So, what is it then? 

Eeek, sooo excited about this. 

Intuitive Channel - is an Exclusive Telegram Channel for Members only, where everyday I will channel an Intuitive Message for the day.

Each day will be different of course, depending on the intuitive messages and energy of the day and will vary in topic of: 

  • Life Purpose Acceleration
  • Psychic Development
  • Energy Clearing & Activation
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Intuitive Insight
  • Divinely Guided Business Strategies
  • Relationship Healing
  • Shadow Work 
  • Angel & Spirit Guide Messages 
  • World & Cosmic Energy Updates (so you know you're not going cray cray as the world does!)

Anything and everything that channels through on the day - this is an Intuitive Channel, so anything that is needed to be discussed intuitively, will be the topic of the day.

They will vary in delivery from: 

  • My Intuitive Voice Message
  • Psychic Reading with a Card Spread
  • Typed Message
  • Exclusive Livestream inside of the Intuitive Channel

Each Daily Message will have the comment function enabled so you can share your insight in there from the Daily Messages, or simply receive the aha, inspirations and intuitive activations of pure Life Purpose Alignment and Accelerated Passion Driven Activations so you can take daily aligned action, knowing you're right on path. 

When the cosmic waves are crazy and the world is going a little bit immortalised robotic insane, it is good to be surrounded by community who are on the same grounded intuitively Heart & Soul led path, knowing you're not crazy - you're highly psychic picking up the cosmic and collective waves. 

This exclusive members space is a place so you can receive intuitive insight and know that you're intuition is 100% spot on, so you can strengthen your own intuition and trust yourself for your next steps and take that leap of faith in your Life Purpose. 

It is like having a personal message sent to you daily via Telegram Message from me. 

If you have ever worked with me privately, you'll know the vibe of this sacred space and how this works.

Or if you've ever sent me a private message on a social media platform, it is just like this... an intuitively guided message, delivered daily just for you. 

If you resonate with my Tuesday Tarot Oracles, or my Daily Psychic Reading Reels (mini videos that you see on my social media) - you're going to LOVE Intuitive Channel. 

If you've never used Telegram, it is similar to WhatsApp, but better. 

Alongside Intuitively Channeled Daily Messages & Psychic Readings, there will be Intuitive Livestream Psychic Readings and Bonus Monthly Readings.


So, what is the Investment? 

The Investment is $27/mth

Stay for as long or as little as you like, there is no lock in contract. 

When you join, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details on how to jump into the exclusive members only Intuitive Channel on Telegram.

Investment increasing to $55 30th September! (if you join now, the investment increase will not affect you)



Monthly Payment

  • Investment increasing to $55 30th September! (if you join now, the investment increase will not affect you)
  • Exclusive Members Only Access to Hannah's Intuitive Channel with Daily Messages & Psychic Readings
  • Daily Intuitively Channeled Messages from Hannah (except Sunday's)
  • Intuitive Livestream Psychic Readings and Bonus Monthly Readings
  • No lock in contract, cancel at any time
  • Instant Access
Ooooohhh! YES PLEASE!

Psychic Messages

Daily Psychic Messages from Hannah, almost like your own personal daily message from Hannah herself.

Universal Cosmic Energy Awareness

A tune into the World and Universal Cosmic energies to support you in aligning your energy, rather than pushing against the flow. 

Empowered Intuitive Insight

Heal your heart, heal your body and step into the Empowered Version of you. Life Purpose Acceleration Hacks to shift you into pure alignment of your Life Purpose.

Oooooohh!! YES PLEASE!

What They're Saying:

Ashley Waddell 

Hannah brought an awareness to a relationship that I was "stuck" to vibrationally for 13 years, it actually ended up being from many past lives and with her beautiful guidance I completely shifted the whole thing while even manifesting him in the flesh and fully undoing those cords. She helped shift other past issues as well and I can honestly say I'm fully in my powerful skin these days. I have attracted the most clients I ever have, her Love, Intuition, Rawness is like nothing I've ever encountered. She's beyond gifted.


Hands down the most down to earth and real person to help facilitate to shift and change yourself but also her healings are next level. I've been to psychics and healers around the world, places like New Orleans...the home of it. Hannah is gifted and genuinely helps you thrive and level up or shift away from things counter productive to your life purpose and your happiness and growth as a soul on this earth 💓💓💓 Readings and Distance Healings will blow your mind.


Hannah truly has a special gift to share. I received such valuable insight. Messages and insights were given that truly touched my heart and came at a time that I needed to hear them. Hannah truly cares for those she works with and wants nothing more to help and make our lives better by giving us the tools to use each day. If you are researching the opportunities that Hannah has to give, I would encourage you to take a leap of faith and work with Hannah. Your life won't be the same afterwards. I look forward now to using what I have learned. Thank you Hannah.