#energyupdate & apparently I was wrong.. & sometimes I literally think I’m going crazy 🤪😳

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This last 9 months has been the hardest 9 months of my entire life..

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‘Shedding’... update on the ‘black line’ I saw for 2024 and magnetising arms 🤔😳

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Energy - Reading and understanding your own energy and how to shift your energy, especially if it's not yours!!

What are you willing to do to create the life you want?

Morning and Evening Routines, Self Care and showing up and doing the work!!

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#energyupdate 🌟 Psychic Readings 🔮 And AALLLLLL thE things! 🙌🏻🌊🕊💎


This is one you are going to want to watch!!! 

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F&#king FUMING!! 🤬🤮🔥


I've reached my limit! I can't believe I held this in for so long....

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The death of an old ‘hopeful’ world construct

The death of an old ‘hopeful’ world construct, the uncertainty that is keeping people in denial, the resistance people are feeling to the change, to their own life changes and what the reality is going to come from that.
Rainbows appearing out of nowhere with no ‘science’ behind it and the reality of the consciousness we are in right now 🔥
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A new take, on Dr Emoto’s powerful work with the Water Crystals


A new take, on Dr Emoto’s powerful work with the Water Crystals that will completely shatter your reality about what you think it is 🌟💎

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I would frequently say to Adaya at our old house

I would frequently say to Adaya at our old house, as we would stand out in the front yard on the road, as we watched the last rays of sunlight trickle down behind the houses - our next home, I want to be able to see the Sunrise and Sunset with no obstruction of houses. 

Low and behold... that is exactly what we have now. (That building you can see in the picture, is horse stables ). 

Almost every afternoon, I stand out the front and watch the glory of this, as I sun gaze deeply and allow those beautiful VitaminD rays into my eyes and standing in the deep, deep gratitude of this wide, wide open space, above me, all around me, into the hills as far as I can see. 

There are a few houses here and there, but nothing like crammed suburbia where I spent 8 years of Adaya's youngest youth and the biggest transformation from the darkest pot holes in my Heart to - BECOMING my Heart. 

As it nears almost three months being in this home now, I can feel I am really...

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#energyupdate &... it’s my Birthday 🤩🥳

#energyupdate &... it’s my Birthday 🤩🥳
To celebrate, I’m opening my 21
Day Shifter Program to deeply support you:
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