🤩🤩YAY!! The Crystalline Chakra Activation Series HAS ARRIVED!!! 🤩🤩

YAY!! The Crystalline Chakra Activation Series HAS ARRIVED!!!

Last Friday I had an in depth conversation with Spirit, when I got the message to change them to $49, not $97! Click here for these now.

I am sooo humbled to bring through this powerful new energetic frequency that is the first of it's kind that I have brought through before. This is a powerful shift from an old low frequency to a high octave of energy that is deeply supportive for the rapidly increasing shifts that Humanity is experiencing right now.

These Crystalline Chakra Activations help you to hold the capacity of this high frequency energy that we are all feeling on the planet, that a lot of people are being knocked around by and also not able to contain this energy within their body, leaving them feeling burnt out, unsure, confused and a bit... what is actually going on here?!?

The Crystalline Chakra Activation Series is a series of nine mp3's that allow you to deeply embody this high frequency energy into your...

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After yet ANOTHER devastating relationship break up

After yet ANOTHER devastating relationship break up I found myself hiding away, breaking down in tears and pretending nothing happened on the outside, when inside, I was dying.. another huge gaping hole in my heart.... wtf is actually wrong with me??

After several weeks of moping around, trying to get some sort of work done and figuring out what is next because it seemed like everything was lost... I finally began to pick myself up and get back on my feet again. 

I began to get in my groove again and vowed to never let any man pull me off path again... or.. let myself loose myself again... and focus on myself, my daughter and my business.

I wrote down pieces of inspiration and stuck it all around my home. Which I do frequently, however, I also go through phases of clearing it all away and having clear open space. 

A fresh wave came in and inspiration flowed as I pulled myself back into deeply alignment, curiosity and wonder at... what the Universe had planned for...

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No filter required, because the clarity I feel with my new life is exactly this - clear and beautiful.

No filter required, because the clarity I feel with my new life is exactly this - clear and beautiful. 

However, I found myself bawling my eyes out in deep, deep grief last night for over an hour. 

It was deep, deep grief, and it surprised me what it dropped into. 

My old house and what I went through being in that home for 8 years. 

What I learnt and grew through. 

The biggest piece being my ex of 5 years and what... I went through with that. What I grew through and the person it has made me today, because of it. 

But not a grief of missing it. 

Rather, the stored and buried resentment that I had tucked away deep inside my gall-bladder. 

Tears poured, out of no where as I climbed into bed. I found myself 'at my old house' in the lounge room on my knees, bawling my eyes out. 

I found myself, hovering/flying above my house/suburb, feeling trapped in the black sludge that I felt energetically in that suburb, that I repeatedly cleared for so...

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Crystalline Chakra Journey - Welcome to the Third Eye Chakra 💜


Week 2 of our Crystalline Chakra Journey is all about the Third Eye Chakra!!

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