#realitychecks - Sleep Paralysis

#realitychecks - Sleep Paralysis
~ Have you cleaned your energy today?
If you haven't cleared your energy, which can be as simple as imagining the sunlight beaming through your aura, your body, your system or imaging the shower water being like a waterfall of white light, washing away anything that isn't yours.
If you don't you will be carrying all sorts of people's energy that can create energies that stem from this and 'attract' more of it that weighs you down, holds you down, pins you down.
If that person's energy that you are carrying is feeling sad, depressed or angry, you will be feeling it too as an example. So, clear your energy now, simply by imagining the sunlight beaming through and 'burning away' anything that isn't yours.
~ Did you clear and grid protect the energy in your home today?
This is a simple and powerful tool that you can use that you can find in my free Clear and Activate Pack on my website.
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