Even the numb, lost, directionless, confused feelings - are a feeling!

Even the numb, lost, directionless, confused feelings - are a feeling! They are not to be confused that there is something wrong with you - there isn't. There is no right or wrong with the LIGHT and the DARK and all spaces in between - nor the 'controlling people of the world promoting it'. You see - they are just pointing out reality - it is you, dear Lightworker, that are attaching a negative connotation onto it. You haven't reclaimed your power in your TRANSFORMER gift that you ARE. You are separating yourself from your own DAMN POWER. #timetoreclaimthatnow 

You're just - RECALIBRATING. 

You are TRANSITIONING from your old life to your new. 

You might feel like everything you've ever done is pointless. 

You might feel like what is the point to anything anymore. 

It might seem like all those goals you worked towards all this time - aren't even valid anymore because of the current world situation and again you drop into well what is the point anymore to any...

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The death of an old ‘hopeful’ world construct

The death of an old ‘hopeful’ world construct, the uncertainty that is keeping people in denial, the resistance people are feeling to the change, to their own life changes and what the reality is going to come from that.
Rainbows appearing out of nowhere with no ‘science’ behind it and the reality of the consciousness we are in right now 🔥
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