⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️#taboostuff Abortions, Miscarriages, StillBirths


Trigger Warning #taboostuff Abortions, Miscarriages, StillBirths

I felt really intuitively called to talk about this 'hard to talk about' subject that is really common every single day.

This also, was no surprise to talk about and all made sense - for healing our Sacral Chakra womb space, clearing all the past hurt and trauma we carry in our womb (Men included - they are a huge part of it), preparing for the influx of Star Being Souls that are ready to come in around the 23rd-25th October, that I intuitively received the message of back in September.

It's all quite amazing really.

Let's heal our Sacral Chakra from this!

EVEN MEN need this healing - they too - had a part in it and they too - need their own healing of their Sacral Chakra which is their womb...



This is where we gestate our Life Purpose...

And our Sacral Chakra is the basis of Sacred Manifestation.

If you are struggling to see the results in your life from all your manifestation efforts... it is here......

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