🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 8th October 2019 🔮

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 8th October 2019 🔮

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today to see what messages are awaiting you there from the Angels today. 

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Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


Card #1: Steady Progress. ‘We acknowledge you for the progress you’ve made in remembering love in your daily activities. We can clearly see the contribution you’re making to the world through your thoughts, feelings and actions of love.’

Ah, this card feels familiar to the message I shared on instagram TV yesterday - about not comparing yourself, not judging yourself, forgiving yourself for being so harsh on yourself! ‘Thinking you should be further along by now’. I am also getting the message that ‘Nothing is as it seems’ and the sense that I am getting from this is that we can visualise and imagine and create our future all we like - however, is it every 100% on point with your visualisations/imaginations? Usually not. It might be similar - but what is the same? Is usually the feeling. The feeling is usually on point with how we imagined it to be. I am also getting the message of this with wherever you are up to right now with what you are doing - if you are feeling disappointment in your life - it is usually because you are comparing your life to how you thought it should be right now - right? Disappointment, even depression comes from thinking our life should be some other way than what it is right now. So I urge you to look at what you are feeling right now - are you disappointed because you don’t have something or someone or that your life is not how you think it ‘should’ be? Where are you not accepting what is? Now, of course, this is two fold - we ALWAYS want to be bettering ourselves than yesterday - however, that comes with accepting where one is too - with love - not hate. With kindness, not berating oneself. ‘Oh, would you look at that, I am not where I want to be, okay, what do I need to do to change it?’ Sometimes it does take a wake up call of grief and releasing that to then move forward, but do it with kindness and love for self, not hate and discord about it. As this card states - Steady Progress - I don’t feel like you haven’t made any progress yet either! I feel like you’ve actually come a long way and are soooo much farther ahead than you think you are. I feel like you’ve been constantly working on yourself, your dreams and moving forward in a big way - so take note of this and acknowledge your progress - as it states in the card book: “Praise the Light instead of cursing the darkness.” You’re exactly where you should be - because the person you want to walk in your life, the type of lifestyle you are desiring in your heart - has led you to this point right now to clear, release and completely align to let this come in. And this, is my sense of where you are right now. I am also getting the message for you too - do you keep getting interrupted with what you are doing? Do you sit down to start something and then there are ten things that interrupt you within two mins (it feels like!)? Sometimes this can mean you’re not meant to do the thing, or you may be thinking that, yet, I am getting the message that you are meant to do the thing and all these interruptions are ‘testing’ you in a way (I don’t like that word, but describes it!) If you - REALLY are going to complete the thing - are you? Yes, I thought so! Don’t let distractions turn you away from what you know you need to complete and get done right now. There are two things about distractions - is that the more you sit down to do the thing the less distractions will come. If you ‘show how determined you are’ - and even with a zillion distractions you STILL DO THE THING - those distractions don’t seem to come as much over time. Sometimes you might get waves of lots of distractions, but get them done QUICKLY and get focused and get the thing done. The other thing is that it teaches you about boundaries and saying no. Sometimes you need to lock yourself in a room to get the thing done (if you have children, tell them what you are doing and when you will be back out so you are not leaving room for abandonment, set a timer and do your thing). Sometimes you need to cancel meet ups with friends or family to do the thing. The other part (okay, so three things here!) Is that even when you go to sit down and do your thing, you may feel resistance when you sit down. I know for me, at times, it can take up to ten minutes before I get into flow of writing or doing the thing. The key is remembering this, knowing that all the little adjustments ‘before you start’ or ‘even as you start’ - the flow is coming and you just have to have discipline and pursue to get it done. It isn’t that you aren’t supposed to do it - it is that you are being guided to do the thing, no matter what is going on around you. Your Life Purpose is counting on it! There is never time for anything, only what we create time for. So choose to pursue what you are being guided to do no matter what. Which I know you are! Keep going, and look how far you’ve come. If you’re not happy in your life, tap into why, get comfortable where you are at and make a plan to move forward into your desires. Steady Progress - you have come a long way babe, don’t discount that. 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Card #2: Wedding. ‘Marriage is the union between two souls joined in love, mutual respect and commitment. It signifies a desire to deepen love over time. Your wedding day is a testament to your well-founded faith in love’s power. Continually breathe life into that faith and love Dearest One.’

Ah, this is an obvious card meaning! Are you married? If not, or you were in the past, more messages to come, but first, if you are married the sense that I am getting for you is that to really acknowledge what you have and how far you have come. I am sensing that it is your ‘duty’ to train yourself to look for the light, look for the positive and to focus on this alongside gratitude. It is easy to nit pick and focus on what you don’t like about the person. An entire relationship can change and shift, no matter what relationship it is, if you choose to train yourself to focus on the positive and gratitude for things about that person. This doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to abuse, no. But this is about shifting your focus to what you are grateful for about that person and the space it has brought you two to now. If you are not sure you want to stay with them anymore, have you left that decision to the side and done 30, 60, 90 days of deep inner work on YOURSELF and THEN come back to that decision? The other sense that I am getting here is that yes, you may be wanting to leave - what does your intuition show you/say to you? Are you listening to your intuition about this situation? You may be going back to the relationship out of guilt or fear? You will know reading this. There are several meanings pouring through about this card, so tune into what ‘hits the nail on the head’ and feels right as you read these. Because the other sense is the internal union - if you are craving a relationship and are not currently in relationship - the Wedding card, signifies the internal union of self, a complete balance - you will feel it inside. There is not a longing for someone, nor a feeling of being alone in the world. When you feel this, it is a signifier for the internal balance, the internal union to take place. When you work on this internal union, a marriage within oneself, you don’t feel the longing for someone. You don’t long for the relationship outside of yourself. You feel complete with or without someone. You don’t ‘need’ someone, you don’t ‘fear being alone’ because you have yourself and are complete in that FEELING within self and your life. You become happy in all areas of your life and love for self increases. And it is this - that attracts someone who is also representative of this. Of course, you will attract others, but you don’t even entertain that, because you can sense where a person is, in relation to you. In the past, you may have jumped at the slightest bit of attention or attraction. Yet, there might be attraction there with someone, but you energetically scan underneath for the truth this time and walk forward with someone meeting you with where you are at. Not jumping in at the potential of where it can go. You are in reality about it. If they are not going to uplift and contribute to the internal union, you don’t even go there. And you can feel it a mile off. Can you sense this within you? Are you at the internal union, the internal marriage within oneself yet? Maybe you don’t want to, and that’s okay and I am not saying you have to be perfect and wait around any longer, no. Yet, decide, decide on the relationship you want and do not settle UNTIL you have that. Don’t fall for the potential - because that is only the potential within yourself that you haven’t stepped into yet, that you are not ready to own within your own self, that you haven’t yet stepped into that you see in someone that you are constantly disappointed when they are not living up to that potential. Become your own potential and then watch your relationships move and shift around you to match that internal union that you have become within yourself. Love xxx Are you tired of not being your own knight in shining armour? Wondering how you even do that? You’ve tried and tried and nothing has worked, you just want… a relationship already? Psychic Skills Activator will fine tune your radar, so you can acutely sense the relationship you want and that begins within. Getting super clear on your own intuition, guidance and energy which then allows you to be clear as you walk forward in the dating scene, or maybe you don’t want to date, but want to date yourself fro a time to really embody this divine union within, so someone walks into YOUR life, with out you even searching. Your ENERGY attracts them. Taking your Psychic Skills to the next level, activating the core of who you are to let them find you - the basis of this, starts here, in Psychic Skills Activator that we start this week (for free), click here for al the details to join us beautiful one, you deserve the love to walk INTO your life and that starts, with you being super clear in your energy and awareness - come, join us, let them find you: https://www.realityawareness.com/psychic-skills-activator


Card #3: Innocence. ‘Beloved One, everyone is guiltless in truth, as no one can alter God’s handiwork of perfection. Give us your feelings of heaviness so we can lighten your load. Give us any guilt, anger, or blame that may shroud your loving outlook. Enjoy the peace within your heart once more.’

Ah - as soon as I saw this card, all I heard was ‘Purify, purify, purify’ - and this can have many meanings of course - purify your body (detox), purify your mind (release negative thinking CHOOSE positive thinking) purify your life (declutter physical items and this may even mean friendships/relationships that no longer align to where you are heading in life). The deeper sense (well everything can be deep if you travel it!) - yet, the sense I am getting here is about sexual abuse - now, I know that might sound intense, but I am sensing that the core wounding and issue that you are dealing with is rooted in a sexual abuse from your past. Maybe you don’t remember and maybe this isn’t true for you - yet there is something going on for you - that is clouded and not clear and maybe it wasn’t sexual abuse, but some traumatic event that has led you to this space right now. (I know this may be confronting to read this, please send me a message/email me if you need help!). What situation is going on for you right now? Are you trying to make a decision about something? Are you feeling stuck and can’t go anywhere? Feel frozen and trapped in time and space right now? This is where the core of it begins. How old were you/are you - that comes to mind from your past? Go in, close your eyes, go in there and wrap that part of you up with your loving arms, tell yourself it is safe now and you are here to rescue you and protect you - that you didn’t receive in those moments of time. Even the image on this card, is an Angel holding a New Born baby - you are innocent beautiful one, it wasn’t you, you didn’t do anything wrong, there is nothing that you could’ve said or done differently that could’ve changed the situation back then - meaning, it is not your fault, BUT - you have been carrying this situation ever since then, that it IS your fault. This is why you put others first, this is why you doubt every decision you make, this is why you struggle to do what you want to do for fear of what they are going to say about you, this is why you second guess everything. Maybe you are getting stronger in yourself and you move forward but then bam, it is like you hit a brick wall and regress and go backwards again. Even this? Is not wrong beautiful one! I feel like you judge yourself too harshly - like, imagine a small new born baby in a dark room - would you REALLY be talking to that new born, like you do yourself? No - you would be wrapping your loving arms around it and telling it everything is okay -  and this is how you need to start treating yourself precious one! NOTHING that new born can do is wrong! EVER! THIS is how you need to be speaking to yourself yes? This is how you start, that nothing you choose to do, have done in the past, do do in the future is wrong - NONE OF IT! STOP being so harsh on yourself and love your heart back to kindness. Love is the only way beautiful one! Now, if you have been deeply triggered or this has been really confronting for you to read, please email/message me! Feel your emotions and love yourself back to love beautiful one, love is the only way back to love, not hate, resentment and more harshness. Love, gentleness, kindness, remember, speak to yourself, like you would, this new born baby, all alone in a big dark room, Turn the lighten with love precious Soul and watch yourself thrive. Love xxx If you are tired of not having the support, that nothing works and nothing has worked, that it seems like no one can help you no matter what you do, say or move into in your life - come and join me for 3 days for free for Psychic Skills Activator. I constantly have clients come to me saying that counselling doesn’t work and I know this! And I constantly have clients say to me that they shift more stuff in 3 days working with me than they have ever shifted before with any counsellor or other mentor. What I am going to share in Psychic Skills Activator over 3 days later this week are foundational tools that enable you deep healing on all levels. Implementing these foundational tools will give you the grounding foundation to then go deeper and shift out what hasn’t been shifted at core level before for you. No one can do this but you. It is time to become your own knight in shining armour and let the world around you shift to match the new empowerment you embody by doing so. Click here to join us for a power packed 3 Days of Activating Your Psychic Skills beautiful one: https://www.realityawareness.com/psychic-skills-activator


Card #4: Assertiveness. ‘This situation can be healed gently and with love, as you’ve requested, yet there’s also a need for your strength and truthfulness with the other people involved. We will stand right behind you as you speak your truth giving you strength and guiding your words.’

Ah, whilst this card has a clear meaning I am also getting the message that this is about you stepping up to CREATE what you want in the world, rather than ‘it coming to you’. In a sense that you need to take action on something. Is there something you are longing for? A new career? More income? A new relationship/friendship? This is about you actually taking the steps to put yourself out there, to search and find what you are looking for. This is different to endlessly scrolling dating sites or otherwise. This is about positive, ‘Assertive’ action - in a sense of being SUPER clear in what you are looking for - what age, what style, what genre, for example, if it is a new house, what are the non-negotiable that you re looking for in a house? Same applies for anything else. If you compromise in the now, you will regret it in the future, you will feel drained and tired. Don’t compromise, don’t lower your standards. Get super clear about what exactly you are looking for that aligns with your values and what brings your heart joy. Anything else bar this, is not match and it is up to you and your self worth and TRUST IN SELF - that what you want DOES exist out there. With our massive planet and nearly 8 billion people - it is definitely possible. Yet - if you believe that it isn’t then, that is too, what you will receive. Anything but that. I feel like your confidence has been knocked recently - YET - this is because you are comparing yourself to someone else right? The ONLY reason you won’t feel good enough or start to feel angry and competitive, is because you have been triggered FROM comparing yourself to someone else. I don’t need to tell you that you know this only sends you further into a downward spiral and what it also means, is that you are not clear in what you are desiring for yourself. Comparing yourself to others is simply that you are not clear on what it is, that is important for you in your own reality right now. So, time to get clear? You may be looking at others and whilst this is important for growth and learning, when it goes the opposite into negative spirals, it can be a sign, that you’re missing what is right in front of you AND you’ve gone beyond your values meaning, you’ve lost touch with what is important for you and are living in someone else dream reality. Does that make sense? We can feel less than and not good enough, because ‘we don’t have what they have’ - but honestly - is that what you REALLY want? When you imagine yourself living that lifestyle, that way of life - would that REALLY fit into your own values, what is important to you and what brings YOUR heart alive? Sometimes we can get lost in this and then disappointment of that not being our reality clouds what truly makes us happy, because we are thinking that does, but when you really put yourself in their shoes, you discover that actually - that would be really exhausting for me or, I don’t actually want to do THAT much or like that at all! So - this is your calling card to reassess what it is you are desiring, come back to ‘reality’ about your situation, take a good honest authentic look at where you are, what is important to you and get super clear on what it is that YOUR heart wants, aside from what everyone else is doing. Sometimes this means taking a break from interacting or engaging with others for a time to really re-find you and who you are.  Take your time, but know when you do come back, you will have a new found sense of self and self wroth - that can take ALIGNED action for YOU and truly create the life you want with the deepest joy and happiness that you’ve been craving all along. Love xxx If you’re wanting to get even more clarity on the direction you’re taking and come back with a huge creative fire in your belly - I have been guided to take you through 3 Days of taking your Psychic Skills to the next level. If you’re feeling clouded and not sure what happened to your confidence in ANYTHING that you are doing anymore and want that joy, passion and aliveness back again for what you are doing, then join us for Psychic Skills Activator, where I will take you through the foundational core elements to get you back on track with deep clarity of your mission and love for life again: https://www.realityawareness.com/psychic-skills-activator


Card #5: Joy. ‘Joy is the highest energy of all. It’s the magical sense that everything is possible. Joy springs from appreciating the gifts within each moment. Joy flows you to attract more and create your present and future moment at their highest possible levels.’

Ah, the beautiful Dolphin 😍 Dolphin is the Animal Totem for Emerald in the Liquid Crystals and is deeply connected to the Heart. Deep Heart Healing going on for you today? Recently? I am also getting the sense of releasing past hurts, in particular a relationship - one relationship in particular? It feels old, this lifetime (which of course may have threads in past lives), but I am sensing you are still harbouring pain/hurt/betrayal/disappointment from this particular relationship? I feel like you’ve done a lot of work around relationship healing - yet this particular, one, is almost like it is quite prominent in your life and is almost one you’ve ‘forgotten’ to go so deep into the healing aspect of it like you have the others? What relationship comes to mind? Your children’s parent maybe?! I feel like it is a relationship like this, that is ‘close to home’ in this way, that is the main core healing right now for you about your Heart. I am wondering if you have actually been feeling a lot more joy recently and wondering - if this is even normal?! YES it is beautiful one - because you have done a bucket load of work and it is time for the Heart Healing to move deeper so you can let in even more JOY! 😍 This is exciting for you! I feel that December is going to be really big for you too - deep, deep, heart healing is coming up in December - more so that there is a big event that is coming up for you in December, maybe it is Christmas, maybe some other time, yet, I feel that this is going to signify the depth of Heart healing you have done and are doing, but this has been the past 1-3 years worth of healing and shifting yourself that you will have the rewards of so to speak. I am also getting the sense that someone new is about to walk into your life too, that will change the course of what you thought your life would be like. You know when we can have a picture of something in our mind, or a feeling, but then someone comes along and it…. Is better than what you imagined? I feel this ‘person’ could also represent a new opportunity or life path too - this deep heart healing that this card represents for you today - is that when you release pain and more from your heart - it gives space for the joy, the love to be felt again and this space that is created, lets in more light, love and joy. The things you haven’t felt for sooo long, but you’ve been doing a lot of work to get that back and it’s coming beautiful one! I feel like these next 2-3 months are going to open up many more friendships/relationship, life pathways and joy and will continue to feel like a breath of fresh air. Let it in precious one, you’ve been doing the work to create this, so let yourself receive it now - which is, what happens when you let your heart open again - you can receive 😍 Love xxx Are you ready to upgrade your Psychic Skills and take yourself to the next level in your business and life? Welcome to Psychic Skills Activator! We are ready to FLY you into your next level of receiving, by becoming super clear in your Psychic Skills, because when you can hear your own internal guidance clearly and remove anything from your life that is not that, you FLY to your next level with deep integrity, confidence and trust within self that ripples out in your life to bring you, your next level of joy in bucket loads. Click here for all the details to join us: https://www.realityawareness.com/psychic-skills-activator


Card #6: Go For It! “Your prayers and positive expectations have been heard and answered. We’ve been working with you on this situation since it’s genesis and we continue to watch over your and everyone involved. Stay on your present path, as it will take you very far indeed.”

Ah - as if this card isn’t confirmation on what you know in your heart is doing is right! I feel like this card comes as a big YES!! DO IT!!! What you are feeling is right, what you have realised is right, everything you’ve been working for and clearing your path for and from and to and omg EVERYTHING - has led you to this moment in time right? For once, EVERYTHING is feeling right and super on point! I am sensing that you may be somewhat stretched in faith, at the same time, the KNOWINGNESS is stronger than you’ve ever felt before in your life right? YES YES YES - need I say anymore?! 😍 There is so much YES and positive energy in this card for you beautiful one! I feel like all the doors are open for you and it is full steam ahead from now on in - but not in that rushed, exhausting masculine energy full steam ahead. I feel like you’ve ‘come into your own’, you’ve deeply come into who you are meant to be, you’ve come into ALIGNMENT and that means that doors naturally open for you. Opportunities turn up in front of you in ways that you CAN make it happen, even if it stretches you at times. The epitome of Life Purpose is ‘Do what you can with what you have’ - because if you start here, you are showing the Universe how committed you are and that, only reaps benefits in the long run. Instead of ‘I can’t’ - your - ‘Omg I can manage this! I can do this like this!’ - turns up as a YES and that energy? Creates more yes’s - more open doors and that energy is what makes the entire world open you up to possibilities, where once you only saw closed doors before, now more than ever it is yes, Yes, YES! I feel like you are being shown more and more signs on the continual yes direction right now and I am sensing that it is important to continually trust these signs, even when it doesn’t make logical sense for you to do things right now - the message I am getting here is to keep trusting as these important pieces are leading you somewhere that, is the path you are not only supposed to walk on, but will open you to greater opportunities that if you didn’t take those leaps of faith into the illogical choices, you wouldn’t be here today, nor where this is leading you. So, the message here is YES YES YES - yet, also can you continue to trust in the illogical choices you are getting about this situation? I am getting the message that a big opportunity, a big doorway is about to be presented to you and it is important to walk through it. Can you feel it? I feel like you are already getting signs about this precious one. Continue to walk forward in this! Stay positive - it’s working! Love xxx  Are you ready to take it up a notch? Ready to amplify your intuition and your Psychic Abilities even more? Next level potential birthed into reality? This is your time to FLY beautiful one! 3 days, you and me, taking your Psychic Skills to the next level with Psychic Skills Activator precious one! Click here for all the details to join us (it’s free!): https://www.realityawareness.com/psychic-skills-activator


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