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Hey beautiful Soul, 

I know Awakenings aren't all cracked up to what they 'are supposed to be' and if you don't have a guide, you can be fumbling along for quite some time. 

I know this, because this is what happened to me. A big part of that, was so I could help guide you, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did or stay in the dark, lost & somewhat big mess for so long. 

Here in the Free Awakening Pack, I put together my best free resources for you, all in one easy place, so you can be guided and realise, that what you are feeling is normal, even though it isn't a nice place to be in at times! 

Maybe Euphoria was amazing... and then it hit.. and you can't seem to get that Euphoria back. 

I know this place too! 

Let me help you dear one. #igotyou


Your Free Awakening Pack... pick you up out of the dumps and depths of despair - how do they do it all, live so 'happily' and seemingly moving mountains?! When you are tired and exhausted just from going to the shops even!!!

So, What's In It?

If you resonate or is a big YES for any of these, have ever wondered about this and needed more information about any of these:

  • Maybe you get super tired and exhausted just by hanging around certain people - sometimes you just wish you weren't so darn sensitive all the time right? 
  • If you feel drained, tired, exhausted after you've been somewhere

  • Feel Earth's energies before they happen
  • Feel other people's thoughts and emotions and then get made out to be the crazy one - just because you're intuitively picking up on their emotions (and perhaps you don't even realise this until now so consciously!)
  • Resonate with being an Empath, Intuitive Healer, Sensitive Soul, Lightworker, Spiritual Teacher, Oracle, Pleiadian, Star Person, Earth Angel or more


Then you've found yourself in the right place for deep support right now ❤️


Covering topics that make you question, and sometimes can be confusing when you first wake up with so many different people saying different things and then you're on intuition saying something else. We have a look at: 

  • The Best Way to Support Your Emotions without looking like a crazy person! I show you why it is so important to be AUTHENTIC, rather than just positive - but also what to do with those 'negative emotions' that come up, so you can truly tap into who you are without hiding any part of yourself. And so you aren't made to be the crazy one by people who simply just do not get it!

  • 1111, 222, 333, 444 - do you see these numbers around? On your phone, car number plates, receipts - everywhere? What do they all mean? I share what these messages are trying to tell you.

  • Do you worry about the EMF's and amount of technology that we are surrounded by? I share with you tips and tricks to not be affected by them and to keep your energy levels high and balanced. We live in a technological world, these are crucial elements to being able to stay sane, happy and energised through your day, without the bombardment of technology affecting you. 

  • What about what the Government is doing? Do you worry about that too - you see all the 'wrong' in the world and know it isn't right, but deep down, don't know what to do about it either? I got you covered here too babe, let me show you how to turn that worry and fear around so you CAN do something about it - in your life AND in the world. I'll show you the truth about it, so you don't have to worry any more. #reclaimyourpower

  • "But HOW do you Meditate Hannah?!" Do you find it hard to meditate? I share my simplest most powerful meditation technique - AND you don't even need to sit still to do it!


All of this you'll find in here beautiful Soul #igotyou 💜


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