Supporting Your Child/ren Energetically

How to stop your child from 'acting up'
How to shift your child's physical sickness
How to release fear from your children
How to keep your children energetically & physically safe
How to protect your children without shielding them from the world or instilling your fears onto them
How to teach your children how to clear their energy
How you can clear your children's energy
How to even teach them this spiritual stuff
What spiritual stuff to teach them
How to teach them about Archangels, Spirit Guides and more
I have been getting asked lots of questions about children, that I felt called to answer a lot of your questions here on this free audio.
Feel free to share this, if you think it can help someone lovingly create a deep supportive bond with their child/ren.
Let's change the world, by starting with our children. They are our future after all.
Send me a message or comment below with any questions.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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