Do you have them? Or do you not have ANY friend around you that you can speak spirituality like you can with me here? Do you crave that? Do you want even just 1 friend who totally get's you, like the depths that I know you? 😘
I am feeling intuitively called to hold a free training on How To Call In Your Soulmate Friends!
You know, the ones you can
~ be your total self
~ talk about spirituality and consciousness without being looked at like you are crazy
~ be different and be okay with that!
~ have chai lattes and green juices and that's normal
~ talk about the Moon and they totally get it
~ speak about your past openly with no judgement or be told to just shut it
I don't have anyone around me these days that I can't talk about the depth of spirituality and they are totally there with me.
I ONLY have these sort of friendships and people around me that I can talk about Shadows and Demons and Angels and The Goddess Moon and talk green smoothies and enemas and it is NORMAL.
Oh - and gaze at the Sunset and feel totally nourished and enjoy nature, whilst deeply connecting to the Earth energy and talk about how the Earth Frequency totally fulfils and sustains your Heart energy and they are totally on the same page as you and you both get excited as you both feel the energy of it a the same time. #shamansatheart
Do you have friends like this?
I am going to speak on livestream this Sunday Morning:
✨9:30am Brisbane AEST (26th)
✨12:30am London BST (26th)
✨4:30pm Los Angeles PDT (25th)
On how to:
~ Find your Soulmate Friendships that last a lifetime
~ Know how to recognise them and make contact
~ Know when the 'time is done'
~ Know how to grow and evolve together, so the Soul Friendship, truly is the one... and find even more of them.
#spiritualgansterfriendshipsforlife 😘😍
This is being held in my free support group on facebook, so you will have to be in there to join in: https://www.facebook.com/groups/realityawareness1111/ 
Any questions you have about finding your Soulmate Friendships that you can speak about ANYTHING and know you are not judged, ridiculed and can get through the tough times, instead of being blamed for everything, comment below and I will answer them live for you ❤️🙏🏻❤️
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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