There is a spiritual attack on Angels, Archangels and the people who follow them


There is a spiritual attack on Angels, Archangels and the people who follow them right now and it breaks my heart 💔

The reality is, is that Angels, Archangels which 99% of people first learn to communicate with upon their spiritual awakening, are there to start to awaken us to our own intuition. 

Whilst the dark side could be true, has truth to it... the fact that others go around sharing the false light information without giving someone the hand up of how to recover from such a fallout and confrontational reality that leaves them feeling in shock, betrayed, angry and completely abandoned - it makes me question where 'their sense of heart' is coming from when they leave people in a heap like this. 

The agenda behind the 'dark and fallen angels', the agenda behind the spiritual manipulation of 'dark entities and dark angels' IS to traumatise humans to feed off their energy. 

So if you are going around spreading the 'false light codes' and then leaving people in a heap - aren't you feeding that Source that you are trying to awaken people up from? 

If you are telling them how bad it is without supporting them to find their own sense of intuition and connect to the right source - then how are you any different to the dark angels? 

Maybe you are a dark angel yourself or god forbid one is attached to you? 

I had messages this morning, that have left someone in a state of traumatise abandonment and feeling completely at a loss of what to do from working with someone who told them the human history without supporting them on what to do next. 

Anyone who is harping on about shit without providing the support necessary to support that person in finding their own truth and connecting them back to the state that is one that allows them to be divinely supported in their life through their own intuition is practising unethically. 

Sure, speak the truth... but don't leave your clients in a heap without the tools to support them to RISE through it. Leaving them in a traumatic state is only feeding that which you are trying to awaken them from in the first place. 

It is exactly why I say don't cut cords unless you are dealing with the reason it is there in the first place. Don't cut cords unless you and your client are ready for the energetic fallout that comes from such. 

Where did you get your certificate from anyway? I see sooo many Healers coming online with their own modalities and 'certificates' that are not registered to governing regulated bodies in the industry. 

Know who and where you are receiving your healing from. 

Double check their credentials. 

Would you go to the doctor or be trained by one who is not authorised to do so, or accredited with the regulated governing bodies? 

The same applies in the spiritual, coaching and healing industries. 

I shared new content on my What On Earth Is Going On page earlier this morning as too many people have come to me and I am cleaning up the fallout of all the information that they have been shared about Angels and how they are 'bad' but have been left in the traumatised state and haven't been supported in what is next, what now? 

If you need support, reach out. My Reality Awareness Support Group is right there for you, don't be left in the dark or the trauma... you're not alone in the confrontational truth, there is support to help you connect to your own truth. 

The Angels, Archangels, any other spiritual deity, is only there to wake you up to trusting your intuition INSIDE of you.... Spiritual beings are in there trillions out there - just like there are billions of people on our Planet, the spiritual world is NO different. 

They are all there to wake us up to our own power. That power is outside of ourselves to begin with and then we learn how to harness that power inside of ourselves, not listening to any coach, mentor, person, spiritual entity or otherwise, other than our own beating Heart and what FEELS GOOD ❤️

"If something feels off, it usually is."

Your heart always knows, it always has. Every knock down, knock back and fall out... is only strengthening the one thing that has never left you... 

Your Heart ❤️

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Trust Your Intuition is opening soon, the place where you unpack what isn't yours.. to find who you are amongst all the noise, amongst all the opinions... to truly come into alignment and birth the reason you are on this planet. Yes, that means Life Purpose Accelerator is opening too, the Inner Circle, takes you to the next level, deeply allowing you to RISE into the powerful Ancient Blooded Healer you came here to be. Click here for all the details:


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