Witch Hunt Trial Scotland History - 2020 is the Revival and the deep Honouring

Phhheeeewwww! MY HEART!!! Gosh did I just FEEL the depth of this!
A Client just shared this with me and I just got lost researching this.... I CONSTANTLY work with my new clients and students on Healing From The Witch Hunts! And THIS!
Apparently - next year - we have an Astrological line up at some point that is... was... the exact same line up (whatever the astro terms are!) as the mid 1600's - that was the PEAK of these Witch hunts.
Now, I am super clear, I don't feel that this will go on next year - however I feel this is the HEALING of this and this article is PROOF of that Healing commencing!
The research they have done in finding the names and stories of these women that were killed is phenomenal and oh my heart for them doing this for us
We only did Past Life Healing in our Psychic Development Class last week in my Healer Certification Support Group - there is a great collective purge right now and all these fires...
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All those connections made through the veils in eons gone by, when Beltane was celebrated, before marriage was spayed, may we remember the Goddess of Her rising reign. Deep in the night, hear the call of those that wake, for She comes to you, tapping you deeply awake 

Beltane When the Goddess is here and the veils are thin, may the sea pierce your skin and hear the call through the ocean skin, may you hear the call of Her song to let your Heart be strong, to be the LIFE that you came here to sing   

No wonder Past Life threads are being snipped and released more than ever before, I feel so strongly, deep love is in the air... do you receive Her?   

What a FREQUENCY! Do you, feel Her? Do you, let Her IN?   

Mmmm Work Your Light Oracle Cards called deeply for this dear Beltane 

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