🔮 Reading Results are IN 🔮 for 14th June 2022

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Jun 14, 2022

🔮 Reading Results are IN 🔮 for 14th June 2022

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today to see what messages are awaiting you there today from the  Archangel Power Tarot Cards for you. ✨👼

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Love, Hannah 
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Card #1: Eight of Raphael. ‘There is something better waiting for you! Do what you know is right for you. A Spiritual Quest.’

I am also hearing ‘Spiritual Pilgrimage’. Which ultimately are very similar to each other but - are you travelling somewhere? Has somewhere been on your mind? Either travel or location or dreaming of faraway lands - even ‘real’ fantasy ie Avalon, Lumeria or other distant lands? It feels like you are receiving nudges from other realms right now. Even if you’re staying put - you are receiving the divine knowledge of lands from where you have travelled before and that are familiar to you Lumeria or Avalon or other places similar to this. If in the physical ‘today’ world right in front of your face, a change in scenery is going to do the world of good for you. I am sensing that you have been receiving signs or messages about ‘Past Lives’ and this card has come to you that your current situation is being affected by one or more of your Past Lives. It feels like you are at a critical karmic turning point and are breaking old patterns that have been repeated for eons - no more. You are ‘turning a corner’ and stepping through a window or door of opportunity right now. However, this doesn’t come without a loss of some sort - what ‘loss’ is that for you? Something has dramatically changed in your life and perhaps this massive life change is the ‘change of scenery’ without even having to go anywhere? And that is why distant lands like Avalon and Lumeria are calling through this card for you - ‘speaking to you through/from other realms’? This is a strong message that you are hearing correctly and it is wise of you to trust your intuition at this time and ‘not look back’ for you are not going that way - but also? You can’t. You simply can’t. Nothing will ever be the same from this point forward and I feel like you know that and perhaps there is grief with that realisation/reality too? This is normal. Allow yourself to feel the level of grief that surfaces realising you can look back - but there is no going back from this. The dog by her side on this card is really jumping out at me - does a dog mean anything to you in particular? It could mean a dog that is close to you, has passed away and is sending a ‘hello’ from heaven or from some other ‘land’; or needs your attention if you have one by your side - something about a dog for you too. Dogs are about unconditional love and loyalty. Are you needing to step into more loyalty of your path - on your own? Have you lost a lover, partner or direction in life - that has now ‘turned a corner’ and you’re heading in a direction that you just… didn’t see happening less than 6 months ago - let alone last month or so! HUGE changes for you right now. Go easy on yourself, know that you will get through this, that your Heart is healing and will heal and that… there is something better waiting for you - but you are probably not even concerned with that right now and that… is totally okay. One day, one breath, at a time. Love xxx PLATINUM - the link has DROPPED - Click here for all the details, we start July 8th: https://www.realityawareness.com/platinum


Card #2: Three of Michael. ‘Release the past. You will grow from this situation. Time heals all wounds.’ 

Whilst I strongly disagree with ‘Time Heals All Wounds’ - doing the deep inner work heals wounds - not time! However, with this card for you today I feel like ‘Time’ - is going to give you some reprieve over time, but right now, the woman on this card is being held in Archangel Michael’s arms, as she cries and is deeply saddened by something n her life - what is that for you? It feels like a shock and there is a White Dove on this card. White Dove is deeply connected to the Liquid Crystal Clear Quartz. And Clear Quartz in the Liquid Crystals is ‘Light Body’. A deep, deep Light Body Activation is going on for you and Atlantis, Lumeria - High Priestess, deep Soul Connection, your Crown, connected to Source, your Life Purpose, taking a deep turn ‘inwards’ as you reflect on what has been (Release the Past) and are preparing for a future you did not see coming, you did not expect to be where you are now, you just not… you’re still in shock honey - and you’re being held by Archangel Michael right now. Deep life, soul recalibration and reflection is going on for you right now and I am getting the strong message right now - don’t zip this one up. Don’t rush this process. Don’t let yourself push this aside - take all the ‘time’ you need is more what this card is about. I am getting the sense of ‘grass is greener’ message - what does this mean to you? It feels like something from your past is ‘hooked’ on you - have you done and/or do you need to do some ‘unhooking’ and releasing of this? (Have you just completed my ‘Unhook Me’ Course?!) I feel the White Dove is signifying the level of growth happening for you right now - deep in the High Priest and Wizard Realms of what you are learning right now and also, the Light Body Activation happening for you (or someone close to you!?) And then, of course, signifying Peace. Peace. Peace. It may not feel Peace right now with what you are facing, but I do feel you are dropping into a deeper sense of unknown, that is right now, taking you to unknown destinations and I am getting the sense for you to trust, know you are held by the Angels right now and that you will get through this. To take your time with this and be ever so gentle with yourself at this time. Ask for help, don’t do this one on your own, this is a time to call on more support than you’ve ever asked for help more than ever before. Trust. Cry. Be held. Love xxx PLATINUM - the link has DROPPED - Click here for all the details, we start July 8th: https://www.realityawareness.com/platinum


Card #3: Eight of Ariel. ‘Take great pride in your excellent work! Practise makes perfect. Consider getting additional education or training.’ 

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!!! You’ve done an incredible job - inside and out and I am getting the message - this is just the beginning! I am also sensing a huge turn of events for you just recently - or coming up. I am getting the message that to not ‘miss any details’ - so perhaps double, triple check details at this time if you are signing contracts or dealing with any legalities or paperwork at this time. Speaking of - do you have any paperwork, documents or trainings you need to get in order, get organised or just clean up? A cluttered device (computer/mobile/tablet) let alone drawers full of stuff are a representation of a cluttered mind. Time to clean out. And - take a break? Have you been pushing yourself to get stuff done? Have you been balancing it out? Yes, be proud of yourself, yes, clean up and clean out and get shit done - but have you taken a breather for yourself at this time? I am getting the sense of allowing mini breaks - which can totally change your productive and the way you work. Set a timer and work for 25 mins, then take a 5 min break outside with your feet on the grass gazing at the sunlit day or nature and then come back to it. Setting a timer can give a sense of relief as it allows you an ‘ending’ point and psychology - you can do it! Rather than dragging your feet and gah, not really wanting to do it. However, I feel that you are doing something you love - either full time, or on the side and building - something that you do and something you love. This, is the to be proud of - and also, know that it does take time and to not get disheartened, but to continue to do what you do and take pride in what you are doing. You may need to be mindful who you are listening to, speaking with everyday and really monitor your energy after speaking to and spending time with certain people - especially during this time of growth in the direction you are seeking at this time. Also, remember to ask your Angels/God/Universe/Allah for help. I think sometimes we forget that they are there - well, we know they are there - but we forget to ask them for help! It can be as simple as, ‘Angels of 100% Light, please help me with fill-in the blank’. I am also getting something about a cat - what does a cat mean to you? What or who comes to mind about a cat? And the message it brings about this situation that just came to mind? I am wondering if there is a part in boundaries here as well - taking time for yourself, honouring the commitments you’ve made to yourself and be able to get what you are being called to do - done. Study, finish things, clean out clutter, clean out your heart, take breaks or take a break/holiday and… keep going. Remember, to ask your Angels for help and know, that this card is asking you to be proud of who you are, where you are going and what you are doing - even if no one else is acknowledging it - keep going. Your Angels see you, I see you and you’re doing amazing. Love xxx PLATINUM - the link has DROPPED - Click here for all the details, we start July 8th: https://www.realityawareness.com/platinum


Card #4: Seven of Ariel. ‘You have invested wisely! Have patience and wait for the harvest. Review your progress and make plans for your next endeavour.’

Ah - this card feels like there is a lot of joy around you and for you in your life at this time. Something you have - indeed invested in, is not only about to pay off - but provide long term support, foundations and continued harvest. It feels like you have made the right decision - now and in your recent past with what you are learning, healing and growing through right now. I am hearing ‘dividends’ and whilst this can mean physical financial dividends from an investment, I am also getting the message that there is deep spiritual reward and peace that you are also receiving right now because of the choices you have made recently to invest in yourself and your life in the way you have. Have you made a choice recently that was a fairly big risk but a no brainer and you just had to do it anyway and you did? You can feel the deep underlying - you’ve made the right choice sense yes? There is a strength about you, that not many people have - but Leaders have this. Do you see yourself as a Leader? Perhaps it is time to start seeing yourself as the Leader you are and this means, rising into the energy of the Leader that you are. Would the Leader you aspire to be in your own Life Purpose - be worrying about the things you are worrying about? No. Didn’t think so. ‘You have invested wisely.’ - I feel there is more on the horizon you can’t yet see - investments and also reward/income/dividends. Big investments, mean for big growth, expansion and income. I am hearing the message, ‘to trust in the now, not in your past mistakes’ as I feel you are somewhat cautious because of your past, but honey, you’re not your past and it is okay to trust in your ‘now’ decisions about investments. Although, I feel you have also done this recently and you are seeing the rewards of that coming into your life at this time yes? Big energetic shifts for you and also the physical evidence starting to trickle into your life - and - your life is about to change again very soon - in a good way! There are also lots of flowers on this card here - what do flowers specifically mean for you? Opening like a flower, the flowers blossoming - the timing is ripe for the picking - if you’ve been looking for a sign, yes, now is the time! The opportunities you take now, will be rewarded ten fold or more it feels like. You’ve been through a hard life and hard times in your life and that is not right now! That is a thing of your past and you are in a very different energetic and physical time in your life right now. It is okay to deeply embody and embrace this. It is perfect for you at this time. You’re grounded. You’re clear. You’re decisive. You’re worthy of being the Leader you are, you desire to be and are becoming. You also have many Angels by your side and God’s strong loving guidance, support and confidence backing you right now. Lean into this and know, that you’ve made the right choice and any investments you make now - are exactly right for you and your Life Purpose at this time. Relax into it… and GO FOR IT. Love xxx PLATINUM - the link has DROPPED - Click here for all the details, we start July 8th: https://www.realityawareness.com/platinum


Card #5: Seven of Raphael. ‘Time to make a decision! Be clear on what you want, and take action. A need for detoxification.’

I feel that you have already made your decision - but you are doubting yourself! Well, don’t. Because you know this is the right choice - or you wouldn’t have made the choice in the first place. The thing with doubt is that it always comes up after you make the right decision - or any decision - doubt always comes up. Doubt is showing you, that you have indeed made the right decision. This card is also Archangel Raphael and dark green - there is deep healing going on right now in your life - deep Heart Healing for you. I am also getting the strong message, everything is going to work out, everything will be provided for - your Angels have ALL the details covered, even things you’ve forgotten about figuring out - the Angels have this covered too ;) So, no need to worry. No need to doubt, you’ve definitely made the right decision so stop thinking about it - just start planning and taking action about the future yes? The ‘need for detoxification’ - may be a physical detox yes, but if you are going through a huge emotional change in your life right now - this may be enough of a detox at this time. However, it could definitely be time for your physical detox, if you had already been getting that message - but also, this card coming to you - are you moving? Moving can be a detox, away from a situation that has/had become a bit toxic and unhealthy for you, that perhaps you have been/had been denying for some time. I am getting the sense that it may be time to move on from a particular situation or geographical location for you too. This card, has all the chakras on it, in the buckets of ‘colour’ on the ground in here too - are you consciously joining us for the 9 week Chakra Journey? You can still watch the replay - we only began yesterday and I feel this may benefit you to walk through this 9 weeks with us seeing as though the chakras are on this card. Chakra Clearing (which can be found in my Free Essentials Meditation Pack on my website) is also in call, pulling this card for you today. Not just once - but daily. YOu can also just visualise/feel white light pouring through your body  in the shower - the water becomes light - and floods your physical and energetic body - imagining all the ‘dirt’ and energetic crap you’re carrying going down the drain with the water. This message feels strong for you at this time, to cleanse your aura, energy and home more consistently than you would usually do whilst you go through this period of your life. If you were to pick a colour - purple, indigo blue, pink, sky blue, green, yellow, orange or red - which would you choose? This is the Chakra that needs the most attention right now. I feel this is a time for you to let go of anything that is holding you back, taking up your time and draining you - so you can free yourself (maybe you’ve just done this and this is confirmation for you) and I feel that you are about to be ‘set free’ in a big way. Your heart’s happiness is coming back in a big way - of course you made the right decision precious Soul. Continue to trust. Love xxx PLATINUM - the link has DROPPED - Click here for all the details, we start July 8th: https://www.realityawareness.com/platinum


Card #6: Three of Ariel. ‘Do what you love! A time of great personal growth in your career or artistic endeavours.’
I am getting the sense you may be experiencing a lot of success, love and abundance at this time - a lot of positive opportunities to move forward, doors opening for you and just plain right fuck yes spaces in your life right now and…. It might seems like there are a lot people around you that are falling apart, going through the hardest times of their lives, and just not in a good space. This is a strong message to not fall into feeling guilty for this and not shining your light. Do not dim your light at this time! Strong message here about this. You can be happy in your life and still be compassionate and understanding for people. You just zip it and not say anything much about what you’re doing at this time - and also - most important - surround yourself with people who CAN celebrate your success with you and shout it out at the rooftops and dance the night away in celebration time right now. And it SHOULD be done! In the start of building something you love - most people won’t understand you. Do it anyway, but don’t speak to them much about it - just show them! And again, find your tribe that you can celebrate and dance around shouting out at the rooftops how happy you are about it! Don’t get disheartened when you tell people what you are doing and they pull your down - just… find your tribe to do that with. Ah - strong message here about that - did you get it yet? ;) I also feel you have many projects on the go at once and to streamline the way you are doing it so you can hone in and focus on getting them completed. This may mean saying no to demands on your time that pulls you away from these foundational projects that are getting you up and off the ground to changing your life wonderful and joyous ways. I am also getting the message something about yoga - have you been feeling to start yoga? Pick up your mat again? What is it about yoga for you? Yoga was something or is something that means the world to you right? Helps you stay focused? Maybe that is why it is calling you again? To help you be grounded and focused during this time? No matter how much doubt you have from others or from yourself when it creeps in at times or figuring out ‘but how will it work’ - keep going anyway. I know you are, but this is a sign that you’re on the right path and it is important to continue and trust in your Heart’s calling to ONLY do what you love in your life yes? It is the only way to live life after all yes? Life is too precious to not do what you love - now - and forever more. So, focus... and make it reality baby. Love xxx PLATINUM - the link has DROPPED - Click here for all the details, we start July 8th: https://www.realityawareness.com/platinum