The Essentials Collection:
Free Meditation Pack

Here is a collection of my most powerful free audio meditations, designed to help you get back on your feet, feel clear, centred and start moving forward aligning to your highest destiny as you do so. 

What's in it?

Recalling Your Energy Meditation

One of the fastest ways to stop feeling confused and 'off' and to decipher what is your energy and what somebody else's energy is.

Recalibrating & Activating Your Internal Compass

This powerful tool intuitively came to me whilst I was teaching a Lightfilled Yoga Class in 2013 and I have been sharing this divine tool of deep alignment to your Life & Life's Purpose ever since. 

Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation

The most powerful way to not only clear your chakras, but bring them back into complete balance and alignment with who you really are. 

Next Wave Ascension Healing & Activation Meditation

This is a deeper Healing & Activation through your Chakras & Life Purpose Alignment. 

Realm Attunement Meditation

Find your HOME. Feel what it feels like to finally come HOME. This Realm Attunement Meditaiton was only available through my paid courses, yet, the intuition came through strong to offer it here for you, too important not to!

How does it work?

Once you enter your email for the free meditation pack, you will be emailed confirmation and can gain access to the video trainings and Audio Meditations.

The Audio Meditations (mp3) you can download and keep forever and I highly recommend watching the free training videos that come with them, so you understand the depth of how to use these powerful tools in your life. Enjoy. xxx

~ 6 x Downloadable Audio Meditations (mp3)
~ 10 Video Trainings (highly recommend watching)
~ Lifetime Access
~ Instant Access, start right away

All Free, my gift, from me, to you

The Essentials Collection:
Free Meditation Pack

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