9 Weeks of Free Training for Crystal Clear Intuition

Taking 'Get Clear Intuition' to the Next Depth. 

All free, (until Feb 2019) right here

**Hey beautiful Soul! I am starting to do some work on these pages now - which means that some of them may not work for you! BUT, however! It means that I am making my website better, more user friendly BUT more importantly, making using, working with your chakras and awakening your consciousness for each chakra even better! Please be patient whilst this process takes place. If there is something you really need on a link that isn't working, please just message me on facebook and let me know, I may be nearly finished the transformation ❤️**

This Free Training to enhance your Intuition, began as a 4 Weeks of Free Training to Get Crystal Clear Intuition, held in my Private Facebook Support Group.

What it evolved into was an entire Chakra Journey over 9 weeks - we couldn't just do the 4 Spiritual Organs and leave the rest! The entire Chakra System called our attention.

What is here for you now, is a free Chakra Journey, that deeply takes you into the consciousness of your Chakras and how they not only enhance your intuition, but deeply affect your entire Life.

This takes your Intuitive Senses to the next depth and powerfully amplify your Intuition. 

This Free Training, is taking 'Get Clear Intuition' to the next depth. (If you haven't got Get Clear Intuition - you can check that out by clicking here, it is $19 for a limited time)


We will be delving into: 

~ How you receive intuition for each Spiritual Organ
~ How you tell 'ego' from your 'intuition' 
~ How to strengthen each Spiritual Organ to it's highest potential
~ Tips & Tricks for each Spiritual Organ to function and receive accurate intuition
~ How to build each powerful organ, not just use 'one' of them, so your intuition is accurate, on point, clear and amplified. You may as well be using all of your intuitive organs to be receiving intuition right? 


How best to use this training? 

There is an eBook for each Chakra, that has a series of 5 Days in each Chakra and learning about how it enhances your life. There is a reflection page, that you can and I highly recommend writing down your aha moments from the chakra's consciousness to help you ground into your reality your new found sense of awareness. 

There is also a video training that I did on each Chakra, also on each page, so a play/work ebook for each Chakra and a video training. 

Then there is a selection of blogs and livestreams I have done, that relate to the Chakra's consciousness. 

There is a huge plethora of knowledge and training to support your evolving consciousness, to enhance, activate and take your life and intuition to the next level. 


How do I best recommend to use this training?

If you haven't purchased Get Clear Intuition for $19 I highly recommend it. Totally okay if not - however, in Get Clear are the specific healing meditations and trainings for each Spiritual Organ. 

If you want to truly amplify your intuition and anchor in this new level of enhanced spiritual receptivity - I recommend doing the corresponding Spiritual Organ Meditation daily and truly repair & amplify how you receive your intuition. 

You want to be an amplified power house of clear intuition without being overwhelmed don't you? 😘

You can Get Clear Intuition that has the Spiritual Organ repair trainings and meditations and more by clicking here

However, if you don't want to do that, well of course, you are going to get a lot of new tips, tricks and clarification on what is intuition and what's not over this powerful free training regardless. 

You won't be the same as when you entered, promise you that 😘

Choose a Chakra that calls you - or start from the Crown and work your way down to Integration. 

Are you ready to Awaken?

9 Weeks of Free Training for Crystal Clear Intuition

Come and share your experiences and aha moments in our Support Group on Facebook:


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