You have been hearing me saying - GET READY! And people kept asking me - "But how Hannah?!?!" This, that I share here, is just one in the series to come for you


For Empaths & Healers who don't know where to start, but know they have to and those who have already started, but keep stopping and falling in a heap with the enormity of it all, let alone the backlash they receive from those closest to them.

In my deep creation mode, (that wasn't on this project!) I was guided to create this, in the middle of what I was already doing - for you - to GET READY!

I have put together my best of my best - of the the key elements that shifted me into this lifestyle you see me living now. It's how I built my online business from scratch with no paid advertising...

It's how I have never sent anyone a message saying buy my stuff... It's how you see me living like I do and grateful I got off the system when I did - and psst, it's not too late, you can too, but I...

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Manifesting Magic - How to Build Your Online Business

IT'S HERE!!! Manifesting Magic - How to Build Your Online Business. The Physical Structures, Plus the Mindset & Energy Work Needed To Fulfil Your Soul's Destiny and Live Your Destiny
After 4 successful years, as an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor online now, transforming Reality Awareness from Sole Trader to Company and multiple six figures, rapidly climbing to seven figures, this is the first time I have ever offered anything like this and have been consistently getting asked these questions for quite some time now.
With Spirit tapping me on the shoulder to release to this to you as well - I share with you:
All the tips and tricks to get your work done faster
All my mistakes - so you don't have to take as long, or fumble your way through like I did!
From Creating your sales offers
To knowing what to even sell on your online intuitive entrepreneurial business
How to sell it, how to...
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I can feel it about to drop in, not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there.

I can feel it about to drop in - not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there. This moving to the next level of expansion - has been... huge to say the least - but hey - isn't expansion huge? It's getting bigger? So... this is normal right? 

I can feel this entire trip has been about a shake up in not just routine - but breaking out of all addictions, and the final threads of the co-dependence that I chose to consciously work on back in 2018. Of course, that will always be a work in progress - but it was the end of 2017 when I consciously decided and made a choice to consciously work on it. 

Having been a single mum by choice for the last 11 years, and then 'having' to go back to the hospital I was born at the other day (which my toe is fine and began healing as soon as that piece of mulga was out!) has been the biggest recalibration I have ever received. 

I have been back to my home town many, many times before in my life, yet this...

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Soulmate Friendships 😍😍😍


Soulmate Friendships 

Here is a free training video I did in my Reality Awareness Facebook Support Group, (which is free to join and you can join our tribe here if you're not already in there with us: ) 

On Calling In Soulmate Friendships! 

Here are the links I mentioned in the video training: 

Rose Bush Analogy: 

Picking Up Other's Subconscious Stuff:

Soulmate Friendships Audio Affirmations: 

Soulmate Friendships PDF Affirmations: 


Do you have them? Or do you not have ANY friend around...
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