment you have shifted into recently and there is something, that is deeply being birthed out of you from this. I am getting the message about writing - have you been thinking about writing? Or something to do with writing? Is there a contract or vow from your past that is keeping you stuck even? Something in your throat? Have you been having throat issues lately? I am also wondering, getting the message that there is still a few ‘threads’ left if you may, about the situation that you’ve just moved away from recently that are still entangled in your field. What comes to mind as you read this? What do you need to voice to them? What is it, you are needing to say from your highest self? What, words of wisdom, does your Divine High Priestess and Druid, call to you of? I am getting something about a box - what is in the box? What is hidden away? Throat Chakra and throat issues, thyroid and more, are about holding back something that is near and dear to your heart, have you been holding back something deep in your heart that hasn’t been said yet? What is ‘fluttering’ in your chest that wants to be expressed? Thyroid, throat and more, is the Heart energy stuck in your throat and is deep correlation to you not only just talking your talk - but walking it honey. What is it coming to mind? Perhaps the Past Life Integration needs to be delved into? What have you recently released? What vows and contracts from your past are still lingering in your energy field? Whether, this life time or previous, what threads need to be tended to? Diana, the High Priestess has come to you today to remind you of your power - that you are not a victim to any situation and you can use your Divine Heart Voice to speak your destined truth and shift the situation and fast. Because, that is what you do - you are fast, you get it, instantly and this, my dear, is what the High Priestess has come to you today to remind you - to own your dear power. What, do you need to speak and take action on today? Not just speak it, this is divine truth deep down through your Base Chakra - the epitome of your Life Purpose being birthed, walked on this Earth - are you ready to reclaim your Soul power and divine destiny like you know you’re here for? Love xxx If you need help in shifting your past life fears that are halting your progress right now and need to release the vows and binds of your past, would like divinely guided intuitively steps directly related to your own personal life, situation and direction for you, to celebrate 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been guided to drop my 21 Day Shifter Program from $997 to $97 to honour the depth of this divine work - and that it goes way beyond what you see on the screen, and you will feel what I mean reading that sentence! That isn’t something that has words for… are you ready, to be deeply supported as you SHIFT? Click here for all the details beautiful one, rise dear Priestess & Druid, RISE:


Card #3: Brigit. Don’t Back Down. “Stand up for what you believe in.”

Ah, these cards have similar theme so far, taking your power back basically! I am getting the message here for Brigit for you today - don’t back down - but you don’t have to engage either - the most powerful space comes when you don’t need to justify your actions, choices and more, to anyone else. You know so deeply in your heart, the thread is deep within your Soul, that you have moved beyond trying to explain it to people, you just action it instead. This is a true sign of Mastery and Embodiment of your Life Purpose. This doesn’t mean you stay in an unhealthy situation and cop abuse, but it does mean, you totally just know when to leave and be done with it, close that door, that chapter - that BOOK even, and just walk right away beautiful one, as this feels like the message right now. Whilst it is about standing up for what you believe in - the wise great teachers, barely say anything, but when they do, oh babe, don’t you feel its POWER? THIS is the message coming through for you. “Let go, let go, let go” Is the message pouring through here from Brigit, allow your heart to mend, heal and BE with who you are - yet, know what this space is giving you the strong message of, you already know the answer, deep down, you do and it is time to rejoice in this deep knowing and sense of self that has come from you deeply, deeply following what is right in your heart right now, without needing to explain, justify or even tell anyone. Just do it. This message is clear from Brigit today - what are you needing to just do and take action on, rather than trying to explain yourself to someone/people who just don’t get it anyway? Of course, speaking up for what you believe in yes - but if you have done this numerous, numerous times and are ‘worn’ out from it as they aren’t getting it, isn’t it time to turn towards where you know you are meant to go and just do it? I am also getting the message here about boundaries - what boundaries are you needing to put in place on a deeper level for yourself? Yes, saying no to something and walking away, or standing up to, yet, what boundaries keep getting crossed for yourself? What is it that you are needing to stand strong in, in regards to your own inner worth, desires and what you know is deeply right for you at this time? Where can you ‘draw the line’ and say enough is enough and take your inner resolve, divine power and knowingness and turn to the tribe that is waiting for you to reclaim your position to where you are being called to go the most? Love xxx If you are needing help with this direction, with ‘letting go’ and turning away from, if you need help to go where you actually need to go instead of continually thinking it will change, or they will change or they will shift and so, you’re kinda waiting for that, but also know that isn’t going to happen and need support to truly let go for good, my 21 Day Shifter Program is open now and in deep celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been guided to drop the price from $997 to $97, which is 21 Days of unlimited questions, divinely guided messages and more, to help you SHIFT and get your life on track, click here for all the details to gain this deep support now:


Card #4: Damara. Guiding Children. ‘You are good at helping, counselling and healing children. Use your skills to help children now.’

Ah, this card has a very clear message! And, I feel that you already know and have been receiving messages about working with children and/or you know you need to help them, support them, or it is somehow intertwined with your Life Purpose. I keep getting ‘book’ - are you to write a book that helps children somehow? Or help the parents to help their children? To support them? The other main message that streamed through when I first read this card for you though was about Inner Child and I am getting the sense that your inner child/self/you are feeling a tad ‘lost’ at this moment in time, hmmm, not lost, but more of a sense of trying to navigate this new space you’ve suddenly found yourself in right now, actually it’s not lost, it’s  - it is almost like you are dealing with something currently in your life that it is something, you have known deep down for a long time, but now it is surfacing or it is, happening. And whilst you’ve always known that this is ‘it’, this is what you’ve been waiting for, almost, but had let it go of anything ever happening, it is now here, happening and I am wondering how your inner child is feeling? It actually feels like a solid sense of self, the ‘lost’ sense I was picking up, feels more like, this is a new space in your life, that is also so deeply grounding and here, hmmm, bit tricky to describe the sense of the energy I am getting for you - inside, deep within you, you have had some deep shifts recently and you have too, come out the other side and now feel like a new sense of self, from deep within. Nothing has changed, everything is still as it was - BUT - EVERYTHING has actually changed - because, you, deep down, have changed, you’ve deeply shifted and the message I am getting here is that you are deeply grounding into this new sense of self, this ‘new territory’ that you are in right now, is so deeply right, but the navigation of it is still new. And, again, I am wondering how your Inner Child is feeling? have you checked in with him/her today? And, do you on a regular basis? I am getting the sense that right now, your Inner Child has some GOLD for you about this current situation - have you checked in with them about your current situation? Trust this new space you are navigating right now, overall it feels positive, even if it is a bit ‘unknown’ - the question here, is do you trust in the unknown? Can you feel safe, in the unknown? This would be where connecting with your Inner Child is pure healing as you can connect back to feeling safe when you do so and safety? That feeling of safety? When you feel safe? Oh beautiful Soul - THAT is the energy that rapidly attracts your desires into form. Trust in the unknown. Feel safe, in the unknown. Of course, this card also comes, if there is a child/ren in your life to tend to them and the message I am specifically getting is about clearing their energy and more specifically teaching them how to clear their own energy. THIS is one of the most important tools you can teach your child, so that they don’t take on your stuff, let alone other peoples. So important. So powerful for them to have this tool in their awareness/tool belt. So, have you? Connected to your Inner Child today to receive the GOLD they have to share with you about your current situation? Love xxx In deep celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot (yep, I am soooo excited to be deeply honouring this space of 2 years of never missing  Tuesday!) - my 21 Day Shifter Program of Unlimited Psychic Readings, Unlimited Divinely guided answers to all your Unlimited questions in this space, has been dropped from $997 to $97, as August right now, marks 2 years of this amazing space where I have been deeply serving you to trust, your dear intuition. Click here for al the details:


Card #5: Sulis. Bodies of Water. “Spend time near water, such as a lake, river or ocean, to recharge your batteries.”

Ah, this card has a very clear direct message too yes? Spend time near large bodies of water to recharge yourself. As soon as I saw this card though, alkaline water came to mind and I am wondering if you have been receiving the message to drink alkaline water recently? The ocean, has a pH of 8.3 (there abouts) and is rich in minerals, as the other message that streamed through this card - was MINERALS! I am wondering if you are needing to support yourself with minerals in some way right now? I am also getting the message that collectively with the layer, the sheath, the shedding that has just gone on, that we are all emerging - wow the visual I just got about this is incredible! Let me try and describe it - it is like this, there is a certain group of people on the planet right now, that have felt these shifts in this past 6 more than some and this is due to your choices, deep soul alignment, heart integrity and more I am getting the message of and the visual was like, walking out of this dimensional sheath, and ‘leaving that web behind’ type thing, goodness my explanation does not do this visual justice! I am wondering if you are ‘seeing’ or ‘sensing’ it as I am speaking anyway - as it is like we’ve just moved out of this sheath layer, and this isn’t linear above and down this is across - literally like we’ve stepped out and away of that web, that is no left behind (yes there are still a group of individuals still on the web you’ve just walked away from) - and the visual that just dropped in to describe this, is like when you are on a plane on and see that sort of horizon that you see of the entire Earth as you are flying above it = that is the type of ‘energy’ ‘web’ you’ve/we’ve just stepped away from/into this new space here. And like I saw you/us all, almost climbing out of it and stepping into this new/next/current space here and some holding their hand up as the light is so bright here but then almost as fast as you put your hand up to ‘shield the light’ from your eyes almost, you took it down and was like the deepest sense of fresh air you’ve ever taken deep, deep into your lungs - but this, this is a SOUL BREATH, this is a deep breath that you’ve never taken before, this is a breath that you are deeply familiar with and omg it feels like Home and pretty much what you have always known but, now experiencing more and more. Some of you may cough, burp or release energy in other ways as you read this as I am getting the message this has been an energy clearing and clearing out the last remnants of the web you just stepped away from. So interesting! What a message for you today!!! And the sense of underlying JOY that is here in this space? Wow, breath of fresh air is pretty much how I can describe that in some way that cannot ultimately be described!! So, back to the mineral part! I am getting the message, that because of this shift I just described (would love to know if you felt it/saw it/sensed it/if this resonates as this feels so amazing this space with you right now 😍 ) The minerals - alkaline water, is full of minerals and keeps your body/blood supported in the alkaline environment it is supposed to be in for optimal health - you know how I mentioned the ocean is 8.3 pH - your blood? Is exactly the same pH! Phenomenal right? Especially when you consider our bodies are made up of 70-90% water…! And… how deeply connected we are to the ebbs and flows of the tides that move through the ocean and into our Souls… and they say we originally came of the ocean… Ah, so - minerals, have you been getting this sign for yourself? Or to increase/change your diet back to a more alkaline based diet? And, have you already been drinking, or have been getting the message to drink specific mineral based, alkaline water, or increase your intake of water? Of course, as the cards states - spending time in water, ocean, alkaline water is the strong message here, is calling you. A float perhaps? Love xxx If you are needing some help and support as you find your feet in this new space, this new shift you have felt, maybe you are ‘here’ now, or maybe you are still crawling through and going wtf is going on right now in my life?!?! In deep honouring and celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot I have been intuitively guided to drop my 21 Day Shifter Program from $997 to $97 in August, with unlimited questions, unlimited psychic readings, unlimited divine guidance to deeply support you through this time in your life and plus help clear out the remnants of the web you just stepped away from click here for all the details:


Card #6: Freyja. Bold. “Unleash your adventurous side! Take risks and be daring!”

Ah, this card says alot! And it is yellow, the yellow on the card deeply bringing awareness to your Solar Plexus and I am getting the sense that you have deeply stepped into a new phase of your life - with utmost confidence and certainty. Celebrating this with you!! I am also sensing that your intuition has been triply heightened recently and a strong message from Freyja right now for you to deeply trust this space beyond what you have currently trusted ever before. You have shifted, greatly and this solidarity sense of self, is gaining strength, every single day. The crystal is also jumping out on the card and I am wondering if there has been a certain crystal that has been coming into your awareness lately? Yet, the other message about this on the card, is I feel like you have been doing some quite deep inner work recently and I am sensing that your Light Body has recently been activated from this. I am sensing this is like a Soul activation of sorts, something, has ‘moved’ within you recently and I am also wondering if you picked/chose 2 cards today!? This Light Body activation has sent your Soul and your Life Purpose into full alignment and bloom right now and this trust I was speaking of for you? This is why this trust is more important than ever right now, and I am wondering, if you feel there is a fair sense of ‘unknown’ ahead of you? Like, it is like you can’t make plans almost, because there is something that needs to ‘fall into place’ - but it is also out of your hands? I am sensing that this ‘unknown’ that lays ahead of you, whilst, you want solidarity in what you are needing to make plans about in the physical reality - it is almost like this inner sense of solidarity is so strong right now, it is fuelling this inner trust that you have and this is the safety you are starting to drop into and get super comfortable with. I am sensing you have ‘handed it over’ if you will, to Spirit/Universe and more, to focus on the task at hand and you ‘just know’ that everything is working out for your highest Life Purpose Path. I am getting the sense that you’ve recently let go of struggle, push and hustle almost and just more allowing to be where you are at, and releasing the need to ‘be like them’ - instead, your power has come in strong and deep, for allowing yourself to deeply BE YOU, more than ever before. The other message I am getting here is around your sensuality - have you allowed yourself to deeply drop into the space of your sensuality/sexuality? When was the last time you had sexual intimacy - even with yourself? I am curious of this for you, as your sensual power is a deep force within that gives fuel and rise to your self confidence and inner self worth - where is this for you right now? Is it high? Or low? Are you needing to express yourself to someone, with someone, even with yourself? Can you be slow and divine, with yourself, to then, experience this with another? How comfortable are you in this space? Is this another space, you can allow your power to flood into and allow it to fuel you in return? Can you, drop into deep trust and safety into this space too? It is here, Frejya, comes with ‘Take a risks and be daring’ - can you - truly be all of you? Love xxx In deep celebration of honouring 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot and never missing a Tuesday! (huge right?! 😍) I was intuitively guided to drop my 21 Day Shifter Program from $997 to $97 through out August in celebration of this amazing milestone! If you are needing support through whatever is going on in your life right now, you can ask me unlimited questions and receiving unlimited divinely guided answers in deep support for your situation, plus unlimited psychic readings for 21 Days Straight to SHIFT you, click here for al the details: