Why Are You Fearing 5g EMF's?

emf's reclaiming your power worried about what the government is doing Feb 07, 2019
If we can change the water frequency with a simple THOUGHT, (and we are mostly made of water) then why is everyone fearing the new technology coming out, when we are always harping on about 5D consciousness and it just so happens to be called 5G network?
Isn't it that, the 'dinosaur era' - was a reflection and projection of our reptilian brain and as we move into the 'technological era' - and things like wifi and bluetooth and wireless file transfers are only a projection of our telepathy skills? So why are you fearing it?
When our reality is a projection of who we are - so shouldn't there be excitement about what is 'coming to consciousness' in the physical and is now integrating into the reality we live in?
Don't we remember that 5D consciousness is HEART CHAKRA Consciousness?
Don't we remember that the HEART FREQUENCY IS 100,000 times electrically and 5,000 times magnetically stronger than the brain?
Don't we remember that fear closes the Heart?
If you are bombarded and affected by it all - isn't that just a symptom of a deeply closed Heart Chakra that isn't functioning at the highest capacity it is designed to, with heavy unexpressed emotions, feelings and repressed memories of your true feeling nature and power?
Don't you remember, that you are the one who can transform your reality at an atomic level by a simple thought? And if you can't there are a series of beliefs aka blocks that are clogging up that energy channel for that power to flow?
That your brain will ALWAYS talk you out of where your HEART wants to go? (epitome of Trusting Your Intuition - is trusting your Heart, even when it doesn't make logical sense!)
Don't we remember that nothing affects us, only if we let it?
Even what 'they' say is bad? Is only bad, because of the judgement/perception placed/layered/coded upon it?
Don't you remember the power of how you can RECODE/REWIRE anything you CHOOSE?
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Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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