The Upgrades Can Feel Mighty Uncomfortable & Confusing

The Upgrades Can Feel Mighty Uncomfortable & Confusing

I remember feeling totally freaked out when I consciously experienced my first upgrade. 

It was deeply uncomfortable, I felt 

  • weird 
  • vulnerable 
  • scared (so scared!) 
  • wired and couldn't stop crying 
  • confused, deeply confused

However once I realised/learnt what was going on - I trained myself to relax into it and receive it. 

Ascension is happening regardless of whether we do work or not. 

Humanity and consciousness and society is changing and the resistance to these upgrades will be full of pain, trauma and will feel like torture, it can feel like no body understands you and that you are struggling big time and 'Yeah, all good for you Hannah!' - this is the trapping of the old paradigm that the upgrades are trying to release you from. I can say this, because this is what I experienced it as before I allowed myself to even go there with this. I was all good in the dark -...

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