There is a magic, a fire and a birthing of your next level 🔥

Jul 19, 2022
There is a magic, a fire and a birthing of your next level of intuitive soul and self.
It is here that I guide people in becoming acutely aware of their intuitive capabilities.
It is a Soul written blueprint that deeply connects you to a part of you that was buried under societies cloak of unconsciousness that I bring to the light of your awareness.
Through a space of working 1:1 with me, I shift you into uncovering consciousness that you didn’t know existed within you.
Clients I work with uncover parts of themselves and move through them rapidly to birth new identities in this world.
People who watch from afar - have the realisations about their life from being in my energy field - but if they are not working with me 1:1 tend to ‘not know what to do with that realisation’ and stay in situations that ‘might be okay’ but something is not 100% sitting right.
The ones who step into working with me 1:1 face this.
It's real.
Untouched territories explored.
And some look on wandering…
I used to take it personally, until I realised - they are just not ready for the huge life changes that occur when one works with me.
However, when someone is…
It just feels so right, you know…
and all of a sudden..
you’re here and your journey…
rapidly transpires manifesting rapidly into form.
Some are just not ready for that.
And that is okay.
But the ones that are - message me.
There are two places left for my Soul Recognition Alignment Portal.
Doors close next week.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑