The 'Once in a Pisces Blue Moon'

#energyupdate Sep 03, 2023

We are out of the three day window of that potent Once in a Blue Super Full Moon - however, the integration will continue for the next week and up to the next 3 weeks and of course, we set the trajectory for the rest of your life - what have you chosen? 

The 'Once in a Pisces Blue Moon' - is a paradigm shift - the old paradigm does not hold weight on or over you anymore, there may be fall out threads, events, heaviness and old emotions surfacing in waves as you release this old paradigm.  

You may be holding your ground, setting strong healthy boundaries, raising your tolerance level for what is acceptable and not acceptable and walking away from what no longer serves you - you may even be energetically letting go, surrendering and realising that there is nothing more you can do with this situation, handing it over to God (or throwing your hands up in the air about it MAYBE combined with some stomping foot tantrums) - fully coming back to your heart, soul, body and mind, focusing on yourself (btw, this is where miracles and magic occurs in this level of let go) and realising you have entered the new paradigm, the timeline shift - without even realising it.

These feelings of strangeness; feeling restricted with time, not being able to accomplish what you want to accomplish and yet, also feel an incredible sense of peace, a deep utter knowingness you're on the right path, whilst having no idea how it is going to pan out, but your heart can feel this path is right for you - so you follow it anyway.

You have stopped pushing, forcing and are not going to do that anymore, because it simply doesn't feel right. You may not know what exactly to do, but you just know you can't do THAT anymore. So you don't. And you stop... and ponder what could be possible, in a deeply heart centred way, because you've shifted, from head to heart and this integration has taken on a whole new level of what you thought life and your life specifically was about and where it was going to take you.  

Your conscious choice in holding the vision and the timeline shift now is aliken to you nurturing your new born baby - protect it, tend to it and love it with all your heart, no matter what is going on around you at this time. You birthed this reality, you can do it again and you can also embody, hold, allow and live these new choices you have chosen.  

There is a lot of hugely positive energy, crystalline coding and higher plasmic frequencies flooding in. If you're feeling anything less than this magic, these beams, waves and frequencies of super high vibrational light are simply 'hitting up' against old trauma, unfelt grief and 'chipping away at it' to crack you open like dried mud chipping off an old block or melting the ice that you've turned your buried emotions into because your past has been f*&king painful.


Let go.


And choose again.

And never give up the hope, because dreams do come true and this Once in a Pisces Blue Moon - just shattered an old paradigm away from your body, mind, soul and life and now.. this Pisces dreamy energy integrates and creates your reality now.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑