Master Manifestor

Bringing Your Dreams to Life

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You get to be, do and have... so are you?

Your deepest dreams.

Your hidden dreams. 

Your deepest desires. 

Your conscious dreams. 

The dream of a dream. 

Enough dreams! 

Time to pull them into 3D reality and LIVE your dreams! 

You didn't come here to be plain and boring.

You didn't come here to work and die! 

You didn't come here to hide in the closet and try and fit in! 

You came here to conquer the world! 

You're a powerful Being sent from Heaven to Earth. 

You are a divine super power deeply encoded for MORE. 

You are a born manifestor and are here to show the world your highest dreams and inspire them all. 

God sent you on a divine mission - you're here to burn them all with your passion and your purpose and draw them up the wall... 

Until they push and scream and yell out for more!

You turn the crowd on their head, because you taught them the law... 

The law of your dreams that cannot die in your Soul for it is here we must uncover them all. 

The ones lain long forgotten or shelved for some other lifetime - nnnoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Your Passion, Your Purpose is a balm for us all - come now dear child Master Manifestor us all!


Whether you want to manifest a private jet or, would just love extra cash in your bank or want the lovestory of a lifetime that has pierced the veils through the sands of time, Master Manifestor is for you!


If you're ready for:

~ a mindset lift into a higher world 

~ to get back on track 

~ to pull your dreams out of the closet and chase them 

~ to remind yourself who the fuck you are 

~ to up level your manifesting game and show the world what you're made of 

~ if you find yourself in a loop, and want a pick me up to remember why you started 

~ are ready to DECIDE to not let your trauma stories stop you anymore and allow yourself to shine bright in the bigness of all you've desired for your entire life


How does it work?

We start on the 24th June 2024

The powerful training on Time itself - this... is everything...

If you've ever felt stuck at an income cap or the same patterns keep showing up in relationships or wondered why your manifestations take time - this training alone is everything, let alone the entire 3 Week Vortex you enter into...

This blows everything out of the water on what you believe about your manifestations taking time and how to create instantly... it is possible - but do you know how to be the Master of Time and how that portrays to your Manifestations?

Master Manifestor - is calling you, if you feel Manifestations and Time energy pulling you... 

Over 3 Weeks, in our group program, together, we will travel through time and space, energetically coding, rewiring and rewriting history so you can set foot on the path you've known for so long and know you're ready for. 

And no! This is not just another mindset workout! This is about bringing your Master Manifestor back to LIFE and remembering who the fuck you ARE, plus, manifesting a thing or two of course!

I will go live in our private facebook group each week over the 3 weeks together, with daily content drops via audios, videos, written and other surprises along the way. 

What is the Investment?


Early Bird Open Now
Investment increases to $555 on the 13th June 2024

Early Bird


One Payment

  • Master Manifestor 3 Week Vortex
  • Starts 24th June 2024
  • Bring Your Dreams to Life
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Instant Access to the Private Master Manifestor facebook Group



Private Mentoring with Hannah

  • Everything that is included in Master Manifestor plus 3 Weeks Private Mentoring with Hannah
  • Voice and Text Messages via Telegram 
  • Intuitive Healing & Life Purpose Mentoring
  • Ask Any Questions
  • Accelerate Your Manifestations

Master Manifestor

Are you ready to bring your Dreams to Life?