Jul 16, 2022


Technically - it always has been. However, right now, it is very, very tangible.

The old structures don’t work anymore. Stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole - that ain't who you are born to be!

The old structures actually collapsed a long time ago - but you ignored them and pushed through and now things are ‘worse’ because you didn’t jump on the new timeline that became available back then - but you’re not going to do that again now are you?

What if, you could trust that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing?

What if, you extended and stretched your faith TO believe this through your hardest times, when it is the most challenging to feel like you’re in the right place, doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing right now?

What if, you are ready now and you see all for what it is and have the courage to do that now? To become, who you’ve always known yourself to be?

The old structures collapsed a long time ago. THE NEW TIMELINE IS AVAILABLE

When you have a business built from the Heart - that doesn’t require nor need you to sit at the computer all day.

The old ways of how you used to do business are not of the Heart… not of the Goddess Intuitive flow that is the birth of who you are… who you began this journey as.

These old behaviours and characteristics are being culled from your consciousness now and that is why it has felt like death ten times over and you are feeling - a feeling - an experience - like you have not had before - you haven’t felt yourself lately have you?

That is because the old is not just shedding from your consciousness, which feels like death warmed up and some - it is because your entire life is recalibrating alongside this shift. This is the ‘final’ shift of that old completely disintegrating and you look back and realise how catastrophic that was… the fire that burnt it all to the ground, as you rise from the ashes once more.

The only catastrophe is that you don't get up.

But for you - the only choice is to RISE.

It's what you were BORN FOR.

The burn is where your fire is, your passion is your freedom is.

And that, is where your Heart is.

That is where what you've been looking for lays..

It's YOU.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. The Fire ones..

The Magic ones...

The Queen ones...

The Fae ones...

The Rebel ones...

The Angelic ones...

We are the square pegs...

We are the change bringers...

The ones that stand out in society because you're the LEADER of your own kind.

The ones to stand in haste and make way for TRUTH...

The ones to hold it all as they carry us forward.

The ones that lead the way and show the ones lost Home.

The ones that bring the light to the dark and some more.

The ones that are here to light up the ENTIRE world.

The ones here to CHANGE THE WORLD and have extraordinary fun doing it...

Fire.. and All.

The fire is lit.. the coming Home...

Priestesses of the Highest Light

Wizards in the Council of Crystals need only apply.

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