I get so agitated when I hear people saying

I get so agitated when I hear people saying 'they're just stuck in victim consciousness' ffs people really?!

What they're really saying is that:

  • their emotions are invalid
  • that they shouldn't be feeling the way they are feeling
  • they should stop with these 'crocodile tears' - when they are simply upset
  • they shouldn't open their mouth about their hard life they've lived through
  • that all the trauma that they have lived through and some how survived, are still carrying and don't know how to heal from it is just 'playing the victim' 
  • that you are judging where that person is at - regardless whether you think they are doing the level of work YOU think they need to be doing to shift their life or not 

What is ACTUALLY going on here when I hear people calling others a 'victim' is that: 

  • they simply don't know how to handle huge, deep, usually very dark, and very traumatic feelings
  • it hits up against their own unfelt tears that are buried deep inside and...
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F&#king FUMING!! 🤬🤮🔥


I've reached my limit! I can't believe I held this in for so long....

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